Saturday, September 13, 2014

Glimpse of the future?

Today, Mistress K. and I were able to spend a few hours alone, in our own home.  Mistress K. took the kids off to an activity tat we knew would have them occupied for several hours.  When Mistress returned from dropping them off, she walked into the, phone pressed against her ear, chatting away with a friend of hers.  Seeing she was alone, I closed the garage door behind her and stripped naked, still wearing the running shoes I had on when I did the briefest of workouts.

After her call, we carried on with mundane, everyday things.  I fixed myself some lunch (she didn't want any) and while I was eating in a chair, Mistress entered the room and called me over to her.  She had a corset!  Yes, she had a corset ... and she put it on ... ME!  After the corset was on, she took some old panty hose material and tied my balls off.  She had me resume my lunch.  A few minutes later, she came by my chair, ordered me to sit back and proceeded to stroke my flaccid cock aggressively.  She did it in such a way that in seconds I was warning her that I as near an orgasm.  She expressed how disappointed she was about that.

We did some mundane chores around the house when she said "I have to go get the kids in a few.  Go lay on your tummy on the bed and wait for me."  Oh boy, oh boy ... what does this mean?  I was hoping that she wanted to play with my ass.  Milking perhaps?  maybe even an edging session that included a dildo show for her?  I don't, but I knew it had to be good.

Laying there for a few seconds, and then I felt it.  SWAT ........  SWAT  Mistress K. was spanking me.  Of course I was disappointed because I was hoping to be given the ass-slut treatment.  I asked her why she was spanking me.  She said "because it's what I want to do right now"  She was spanking with something different this time.  It wasn't first like a paddle put man did it sting.  It was my belt.  Turns out she had been thinking for several days what it would be like to spank me with a belt. 

She wasn't intending to punish me for anything, she just wanted to try it out.  Later she mentioned that it was weird.  Much different than a paddle.  Using a belt is more like a whipping than a paddling.  Before she concluded, she had me raise on my knees so she could alternate strokes of my cock with swats from the belt.  When she was, she simply said.  "We're done, clean this up" and walked off.

I called he after she left to get the kids and thanked for the special loving attention she gave during our rare time together in our home.  I told her how genuinely and how deeply in love I am with her and in the most supportive, sincere voice ever she replied ... "I know you are baby".  I melted.

This brief couple of hours made me think that is was a glimpse of how our life together will be when we are empty nesters.  I don't think there will be kinky stroking and impromptu spanking all the time, but being naked and in service to her was just so natural and wonderful.


  1. Never worn a corset my wife does not have one but I do wear panties. Welcome to the world of belt spanking. I get the belt as a regular part of spanking along with a few other implements. She affectingly says it's time for the belt to kiss my bottom. I actually prefer the belt to the hair brush. Here's hoping you get the belt more often. And what is this mess you had to clean up? Did she let you cum?

    1. Hi archedone .... no she did not let me cum. I had to clean up the implements. You know, the belt, the towel, the lube. Sadly, there was no cum to clean up.

      I'm not certain if Mistress has any desire to use a belt or not, she hasn't let me in on her feelings about it. We'll see and of course i'll let you know.

      Thanks as always for commenting.

  2. Just lovely....there is nothing more to say. Thank you for sharing Jay and your Mistress K.
    XOXO Pearl

    1. Those two words "Just lovely" mean the world to me Pearl. Thank you as always.


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