Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back from the Deep Woods

On Wednesday afternoon, I left for the mountains of Arizona and my wife and kids have every intention of meeting me there on Friday afternoon for the long Labor Day weekend.  Long story short, Mistress K. was unable to make it there because she had to attend to a family member that suddenly got very, very sick.  The good news is that the family member in question is doing much better and looks like will pull through.  The bad news is that i just spent the entire looong weekend alone, with my kids and Mistress K.  During our time apart we had some interesting conversations and texting (I'll get in to some of those in upcoming posts) as we were both very horny for each other.

I returned home this morning (Tues.) around 10 am.  Right before I arrived home, Mistress had just completed one of her runs and was still trying to cool down. The kids were already at school and once i unloaded the car, I removed all of my clothes in order to comply with our standing rule.  Mistress was on the phone with someone that was really annoying her. I stood dutifully beside her, naked, hands behind my back in order to ask her if she wanted to join me in the shower.  When she was able to break away from the call for a second, she told me yes.  I waited a few second more and she was done with the call.  She looked up at me from her chair and said (almost apologetically) that she wasn't in any kind of sexual mood whatsoever.  Without hesitation i replied, that's ok babe.  She was tired in the mind from tangling with the idiot on the phone and from the stresses of the previous 3-4 days and just wasn't in any mood to even think about sex. 

I tried very hard (and i think succeeded) not to let on that i was disappointed.  I knew i was disappointed and she knew it too.  At the of the day though, it truly DOESN'T MATTER if am disappointed because it is not at all about me.  I know that, and in an odd way I was proud to be able to demonstrate to Mistress that I wasn't going to try and impose on her good nature by pouting or talking her into playing, even though she didn't want to.

She joined me in the shower and shit was good to see her naked body after not seeing it for 6 days.  I want so bad to drop to my knees in the shower and wash every inch of her body, but she was not going to have any of that.  I went about my business and cleaned myself, shaved my cock, balls and ass smooth while she watched, and just went about my business of getting myself clean and smooth.  When I was done, I left the shower to shave my face and finish before getting dressed.  I walked back to the steamy shower, looked in and told mistress I was ready to get dressed.  She was rinsing her hair and simply said, "I don't know what to have you wear today.  let me think about it".  OK was all i could muster and left the bathroom to go sit in the in our bedroom to wait for her.  She emerged from the shower and since time was getting short, I went to her and hugged her from behind, pressing my cock against her beautiful ass and i began to kiss her neck.  She said "I want you to wear regular clothes today" and shooed me off to get dressed.  I just turned and dutifully walked to the closet to get dressed, not wanting her to get the impression I was pouting. 

After I was dressed and was ready to leave, i cam out into the family room to find her on the couch wearing a towel.  Her was still kind of wet and not styled.  She was wearing zero make up and she looked magnificent.  I leaned down to kiss her goodbye, lingering and taking in her freshly cleaned scent as I nuzzled in her neck.  I kissed her once more and stood up to say goodbye and she said "I want you to put your cock in me for just a minute".   I reached down to untie my shoes and she said "leave them on" just lower your pants.  I was hard in a nano-second while she opened the towel to reveal her beautiful naked body and freshly shaved pussy.  I lowered myself onto her as she guided my cock into her pussy.  I felt the urge to cum in just a few seconds and she warned me I had better not.  She made the comment that i need to work on not needing to pull out so quickly to avoid cumming.  I apologized for disappointing her that way.  I don't want for her to ever feel the need to find someone else to replace me when she has the need to feel a cock inside of her. 

After resting inside of her for a few minutes, she told me to remove my cock and to let her juices dry on me.  I asked her if I could put my mouth on her pussy and she said no.  She told me to get dressed.  While i was getting dressed I was thinking I will confer with Mistress on what she thinks is the best path for us when it comes to my feeling the need to cum so quickly.  I suggested that we go to dinner tonight to have our regular discussion about the status of our FLM.  It is my belief that we need to focus on my being trained to be the things that Mistress wants in a husband and lover, and that more frequent and severe punishments might be necessary to accomplish those things.  There is  no reason that any Mistress should ever have to accept anything less than what she wants sexually from her submissive.  Ever!   I know that I will probably regret saying this, but there should be swift and harsh punishment if she is disappointed in me. 

I went to the office and i could feel her juices drying on my cock and I could smell her on my hands.  It smelled like heaven.


  1. Awww...I am so sorry that the trip didn't turn out as planned. I'm sure you were both disappointed. I commend you for keeping such a positive attitude about the situation. I'm not sure I would have handled it with such grace.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting little girl. Yes we were both disappointed but as the saying goes .... absence makes the heart grow fonder"

  2. Sorry the trip didn't occur.

    Right now I'm having health limitations and I almost feel like I'm no longer good enough for what He wants and expects in a sub. Your feeling about a Mistress basically not settling resonates with me.

    1. I'm sorry to her that His Slut. Hang in there darling. It will be ok.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope you get well soon.

  3. ooh yes, that disapointment thing...that leeds to pouting, IT causes me Problems also. You seem to be able to Deal with IT better than i do, IT gets me in to trouble. My Queen is Not a natural dominate, being my mistress is something she has to work AT, and she is Not always in the mood. IT seems like i need to kneel and worship every Moment we are together. Its hard for me Not to pout, but i am trying. I think you did great. Some times life can just get soo busy, that its hard to find time, or privacy. Mark

    1. Hi Anonymous Mark and thank you for coming by and commenting. I don't believe we have met before. My Mistress Wife isn't/wsn't a natural dominant either but over time is very much coming into her own. The biggest reason for this was that when I "sprung" the FLM idea on her, she hadn't been completely immersed in the concept like I was leading up to it. it was suddenly all new to her. In the beginning, she would not know how to lead or be in control and was very susceptible to my "topping from the bottom" and would do tings to/for me or allow me to do things for/to her out of a sense of obligation, which of course is the exact opposite f what a true FLR/FLM is supposed to be.

      Hang in there. Although there are no guarantees, time should help each of you find your own way. You being less needy will allow her to find her natural ability and desire to lead. It's all about her, right Mark? Of course it is.

      Thanks again for stopping by. I always appreciate comments


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