Saturday, September 27, 2014

Don't forget the coffee

Submissives everywhere ..... do what you are told. Having her coffee ready when she wakes in the morning is not that difficult. 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

That particular wooden spoon is like a cane.  Especially when Mistress concentrates on 2 small areas.  It's hard to see but I am also wearing my glass plug.


  1. So you forgot the coffee huh? You have nice color she did a good job of reminding you to make coffee. I also hate those spankings where it's concentrated in just two spots. You are right your butt plug isn't visible. Maybe she should have had you spread your cheeks for the picture. Was it in during the spanking or put in after?

    1. Hi archedone. It wasn't Mistress' intention to showcase the plug. The plug happened to be inserted from the night before because Mistress allowed me to sleep in over night. As such, it was in for the spanking.

      Thanks as always from coming by and commenting

  2. Well deserved. Symmetrical areas.... Great reminding! Hair brush, wooden spoon and riding crop are my favourite tools. Wooden spoon leaves really nice traces....specially when concentrating on two small areas.
    You'll remember preparing coffee next time......well....we'll see....

    1. Hello Mistress Angie and thank for commenting.

      YES, very well deserved. Of course I know how basic getting her coffee is, yet for some reason, yesterday it seemed like I was so engrossed in whatever the hell I was doing (forgot what it was) that a basic function in my role as her submissive was not even considered. I hate how I feel when this happens, and I'm not talking about how it feels on my ass.

      This particular wooden (it's actually bamboo-I don't know it that matters) is especially evil because it is rounded on the back where the impact is made against my bare ass. It seems to leave a concentrated amount of sting in a small, more precise area.

      Indeed I will remember preparing the coffee. I am waiting for Mistress to wake for that very reason right now as a matter of fact.

  3. I've been more forgetful than usual in the last couple months. I hate the guilt when I don't do what I'm supposed to. Despite the pain, you must have felt much better after she punished you. The submissive mind is an interesting thing...

    1. Hi Betsy T, and thanks so much for commenting.

      I know what you mean. I hate the guilt more than anything because each time I do something stupid like this, it truly is an indication, albeit in a very small way, that the needs of Mistress K. are secondary, at least at that moment. It is disappointing more for me than it is for Mistress I think. Not to minimize the importance of Mistress' disappointment.

      And yes, after enduring the pain of my deserved punishment, I do feel much better mainly because Mistress then can absolve me of the guilt.

      Indeed, the submissive mind is an interesting thing!

  4. Sounds like your Mistress K is upping the anti just as suggested by her loving pet!!

    Our first spanking implement was a long handled wooden bath brush, similar to (but larger than) your spoon. Now that we have other implements I cannot even believe that every spanking was delivered by that darn paddle of PAIN!! It hurts like crazy! But then again.....I kind of dig that =) Our spankings are not punishment though, more for role affirmation and play. Very different when it is meant for punishment I'm sure.

    1. Hi pearl Necklace. Always nice to see you and I appreciate your comments.

      Our spankings are mostly for punishment, except like in the case of the other night when Mistress came home after having a few drinks with her girlfriends, was quite randy and felt like watching me squirm as her hand (and that fucking spoon) made my bottom red just because she "felt like it". Although punishment spankings are getting harder and harder to endure as Mistress feel her toward finding that level of pain that she feels will be necessary to actually make her point, time like the other night are actually sometimes more painful because the few/several glasses of wine Mistress had tends to bring out the "I want to inflict pain on you" more. She has a small sadistic streak in her and sometimes, when she's loose and feeling good, it comes out. In any event, as her devoted, submissive husband, my job is to provide her pleasure and if that is what gives her pleasure at that very moment, pain it will be.

  5. Oh no,not again! lol. Nice redness and bum though. ;)

    SIde note, but Sir has broken two wooden spoons on my arse. o.O lol.


    1. Aww shucks ..... you think I have a nice bum? *blushing

      Yes, on this occasion Mistress decided to concentrate on a small area on each cheek. It was quite effective. eeek.

      I have read some of your stories about being spanked. I'd hate to try and have to match you spank for spank. I'm sure I'd be a whimpering puddle far before the first wooden spoon was broken across your ass. *smile

      Thanks as always for coming by.


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