Saturday, September 20, 2014

My good friend I'm Hers had an excellent post on his blog today. If you aren't already following that blog you are missing out on some true wisdom. For some reason, my iPad is not allowing me to post a link but I'm confident you can find.  Today's post included the following:

" order for a WLM/FLR to work there needs to be an underlying healthy relationship.  I’m sure that statement is true as one can only fake real feelings for so long before conflicts, issues or other problems surface"

I can tell you that this statement is absolutelyly true.  In fact, our lifestyle now started after Mistress K. (then she was just referred to as my wife) made a comment and was wondering if we'd still be friends and eager lovers when our children where grown.  when i fell in love with this woman, and very moment since I have been committed to keeping our love as alive and as stimulating in each of our lives as possible.  
Her comment made me think and so i researched ways to become closer to my wife.  Ways to be able to keep the spark alive.  I knew that we had the right kind of underlying love and devotion to each other but wanted to be proactive to avoid complacency and routine from ruining our genuine love afair.  My research brought me to all the of the qualities of a loving FLM that we currently enjoy.  In fact, my love, dedication, loyalty, desire, lust and genuine happiness with my wife as my life partner is deeper now than it ever has been and it naturally continues to grow.  

I don't love my Mistress more because of our FLM .... I do believe that I love her better because of our FLM, which is because of our love for each other.  Mistress K., do you agree?

Thanks for the inspiration IH!


  1. I agree with you. Both have to be honest and open. If your wife is the dominate one you can't be happy unless you truly want to be submissive to her and accept her rule and wishes.

    1. Thanks arechedone. At the core of my love for my Mistress Wife, I want to make her happy. When we ventured into this lifestyle, I knew that being kept chaste, surrendering control of my sex and orgasm to her and being subject to her rules and then subject to her discipline would all be things that would condition my genuine desire for her to grow.

  2. Our FLM is based on love, respect, and good communications. Mistress Barbara seeks and frequently accepts my input on all issues, but the final decisions is Hers. We love and respect each other. We care for each other. We do not abuse our relationship or me. However, i always do as directed. Mistress Barbara maintains a balance between home and work; home and extended family; home and raising our kids; and now our senior life as i care for Her and Her failing health. In real life, a sub or sissy might be dresses, humiliated, spanked, cucked, or put on display, but never injured, hated, or disrespected. When the latter occur on a regular basis, your FLR/FLM needs to increase the communications and adjust the relationship accordingly.

    1. Thanks again dp. Like yours, our FLM is based on love and respect as well. We constantly are working on better communications as our love continues to deepen. There is no room for abuse in any relationship, and an FLM is chief among those. In real life, we sub husbands are subject to all of those things (except cuck for me) but any honest D/s relationship has no room for injury, hatred or disrespect.


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