Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We had our conversation

In my post from yesterday, I discussed how Mistress was in no mood for sex, even though we had been apart for almost 6 full days.  She asked me to put my cock inside for a few second before I left for the office, I think more for my benefit than hers, then she sent me off to work wearing her rapidly drying juices on my cock.

Mistress and were able to get together for dinner last while the kids were occupied for a couple of hours.  We discussed a number of things, got caught up after being apart over the weekend and we discussed things directly related to our FLM.  It was "our meeting" that we regularly have from time to time to review how things are going and to discuss things in our future.  During the day yesterday, 45 minutes after Mistress sent me to work with her pussy juices drying on me, it seems that Mistress was able to shed her "funk" she was and she found herself "incredibly horny".  She told me about how she went into our significantly large walk-in closet and had incredible sex with herself.  She got the toy bag out and used the large dildo on her pussy, the butt on her butt and the vibrator on her clit.  If I had been lucky enough to witness it, I would give you the details but suffice it to say, she had sex with herself with "reckless abandon", as she put it.  She said it was awesome and I was rock hard hearing her say that she did that.  I'll be honest, I was a bit surprised (and so very much excited) to hear that she used the butt plug for her play.  Yummy.

Anyway, during our "regular meeting" we discussed a number of things.  In no particular order we talked about:
  • Our upcoming Vows Renewal Ceremony that we are going to have on our 15th wedding anniversary that occurs next month.  Among the things to be decided on are the actual vows each of us will say, what Mistress will be wearing during the ceremony,  what I will be wearing (if anything) during the ceremony, and what we shall do to symbolize our union in the ceremony (placing of a collar, locking or unlocking of a chastity cage, or ???).  In the coming weeks dear readers, I'll be asking you for your input on this ceremony that we are both looking forward to.
  • Punishments.  In recent blogs I said that I would mention to Mistress that I felt that my punishments needed to be more frequent and more severe in order for them to have the desired effect.  That being to deter the abhorrent behavior that caused disappoint for Mistress.  I mentioned that I was sure to regret telling Mistress that the pain she needed to inflict upon me needed to more significant, knowing that the idea of it is way better and more palatable than when it would actually happen, but I felt that if Mistress was going to use spankings as punishment that they should probably be (interrupt ... Mistress just called me into the room by saying "lover, come here".  I'll update in a later post when I find out what she wants) significant and more of a deterrent to abhorrent behavior.  Like I said, I'll probably regret having brought this up to her when I am naked and my ass is on fire.  
  • Evolution.  We both discussed how each of us have evolved since we began our acknowledged FLM relationship.  I had mentioned that I had been quietly tried very hard to not "top from the bottom" and as such I have learned to accept, with genuine pleasure, any decision Mistress may have.  Rather than hoping she would decide one way or another, and then be disappointed when she didn't go with what I had hoped for, I have learned to accept with pleasure and duty whatever it is she may have decided.
  • I explained to her the phenomenon in me tat whenever I fantasize about sex, it absolutely always includes her. Without exception, every time I think about sex, even forbidden fantasy sex, it always includes Mistress and almost always ends with her being sexually satisfied.  Before our FLM, I would have sex fantasy that included my wife, sure, but not always.  Now, without even thinking about it, my Mistress is my sole source of sexual desire and pleasure in my fantasies and real life.  Mistress truly does own my sex.
  • After Mistress revealed that she had "reckless abandon sex" with herself earlier in the day, we talked about considering training me to be both chaste and denied frequent orgasms, but also getting better and better at being able to avoid ejaculations and orgasms longer in order to be able to fuck Mistress like she wants to be. 
  • I had told Mistress that as time goes on, I worry less and less about her someday waking up and finding me to be weak and less of a man than she feels she would need to keep her satisfied.  She said in fact the opposite was true.  She mentioned that the only thing that would cause her to feel that way is if in some way I was to end up having sex with another man.  When I am in subspace, I will tell Mistress that I will do "anything" for her, but that it usually has an immediate caveat that says "except suck another mans cock" or some related thing.  Mistress and I agree that such a thing is a deal-breaker in our life and our marriage and that we shouldn't have to continuously say that because we both agreed and reaffirmed that it is not something that either of us would allow to happen.  Ever.  Also, aside from the other obvious "never-going-to-happens" like poop, or animals, or blood play, other things would be possible.  I feel utterly comfortable in Mistress pushing and testing our boundaries because I trust her with everything I have.
Although it wasn't discussed at dinner last night, Mistress did say that she wanted me to get for her a suction cup dildo.  Over the weekend I had found a picture and sent it to her.  here it is:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

A few minutes after sending her that picture, Mistress texted back and said "maybe you ought to get me one of those".  I replied with a very enthusiastic "yes Mistress" and went on to tell her how I got instantly hard when I read that text.  We texted back and forth on the topic with Mistress describing how she intended to use the suction cup dildo to be able to be fucked good like that while having my cock in her mouth.  I just love it when Mistress gets all slutty.  I asked her if she would go to the store with me to pick it out and she said yes. 

OK, everyone, bye for now.  I have to get ready to go to work.  I will post later on what Mistress wanted from me when she interrupted my typing earlier.  Have a great days everyone!


  1. Having a regular conversation like this is a really good idea. I'm sure it helps avoid drifts in expectations you have in your relationship, and hopefully strengthens it!

    Very nice that you both seem to be on the same page with so much, especially with dildos - LOL!

    Take care!

  2. Hi jen, how nice to see you!

    Yes, having regular meetings is a really good idea to avoid issues based in miscommunication, expectations or perceptions and I can tell you that it absolutely does strengthen it.

    I can't wait to get her the dildo!!

    Thanks again for commenting.

  3. I have found that sitting down and having these types of conversations are so helpful as we grow and progress in our dynamics. Kudos to you both for doing that so openly and wonderfully!

    That picture totally made me squirm. Sir got me one, and I love it. I do however find it hard to find places to 'stick' it. Er, wall wise - of course! lol Mirrors seem the best - or, the bathtub! lol.


    1. Hi Amber. Yes These talks are vital to the continued growth of our love and our life together. Looking forward to discovering whatever issues there may be with the suction dildo. Should be fun.

  4. Talking is the best way to keep on track. As far as your vows go I have a few ideas. Lets say you are wearing only panties for the vows. After she could pull them down put a cage on your cock then you could bend over while she inserts a butt plug followed by 5 strokes of the cane. You would then walk back up the isle with your panties at your knees, your caged cock on view for all to see and a nice plugged and striped bottom.

    1. that's a very interesting idea archedone. I'll run it by Mistress and see what she thinks. Thanks as always for commenting.

  5. Talking is the best way to keep on track but sometimes with kids around is so difficult to find a quite place and some minutes to discuss things and not to be interrupted, right? Anyway, good talk and my favourite part, "Mistress owns my sex", that! Your Mistress must be so happy cause her work has so very good results .... lovely!

    Take care!

    1. Thank you Mistress Angie, for the encouraging words. You're always so complimentary. I think and hope Mistress is indeed happy. Everyone can always work to make the one the love happier though, right?


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