Monday, February 27, 2017

Unexpected Subspace

Saturday night I was unexpectedly put into a world that full of joy, full of wonderment, full of unbridled passion for my beloved Wife.  We were supposed to go to see a concert.  That concert was cancelled.  We also were going to join friends for dinner prior to the concert and we all decided to go to dinner anyway.  The concert was going to start at 7, which is why our dinner reservation was at 5pm.  Kind of early normally for dinner out, but it was what it was.

We had a lovely dinner.  The cocktails (me) and wine (Mistress K.) flowed and we had a great time.  Having made initial arrangements for the kids to be elsewhere, we found ourselves alone in our absolutely favorite places .... home.  After saying goodbye to the friends that dropped us off (too many cocktails and too much wine) we went to the closet to change into more comfortable clothes.  Well more comfortable clothes for Mistress K. and zero clothes for me, which is our standing rule when we are alone at home.  When we entered the closet, Mistress K. was emboldened by the wine she was drinking and she was RANDY!  She started to remove my clothes by unbuttoning my shirt.  She made a comment about how she was going to need to remove the abundance of gray hair that had formed on my chest.  With my shirt unbuttoned, she unbuckled my pants and pulled them down to reveal that I was not wearing any underwear.  She was horny and playful and made a comment about how I failed to ask permission to go out without underwear.  I commented on how that was never something I had to ask permission for in the past, to which she replied "well it is now, and you are in violation!" 

She instructed me to "become naked, now!"  I quickly removed the rest of my clothes and stood before her, naked and waiting for further instructions.  I don't know why (maybe it was because she was on her period), but I mistakenly thought that this was going to be one of those time where Mistress K. wanted to pleasure me, like in kneeling before me and sucking my cock.  Instead she just started stroking me.  Having had a few cocktails, I was able to last quite a long time before letting her know that I was near cumming.  She enjoyed that.  When I was near cumming she stopped stroking, turned me around to face the wall and hand me stretch my arms as high as I cold on the wall, and she started spanking me with her hand.  Again, feeling emboldened by the wine, she was spanking harder than usual and loving every second of it.  In just a few minutes I was squirming at the sting that was landing on my bare ass.  She stopped and told me to turn around and then proceeded to stoke my cock (again for a good long time) to the very edge of cumming.  Even when I warned her I was close she was adamant that was not allowed to cum, yet she continued to apply the strokes.  I figured this was one of those times that she was going to force me to disobey her prohibition of an orgasm/ejaculation and therefore be subject to punishment.  It wasn't going to be that either!

She stopped in the nick of time and I was left panting having narrowly avoiding an unauthorized ejaculation ... forced upon or not.  She ordered me to turn back around, resume the previous position and continued to spank me HARD.  I hurt, but I could tell she was enjoying it very much so I did my best to endure the sting for as long as I could.  She repeated the cycle of edging and denial and spanking harshly a few more times.  The last time I was turned and facing the wall, I was legitimately begging for her to go easy on me.  She didn't.  She reached for one of my belts that was hanging nearby and gave me a spanking to remember.  Shit ... it hurt.  I was begging and frankly was getting to the point where I was going to demonstrate tears for her, which I secretly think she aspires to one day.

After a thorough thrashing of my poor bare bottom, she grabbed me by my hair and pulled into the bedroom and shoved me on the bed.  She climbed on the bed (now naked) and laid before me, legs spread.  I went to move toward her and she said "Uh uh!  Get my vibrator!  Make me cum!"  Of course I retrieved her vibrator, turned it on high and handed it to her.  She told me to be the one that held it and as I was placing it on her pussy and clit, she started stroking me again.  Long story short (too late, I know) she had one massive orgasm.  She was teetering on the edge for several minutes but when I took a fistful of hair on the side of her head, she let loose and had the most incredible orgasm.  It was awesome.

I begged her to allow me to cum ..... "No, pet, not tonight".  Please please, please Mistress, may I least have a ruined orgasm?  "No pet, not tonight and I am not going to say it again".  She told me to put the vibrator away and it was time for me to spoon her so she could go to sleep.  I put the vibrator away and snuggled up behind her, holding her warm, delicious body until felt her go to sleep.  I remember laying there thinking what a lucky man I was to be completely and utterly owned by this gorgeous, wonderful woman.  I slept like a baby even though my ass was still on fire!!!

I woke up the next morning and fiddled on the computer for a while.  When I heard she was awake, I went right into the bedroom, knelt before, wrapped my arms around her legs and ass and laid my head on her tummy, thanking her profusely for three things ......... For my spanking. For intense tease and denial and for allowing me to witness have an enormous orgasm.   She rubbed my head and simply told me that she loved me.  I then thanked her for two more things .... For being my loving Mistress Wife and for taking me to such a deep level of genuine supspace.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

It's been on my mind all week

Earlier this week, something very innocuous happen that, at the time, I did not know would occupy so much of my conscious mental thought.  I was asked a very simple, very easy, very logical question by a "friend" on Fetlife.


If you are reading this and also happen to be a member of Fetlife, please do look me up and say hello.  Every time I discover the Fetlife profile of one of my dear blogger friends, I get excited.  It's fun.  Do look me up ..... my screenname there is     subhubphx

Anyway, the question was "If you could orgasm in any way you wanted, in any scene(ario) you wanted, without restriction normally placed on you as a submissive husband, and without fear of judgement, ridicule, unwanted humiliation, etc. ..... what would it be?"

Seems like a simple oft asked question right?  I replied to the friend and said I'd need to think about that and get back to him.  That was Monday.  Today is Saturday and even though I have thought about it A LOT since Monday, I still haven't fully decided what my dream scene would be. 

Each of the ones I thought of were exciting to think about for different reasons.  There taboo things (that I probably won't get into cuz I'm shy ... 😎, there were scenes where I could picture Mistress having a pretty female slave in her stable, you know, pretty much anything and everything I could think about.  I enjoy fantasizing.  I enjoy it very much.  In fact, I truly believe the enjoyment I have had fantasizing freely has led me to the most precious thing in my life .... my family.  So I've always allowed myself to fantasize without shame, guilt or other negative emotions that some people attach to kinky thoughts.

I've narrowed it down to the top 5 "Most desired scenario in which to achieve a full, long, orgasm".  In descending order they are as follows:


Several hours long tease and denial session where being given the command to fully cum at the end, after being told and convinced that there would be no cumming.


Being fucked simultaneously with Mistress K.  We have a double headed glass dildo.  We've had it for about two years ... and we haven't used it  .... yet


Riding Mistress K.'s thigh harnessed strap on until I have achieved a true anal orgasm without stimulation to my cock.  Being in that position, facing my beautiful Mistress while fucking myself with total abandon would be (is) awesome.


OK, this requires a few words to explain.  Mistress K. has just launched the first meeting of a newly discovered talent ... mentoring other wannabe Dominant Wives.   There are 5-6 women listening to her wax eloquent about the finer points of happiness that can be achieved in a loving FLM/FLR.  I am kept naked and serve as the domestic help for the "party.  Taking coats when guests arrive, serving drinks and food, generally attending to the needs of Mistress and her guests.  Mistress calls me into the room to demonstrate some things, none of which I am prepared for.  She instructs me to masturbate myself to the edge of orgasm 5 times, in order for the soon-to-be dominant wives to witness a self-induced tease and denial.  On my 4th attempt to reach the edge I fail, and go over the edge.  Knowing that I am not able to prevent ejaculation, I stop all stimulation and 4-5- seconds later I proceed with my involuntary, absolutely unauthorized ruined-orgasm as my seed spills all over wood floor beneath me.  I look at Mistress Sheepishly and glares at me for a moment and like true professional, tells the attendees "Ladies, our demonstration will be taking a new direction.  AS you can see, my husband was careless enough to allow ejaculation to happen without first having asked for and receiving permission to do so.  In our marriage, his ejaculations are owned by, are very sacred and my never be taken without authorization.  You will get a bonus demonstration on what happens when your husband disappoints". 

She orders me to retrieve her leather paddle from our bedroom.  While I'm gone I hear one of the students ask Mistress K., "isn't he supposed to clean that up with tongue?", pointing to my mess on the floor.  Mistress K. replies, if that's what you want from your husband dear, then yes, that is what he is supposed to do.  I haven't yet found the desire to have my husband do that.  Perhaps someday, but not today. 

I return with the addle and Mistress gives me the hardest spanking I have ever received from her.  Partly because I reflected poorly upon her by not being able to control my ejaculation, and partly because Mistress had an audience of eager, young, inexperienced wives, and she wanted to impress.

When my hard, hard spanking was complete, Mistress ordered me to turn around and face her and her guests.  She stood and walked toward me, explaining to her guests that there still another "bonus" feature that would be demonstrated as a result of my failure to comply with her rules.  The "benefits of ruined orgasms and why they should be the overwhelmingly preferred method of orgasm for a submissive husband."  She went on to ask the ladies, "how many of your husbands currently lose all interest in sex after the have cum?"  Every hand gets raised.  "During this time of lack of interest, how many of your husbands fail to demonstrate their desire for you, as if they somehow have a reason (excuse) to not have to show you affection and desire.  Again, every hand gets raised.

Mistress continued on .... "Ladies, my husband is in a nearly constant state of desire and as such, I am able to enjoy the kind of affection and desire from the man I love most in this world.  I believe, no, I know that the source of this constant of desire is the orgasm control we practice.  Last year my husband was allowed only 5 orgasms all year.  Yet he will tell you that his sex life has never been better in his entire life.  Right honey?"  Yes Mistress.

"The last thing I want to demonstrate to you ladies that most men are able and eager for sex immediately following a ruined orgasm.  Let me demonstrate.  Pet, please get up on the kitchen table and lay on your back."  Mistress pulls out a chair and scoots her seat closer toward my re-hardening cock between my spread legs.  "see ladies, it's hard again and this man just had an ejaculation 10 minutes ago".  In a show of affection, Mistress kisses my cock then proceeds to stroke my cock firmly and lustfully until I explode with a full on orgasm.  After giving me only 15 seconds or so to recover, Mistress instructs me to "clean up my messes and see if any of our guests need anything for the rest of the presentation".  I resume my domestic duties role for the remainder of the evening.


There will never be anything more beautiful for me than to be in this intimate loving position while making love with my wife.  I remember the first time I was lucky enough to be able to make love to this beautiful creature that is now my Mistress Wife.  That first time, I remember the joy I felt, the rapture of doing something so intimate, so beautiful with this gorgeous woman, that I knew then and there that I loved this woman and wanted to spend the rest of my life her.  Now, every time Mistress allows me the honor of entering her body with my penis, I feel the exact same way.  I love you with everything I have Mistress K.!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A peek into the future

Yesterday was a glorious day.  Mistress K. and I had a rare day all to ourselves while our kids were out for several hours.  Nothing "special" happened.  There was no uber exciting sexual activity.  It was a simple matter of being able to get a taste of what our daily home life will be like when we are empty nesters.

After the kids left, I began to remove my clothes to comply with out standing rule that I always be naked in her presence.  Mistress said "why don't you wait about 20 minutes so we can be sure that kids won't have to come back for something."  "Yes Mistress" was my instant and natural reply.

20 minutes later, I removed my clothes and presented myself to her as she sat on the couch indulging in a little binge-watching of her favorite Netflix show.  She had me kneel before her and gently placed a kiss on my forehead and told me that she loved me.  Then she said she would like me to make her some breakfast, which I did.  It was "delicious" she said.  "Thank you pet", she said.

For the next 5 hours I went about my business futzing around the house, taking care of some small chores, filling her coffee cup when it got empty and just being our regular selves.  It was just so natural.  being naked while she relaxed in her PJ's and watched her show.  Every so often she would summon me to the back of the couch and would ask me to place my cock and balls in her upturned hand and rest it there for a few moments while she gently kneaded my balls in her hand. 

The entire time, although we both were keenly aware (and appreciative) that I was dutifully naked in her presence, it was all just so natural.  As if this is how our private time together should always be.  It was just so wonderful.

This morning, as I stand naked at the kitchen sink, looking outside at the beautiful Arizona weather, Mistress on her way to the office, the kids in school, butt plug firmly in it's every-Tuesday place, I couldn't help but smile and greatly appreciate what I have it.  What a wonderful existence I am blessed to have.  The phone rings and it is mistress on the other end.  She just wanted to call and tell me how grateful she is that we have this life together and how much she enjoyed having me in my "natural state" for those 5 hours yesterday. 

Life is good!

Friday, February 3, 2017

The source of happiness in a Wife Led Marriage

I came across this captioned picture.  Normally I think captioned pictures are generally lame or overly porn-like.  This particular picture, and more particularly the caption, captures the essence of what makes my FLM (and I suspect many, many others) a happy, loving union.

This accurately describes our life together before my submission was accepted by my Wife.  The numbers at the end of the caption aren't exactly accurate for us in that I was only allowed 5 orgasms all of last year, and 4 orgasms the year before that.  That being said, I have never been so happy with my sex life with the woman I cherish more than any other.  I DO worship the ground she walks on!

Thank you so very much Mistress K. for accepting my submission, for owning my sex and most of all my orgasms.  I cherish the collar you have placed on me.