Friday, September 12, 2014

Went to visit the new doctor

I'm changing doctors.  I won't rant about politics here, but because of the bullshit new HC laws, I needed a new doctor.  Mistress did the research and found a doctor that seemed (we hoped) would do just fine.  I have a special condition (nothing serious but something I'll always have) and so we wanted a doctor that was proficient in that area.  That's what led us to this particular doctor.  She wore NOT a lick of makeup, had beautiful pale skin, red hair and was as plain-jane as plain-jane can be.  There was not a single overtly sexy thing about her.  If you knew me, you'd know that to me, that description makes her HOT.  She frankly seemed to have no interest in worrying about trying to enhance her feminine charms to impress anyone, nor was she giving off a single sexual vibe.  And why would she frankly? She was probably in her mid 30's, had the previously referred to red hair (which...holy shit usually is all that I need to think a woman is attractive), was super confident and was ALL BUSINESS, incredibly capable, bright and very pleasant.

Before we visited with the doctor herself, there was an intern doctor that did the preliminary interview and discussion.  This was unexpected but I was asked if it would be ok but this was also a teaching medical facility.  I said sure.  She was probably in her late 20's and probably a recent graduate considering she was in her internship.  Not sexy but not unattractive, just kind of nerdy and focused on her job.  She was very pleasant and very helpful and knowledgeable.  She seemed like a young professional that hadn't yet been soured by the burdens of the experience of a long career or the drudgery of life that so many like to portray.  She was bright and like the doctor, was all business. 

In a previous post I had mentioned that I asked Mistress K. before going to this new doctor, if we  were going to reveal our FLM lifestyle to her.  Mistress said No.  That said, Mistress was right there with me and although the examination was more of a "let's get your vitals" kind of thing and verbal give and take.  A full-on physical is coming at the end of the month. It remains to be seen if Mistress will be there with me for my full examination.  I don't know if she would be interested or comfortable being there or not, but being fully immersed in this lifestyle, I naturally do hope that she will be there. Even though everything was all business, the doctor(s) were all business and not a single person in the room was giving off a horny vibe, I couldn't help but fantasize about being naked and subject to a thorough examination right there.  I later admitted to Mistress that I had a running fantasy going on in my head about the thing because we were in the exam room for a good hour.still, sitting on the exam table with the intern doctor next to me, the real doctor on her stool before me and my beautiful Mistress Wife sitting in a chair behind her being the primary person the doctors were speaking to.  I fantasizing as if Mistress had taken me to the (her) doctor to be routinely examined so that she could be assured that her submissive, dutiful husband would be around to serve her for years to come.  You know, the kind of routine exam that requires extracting body fluids and investigation of all areas of the submissive husband's body, right? You know, so the Mistress Wife can be assured that her property is healthy, right?  Possibly even some correction from Mistress for not doing the things the doctor were telling me to do and for embarrassing her.  (hey, a boy can fantasize right?) 

These were all merely fantasies that were running through my mind and of course it is my obligation to reveal those to Mistress, even though I have absolutely no expectations that any such activities would ever take place. Not telling her hat i was thinking would be akin to lying to her.  I want this doctor to keep me healthy and alive ..... not just part of a fantasy.  My Mistress will continue to decide whit, if, when  and how sexual activity for me will happen and frankly this isn't likely to be among those times. 


  1. Glad to hear your Dr. visit when smooth. Soon I'm sure she will have you come in for a full exam and for a submissive with Mistress present you just might have an erection once you are fully nude. If I may comment again on the cleaning lady if the present one should ever leave maybe the next one will be more open minded and witness your punishment or milking if not even assisting. Of course with Mistress' permission.

    1. If Mistress K. were ever to get to that level of desire and comfort, that would be awesome. Mistress K. however is a very private and discrete person so I don't what the likelihood of anything like that ever happening would be, but I won't hold my breath.

  2. Interesting, I've had a few quasi-sexual experiences with doctors.

    Had epididymis (not sexy!) and had to go to the ER. Had a female doctor examine my balls and diagnose me (I have had few female doctors). It wasn't sexy at the time, but considering how few females have touched me there, in hindsight, it was a little hot.

    My wife locked me once and I had a doctor appointment for an issue that frankly had little to do with my genitals. But, you never know... anyway, I brought up the fact to her that I was locked and she said that she would give me the key keys but she really wanted me to stay locked. I braved it, and it turned out fine. I thought it was kinda hot that my wife really wanted me to stay locked and was willing to risk my humiliation.

    My male doctors have made various jokes to me about when they check my prostate, things like, "you're really not SUPPOSED to enjoy that"; I have joked back with them saying things like, "gosh, doc, you didn't even buy me dinner". Wonder if a female doctor would joke around like that.

    My wife watched my vasectomy being performed. Whatever pill they gave me really sedated the heck out of me. She is actually pretty proud of the fact that she saw my snippage and has bragged about it to her girlfriends. I'm doubt any of her friends don't know that I am snipped.

    During the aftermath of said vasectomy, I had a bit more pain than is typical. My doctor said that it would go away with more orgasms. I told him my wife would never believe me, so he literally wrote a prescription for more orgasms.

    1. Wow, what a lovely series of stories. Thank you for sharing those.

      I imagine that at some point in the future, Mistress K. and I will talk again about whether or not we think it is necessary or beneficial, from a healthcare provider standpoint, to reveal that we live in a FLM because of the physical manner in which if impacts my body. Things like my balls being cinched, my wearing a plug and occasionally being penetrated anally with Mistress' strap on, even the spankings I receive. It may or may not have value from a continuing healthcare standpoint. Mistress will ultimately decide that for me and for us and her decision is what will happen, of course.

      With my old doctor (who was a friend of the family)I had to do things like let my pubic hair grow and be sure there where no marks on my bottom when I went in for my physical. I don't have that same concern with a new doctor because there is no social aspect to the relationship is have a doctor that is a stranger. I fully intend on going in with a full-on smooth, fresh shave of my sex parts for my physical because i would have no reason to be embarrassed

      At the very least, I sincerely do hope that Mistress K. will want to be present for my actual physical (not for sexual fantasy reasons) and furthermore that it is something the doctor would be okay with allowing to happen.


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