Friday, January 30, 2015

The afterglow

This is not an actual picture of us this morning, but it very well could've been.   
*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Mistress and I were cuddling in bed.  I was naked, she was still in her jammies.  She was bring me up to speed on all the activities in our regular suburban existence.  Then, she decided she wanted to have and orgasm.  Not surprisingly, I had an erection.  Mistress got up to go to the bathroom and when she returned, she was wearing only her pj tops and was naked on the bottom.  She climbed back into bed and immediately straddled my body and slowly lowered herself onto me and inside of her.  She was rocking back and forth and was got herself right to the very edge of her own orgasm when I informed her that I was right at the edge and that seeing her actually have an orgasm would send me over the edge.  She informed me that I would NOT be cumming this morning, even a ruined orgasm.  She was forced to stop right as we was about to orgasm.  GUH!
She hopped off of me and retrieved her favorite vibrator and climbed right back on top of me.  I didn't take long and she had a really good orgasm.  I felt terrible that my inability to avoid orgasm cause her to have to stop.  I really do hate that.  I want to be the kind of dependable lover she can always count on.
Coincidently, we were I this very same position, doing the very same thing while she was recovering for her orgasm.  So as to not leave any doubt, I did not have an orgasm, which is how Mistress wanted it.  As such, it is exactly what I wanted too.
I love you Mistress!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Objectification. It's the little things

I was in the shower this morning getting ready to go to work.  Mistress returned from taking the kids to school and stood in the entry to the shower to tell me a story she had just heard on the radio about a cat that was thought to be dead, was buried, then clawed it's way out of the grave and is alive.  It was an interesting story.

While I was washing myself and rinsing my hair under the warm water, she was looking at me in a way that made me feel she really enjoyed what she was seeing.  When we were through talking about the cat story, she reached for a small wash cloth and placed it on the floor of the shower.  She told me put some soap in my hand and then told me to kneel on the small cloth.  I was instructed to masturbate for her.  I was not erect when I was given these instructions but started to masturbate anyway.  She likes to have me masturbate for her, I think partly because she just likes to watch and partly because she likes to allow me to because I no longer am able to masturbate like i did before we entered this glorious life that we lead. 

She said "I don't want to watch you stroke a limp cock.  Get it hard for me."  Even though i was limp, I was at the edge of orgasm.  She didn't care, and repeated her instruction to get it hard.  It was very much like what is expected in a "Devotional Sex" relationship where the man (knight) is expected to reveal his penis and then become erect when the woman (Princess) utters the word "present".  My erection was on it's way, albeit slower than either of us wanted.  The moment she raised an eyebrow as if to project that failure to become erect immediately would result in disappointment, I became hard as a rock!  This pleased Mistress to no end and as such, she lifted the pajama top she was wearing to reveal her breasts and torso and moved toward where I was kneeling, and offered them to me to worship.  I so much love to worship Mistress' breasts and tummy, and especially that part between her belly button and her, um, promised land.  After only a few minutes, she told me to stop, finish my shower and then get ready for work.  She told me (for the 3rd day in a row) to just dress normal under my clothes today.  Since starting our FLM, there has never been a 3rd day in a row that Mistress has instructed me not to wear something.  It's rarely ever 2 days in a row for that matter. 

Did I feel objectified by Mistress during this impromptu little scene?  Yes I did.  Did I enjoy being objectified by Mistress?  YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I DID!  There is hardly anything I enjoy more than performing sexually for Mistress' viewing pleasure.  I just love it when she tells me to do it, whether it is masturbating while she watches or showing her how I fuck my self with the dildo she has for me.  When it is not something planned like this morning, it is especially rewarding.

Thank you Mistress!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New FLR Blog to recommend

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you aren't already aware, there is a relatively new blog about FLR out there that is particularly excellent, even in it's infancy.  I suggest to take a look.  Since lurkers in the blog world are overwhelmingly male, it is refreshing and exciting when a Dominant Wife's perspective is featured. 

Take a look, I'm sure you'll agree it's worth following.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Unexpected but very welcomed

On Friday morning, I was waiting naked in my usual spot for Mistress to return from taking the kids to school.  Being able to greet her naked when she walks in the door is one of those simple little pleasures that mean the world to me.  I am grateful for being able to frequently do that during the school year.  I will sometimes daydream about it being this way at all times once we are empty-nesters ... someday.

She walked in the door and as usual said "hello there naked boy" and came over and held me close.  While we were hugging and I was pressing myself against (because she allows me to do that), she said "we need to trim your body hair.  Come with me".  With that she led me into the bathroom and instructed me to retrieve the clippers and get them set up.  She took me into our walk-in shower and proceeded to trim (very closely) on my entire body.  This process usually take about 10 minutes, not because I am that particularly hairy (she might disagree) but more because Mistress likes to do nice job.  It's a wonderful feeling to be required to "stand still" and be naked while Mistress attends to my body, even if it is for a trim. 

When we were done, I was cleaning up the hair from the shower floor (wasn't too much) and putting away the clippers and whatnot, Mistress was watching me intently.  A quick rinse in the shower followed and when I emerged, Mistress wanted to touch me.  Yummy.  I love it when Mistress touches me but I especially do when she is feeling amorous and frisky.  I love how she holds my ass cheeks open and reminds me that it is hers.  I love it how she will tease me unmerciful by moving her hands all over my body but avoiding my cock and balls.  On this morning however, she didn't avoid anything.  She had me sufficiently teased and edged in no time.  She'd bring me to the edge and then while I'm teetering on it, she tell me that I had better not cum.  Then she'll stop for a moment and do it again.  All this was happening while we were standing in the middle of the bathroom, in front of the mirror while she was having me look at what she was doing to me.  This process repeated six or seven times and in the mirror, I was able to see the ledge on the edge of our big tub where just 5 or 6 days earlier, Mistress had called me into the bathroom while she was in the tub.  She had me bring my phone to her.  On that ledge I was told to stand facing her, spread my legs as far as need to straddled that end of the tub, and then masturbate for her viewing pleasure while she bathed, shaved her legs and shaved her pussy.  Seeing the spot in the mirror brought my mind to what an incredible thing that was.  All this reminiscing was happening while Mistress was edging me mercilessly.  I was right on the verge, dangerously so and urgently I let Mistress know i was there.  She didn't stop.  I tried to wriggle away to avoid cumming without permission but she ordered me to not move.  She continued despite my pleas to stop or "I will come".  From experience I knew that Mistress had every intention of ruining my orgasm right then and so i asked her permission to ejaculate.  She didn't say a word but it was obvious that I was at the point of no return when Mistress abruptly stopped stroking me and simple, and calmly said "yes, you may ejaculate if you are able", and then starting to rub my ass and hole.  Within 10 seconds, my ejaculation was pouring out of me and on to the floor where I stood. 

Once all the cum stopped draining from my needy cock, Mistress removed her hands from my body, kissed me tenderly on the cheek and said "clean up your little mess and get dressed for work".  I said yes Mistress, thank You Mistress and went to retrieve a towel and some wet wipes while she walked out of the room.  With all the talk recently about cum eating, I paused for a moment and wondered how it would feel if my instructions were to eat my cum.  It was only a second and I was glad those weren't my instructions.  I cleaned up the mess on the floor, went into the kitchen where Mistress was and thanked her for my ruined orgasm, for the body maintenance and for loving me like she does.

It was a good morning. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Orgasms ... and the lack thereof

I will start this post off by saying two things ....  1.  I haven't had a full orgasm since October of last year, with only 3 ruined orgasms since;  and  2.  I am not at all complaining about that fact.

In fact, after our latest incredibly sexy session

while I was telling Mistress K. thank you and that we had been to a couple places together that we hadn't been to before, I made the comment that although my orgasms are now few and far between during the past 18 months or so, the sex I have been lucky enough to be allowed to have has been beyond incredible.  I've been thinking about this ever since we discussed it.  Thinking about how unlikely it is that I would ever be able to explain to someone outside the realm of understanding the basic dynamics of a FLM, what an incredible and sexually satisfying ride it has been.  They'd never believe it .... because they wouldn't be able to.  My beautiful, skilled Mistress Wife seems to know exactly when her devoted, submissive husband should be allowed (or required) to orgasm, be it ruined or full.  In fact, Mistress K. was so in tuned to having conditioned me to restricted orgasm that when we were in the hottest part of our recent incredible sex, Mistress warned me that she was going to ruin me that day.  there was no asking, no negotiating, just a statement of fact from my Mistress of how my sex was going to conclude.
Have I mentioned before that I love ruined orgasms?  yeah, I'm pretty sure I have.

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

I guess to illustrate my feelings about this, here I am writing a post about how my orgasms are so few and far between .... and .... I'm hard as a rock.  Makes me really want to ................

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Or ........

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

It's a little more incredible and less satisfying of a ruined orgasm when Mistress takes me there with ZERO direct stimulation to my penis.  I wonder what it's like to entirely own the sex of someone that you love and lust for so deeply.  I'm hoping it's as incredible as having someone that you love and lust for deeply, owning it completely.

I love you Mistress.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I was a good boy

You may remember that Mistress had said that I was due to be rewarded for some exceptionally good behavior recently.  Well, the reward came in the form of Friday morning alone time .... and it was memorable.  On this incredible morning, we would venture into areas sexually that we hadn't necessarily been before, and in my mind, we officially and lovingly consummated our collaring ceremony.  In this post I will not go into as much detail about what we did sexually as I usually do, because I'm trying to make my posts shorter and easier to consume. 

One of the things we did was what a mounted to a simulated cuck session.  Mistress was laying on her back and was enjoying my worshipping of her when all of a sudden she told me to "go get something to put in (her) pussy".  I returned with one of our recently purchased suction cup dildos.  She did something she has never done before .... without hesitation she said "suck it to get it wet".  Without hesitation, I did what I was told.  After using the dildo on her and licking her for a while, she stopped and told me to get the other suction cup dildo and attach it to the cabinet in the kitchen so she could fuck it.  Again, I did as I was told when she told me to lubricate this dildo with my mouth while it was attached to the cabinet, waiting for Mistress' pussy to come and swallow it.  Mistress eased herself back to it and I guided this "other" cock into her while she let out a soft moan.  Mistress then instructed me to lay underneath her so I could suck her breasts while she was fucking the wall.  Then she had me slide down to her pussy.  She wanted me to lick her clitoris while she was being filled put there was no way to get my head in there to do that.   Instead, she had me rub her clit with my fingers while she found her way to a massive orgasm.  While laying on the ground under her, assisting her in her orgasm, she would expertly touch my body everywhere except my cock and ball, which where aching so badly to be touched. 

When she recovered from her orgasm, she simply said "put my strap-on on me".   Which I did in rapid fashion.  With her harness in place, she laid on her back and simply said  .... "come sit on my cock".  It was amazing. I lowered myself onto it and just rocked myself for what seemed like forever.  I was looking into her eyes and she was looking right back.  I was mesmerized.  She said "you know I am going to ruin you today".  I was so much in love, so much in sub space and so much appreciative of being married to and the submissive of this gorgeous woman.  I didn't want the moment to end, but of course it did eventually. 

Before it did, Mistress turned me onto my fuck, reinserted her cock into me and started stroking my cock to cause the ruined orgasm to happen.  It was amazing.  I was brought right to the very edge of orgasm and she abandoned all stimulation.  At first I thought that maybe I wasn't close enough to the edge .... but then I thought about what was happening to me (looking at Mistress above my open and spread legs, with her cock in me) and in no time, what felt like tons of semen started pumping out of me and onto my belly.

Like I said it was an incredible, intimate session.  In our afterglow, I mentioned to Mistress that I was taking to depths of submission that I had never been to before, and that we had dome some things that we had never done before.  Her having me lubricate her rubber cock by sucking it and her basically cucking me with the nice suction cup dildo lover of hers.  After I was all dressed and on my way to the office to start my business day, I actually used the word with Mistress  I said "you cucked me in there with that dildo".  She was still laying in bed and said simply while smiling ... "yeah, I did, didn't I?  Have a nice day at work".  A look of cautious wonder came over my face as I smiled, kissed her goodbye and walked to my car.  Is she ..........?  Nah.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Strip Club

Last night I had an occasion to be out on the town with 3 buddies.  We're all dads that have kids the same age, which is how we all met.  We were out at a sporting event, drinking, having a good time.  On the Uber car ride back to our where our cars were, one of the guys in the car suggested we stop off for a night cap at the strip club.  It seemed to be a popular idea in the car and in no time, there we were, enjoying the view at the strip club.

Mistress K. does not put any prohibition on me for such things.  That being said, I immediately texted her to let her know I'd be home later than originally planned.  She replied with a simple "be careful.  don't drink and drive".  Isn't she the coolest.

Now, I've been to strip clubs plenty in my life, especially when i was in my 30's and even into my 40's.  on more than one occasion, I was there with my beautiful (then vanilla) Wife.  We always had a great time, especially when we would spend a couple hundred dollars on table dances for her.  Strippers seem to fall in love with my Wife within seconds after saying hello.  I know the feeling.  Anyway, since starting our FLM, I hadn't been to a strip club.  I frankly had no desire to go, unless it was going to be a trip that was with Mistress K..  I had even fantasized about being taken there with my chastity cage on and then enduring table dance after table dance.  Each time, the stripper would've been informed by Mistress K., that I was wearing a chastity cage because she told me to. 

There we were, doing what guys, having a good time.  In looking around, I thought to myself how lucky I was to have the kind of love and desire that I have for my one and only source of sexual desire.  I can honestly say that while sitting, enjoying the view of the highly sexual environment, I didn't get a hard on once.  I liked what I was seeing, but I was looking at it differently than i would've before being fully immersed in my FLM.  I looked around and saw desperate man after desperate man trying to fulfill his sexual urges.  Inside, I was truly content and even in this wanton environment, I consciously and subconsciously only had a sexual desire for Mistress K.  I wasn't looking down my nose at anyone or expecting anything different than what happens every night in a strip club, I was comfortably contented with knowing that my single source of desire was through Mistress K. 

I had posted about this before.  yes, I still look at beautiful women and admire that beauty, but in my role as a submissive, collared husband in a truly loving female led marriage, I have been transformed (willingly and happily) into only wanting (real or fantasy) sexual desire if it includes Mistress K.  I can tell you that this is an extremely wonderful way to feel.

When i got home around 12:30am, Mistress was watching her favorite TV show and when i walked in the door, she simply said "Hi baby.  Did you have a good time?"  Isn't she the coolest?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Text from Mistress while sleeping

Last night (Sunday), we hosted a small party at our house with some relatives.  It was a great time and Mistress K. had me busy all afternoon helping prepare for the festivities later on.  I was in one of those moods where I didn't want to do anything but lay on the couch and watch football, but Mistress instead put her dutiful husband to work.

Anyway, long story short, the party was a major success (Mistress always throws a great party).  Throughout the party I made certain that the dirty dishes didn't get piled up and that the house wasn't too much of a disaster to have to clean once everyone left.  I was happy to do the things I was doing, without being asked.  I even walked around all night with a semi hard on just from the knowledge that I was "in service" to Mistress. 

Around 10:00, once the majority of the mess was cleaned up, Mistress allowed me to go to sleep.  I feel asleep fast and when I woke up this morning, there was a text from Mistress.  It was delivered last night at 10:45 while I was sleeping and it simply said

"You have been a very good boy.  Good treats coming your way."
I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am.  When?  I don't know.  What treats exactly?  I don't know.  But the mere fact that she said I was a good boy makes me soar.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Would you?

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Would you be willing to permanently mark yourself as an outward gesture of your submission and devotion to your Mistress/Master?  Absolutely!!!  I would do it in a place that would be discrete and only be seen when undressed.

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Would you get branded?  Not no ... HELL no.  Ouchy.

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

I'd even do this if Mistress wanted me to.  By "this" I mean the tattoo.  Still not a fan of chastity cages which is why I am a very, very, very good boy when it comes to following the rule about not touching myself without permission and supervision.  But I digress ...........

I've wanted to blog about it for some time because I occasionally have come across pictures like these and have wondered how prevalent it is.  In a D/s situation that includes marriage, I can totally see how and why a Domme/Dom would ask and a sub would agree to be marked permanently, because there was a commitment of "till death do you part".

What say you?

Friday, January 9, 2015

How did your punishment go this morning (by request)

Details of the punishment spanking I received this morning (see blog post title "will be kneeling and waiting" from yesterday as to why), as requested by my friend, Florida Dom:

Yesterday, after Mistress informed me that was to be punished within 48 hours, I texted her and asked if I should be naked, kneeling and prepared to receive my spanking this morning.  She texted right back with a simple "yes". 

This morning, as Mistress left the house to take the children to school, I immediately got in the shower.  i wanted to be sure this  body, that Mistress owns and was about to be presented to her, was freshly cleaned and freshly shaved.  Quickly but thoroughly is scrubbed my body clean and put a fresh shave on my cock, balls and ass.  After my shower I went over and quickly brushed my teeth, cleaned up the clothes I was wearing before I got in the shower and straightened up a little.  I went into the closet to retrieve her pink, leather paddle.  I had every intention of being kneeled, naked and holding her paddle in the palms of my hand when she entered the house.  As I was making my toward the door to kneel and wait, she walked in the door.  i wasn't kneeling but i was naked and I did have her paddle in my hand.  She was very pleased.

At that moment I informed Mistress that I was in a bit of a rush because i was hosting a conference call and needed to get to the office to do that.  Depending on the length and severity of the punishment she had in mind, I wanted to offer her the option of having enough time to get what she wanted accomplished, whatever she wanted that to be.  There was still 24 hours left the 48 hour window.  We had like 6-7 minutes.  She looked at me a moment and simply said ... "go to the bedroom". 

I walked in the bedroom, faced the door and stood there with my hands behind my back.  In 30 seconds or so, she walked through the door toward me and pointed to the ground and said "get on all fours".  I did so right away.  She retrieved a throw pillow from her chair (the "Throne") that she uses in our bedroom, placed it on the floor and told me to bury my face in the pillow with my ass in the air.  I began to worry because for me, this is the most painful position to receive a spanking in because it stretches the skin on my bottom tight.  She stood before me then straddled my body facing away from me.  In no time WHAP.  The first swat came and it was no warm-up kind of slap.  She repeated those until i received (guessing) 20-25 hard swats of the leather paddle.  It was quick.  It was purposeful and it hurt!!!  When she was done, she rubbed my hot bottom with her warm hands for about a minute, then said "up", which means I am to kneel before her so I can thank her or my spanking and so she can apply after care.  I wrapped my arms around her and pull my face into the favorite part of her body right after I get punished.  Her belly.  She rubbed my head and told me it was over and that she loved me.  Then, she pulled her night shirt up so my face could rest on her bare tummy.  Up to that moment, my cock was not hard.  It was not a sexually arousing spanking.  The she symbolically offered me her bare belly to recover in, my cock got rock hard (love boner) as I wallowed there in my sub space.  After another minute she told me to get dressed and go to work.  On this day, under my clothes ... my instructions were to wear nothing, including underwear. 

When I got to the office and shut off the car, I texted her to tell that my bottom was still feeling it ... and then I said "Thank you".

UPDATE to "Will be kneeling and waiting"

It happened.  The spanking happened and it HURT!  Ouch!

Thank you Mistress.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Will be kneeling and waiting

Mistress K. sent a text that included the words "48 hours" and a picture of the full garbage can that remained after I left for the office.  Guh! 

(for those of you that don't know, when Mistress says 48 hours to me, it means that within 48 hours I am to see to it that I receive a punishment spanking.  No excuses, no extending the time ... unless she decides to.  If for whatever reason the punishment spanking is not delivered within those 48 hours, another more significant spanking is then due.)

I so very much hate it went I have disappointed Mistress in even the slightest way.  Not at all an excuse, but I was running around trying to get ready, placing the leather cock ring with ball splitter that Mistress told me to wear today, putting on my suit and trying not to be late for an important early meeting I had. 

When Mistress told me to take out the garbage on her way out the door to take the kids to school, I acknowledged and even said to myself ... "don't forget dummy". 

I forgot.  Guh!

So, tomorrow, when she returns from taking the kids to school, I will be kneeling, naked, offering her the pink leather paddle and then presenting myself for a punishment spanking.  Guh!  Way to go dummy!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It came this morning

This morning, Mistress K. meted out the delayed spanking that was coming my way for failure to have constant, day-long self pleasure when Mistress K. told me to do so recently.  I had been dreading this spanking because i had a feeling it was going to be a "good" one.  Mistress did not disappoint.  It was a good one!  Right when I thought she was done using her pink leather paddle to make my ass red, she was rubbing my bottom soothingly for a few minutes, then told me to stand.  I thought it was after care time.  It wasn't.  It was time to go the kitchen and get the dreaded wooden spoon.  You know, the one that is rounded so it delivers a particularly harsh, concentrated sting in a particular spot.  Mistress went what seemed like another 30 minutes with that dang spoon.  It was probably actually only 10 minutes, but owwwww.

As always, the aftercare was wonderful.  On this particular occasion i admitted to her that was deep into subspace and held her tight.  My cock was rock hard ... not because I wanted to play but because I was deeply in subspace and in love.  It was a "love boner", which I've talked about before.  When we were done with the aftercare (sooner than I wanted but she's the boss), she told me to get dressed and to wear panties this day.  Once all dressed in my big shot business man's clothes, I came out to kiss her goodbye.  She then told to take off all of my clothes and follow her into the bedroom.  once naked again, I followed her and she placed me bent over on the side of the bed.  She rubbed my back and bottom and used a light flogger on my back and bottom.  I call it light because it is a play flogger and doesn't hurt a bit.  After that, she disappeared into the closed and returned with a small butt plug and some lube.  OMG I thought ... she's going to fuck me.  I was immediately back in sub space and loving everything she was doing to me back there.  I'll spare you the blow by blow details but suffice it to say, it was incredible.  Then ... she abruptly stopped and told me to clean up and get dressed again, then disappeared into the bathroom.

Here is where it all went wrong ... While she was washing her hands at the sink, i came over to her with puppy dog eyes, so full of wanton lust and blurted out  .... "please fuck me".  What I should've of said was 'thank you Mistress for unexpected attention'.  She was immediately not pleased and left for the kitchen.  My clothes were where she was and when i was finished cleaning myself and came into the room, she was sitting on the couch, lectured me about being an ungrateful slut and pulled me back across her knee for another punishment.  She only used her hand this time but it was very ouchie!

She did allow me to properly apologize for my behavior and although she understood that I was full of lust and was left so amazingly horny, it is never an excuse for not properly thanking her for the pleasures she allows me to have. 

I so much love this woman!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

She finally read the blog again

it's not always easy for Mistress K. to be able to sit and get caught up on the blogging activities of her devoted submissive husband.  Mistress told me last night that did some catching up on this blog yesterday.  I hope she has more and more time to continue to do so.  Makes me so happy to know that she had a chance to review the things that are said here.  Welcome back Mistress.  I Love You!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Great Post from a fellow submissive blogger

Yesterday (Sunday), a fellow submissive (Katie) posted the following on her blog:

Btw, it is an excellent blog and if you aren't already following it, I'd suggest it.  The post was about some of the struggles we sometimes have as submissive and it was excellent.  I left (a rather long) comment to the post, which is below if you are interested:

Hi Katie,  Holy smokes is this an excellent post.  Thank you for it!  Thank you for the story of how things "really" are sometimes in a true D/s relationship.  In my case of course, it is Female Led Marriage.  It is not my place to be critical, so I want you to know that being critical is not at all my intention. 
Mistress K. and I have recently had a few conversations about this very topic.  Mistress K. was lamenting the fact that she, on more than a few occasions, had "let it go" when a definite hard spanking was in order, because she too was worried that it may have been too much.  She feels that because of her acquiescence, that my behavior has slipped.  She figured it was my knowing that she had a propensity for leniency and that she was going to allow that to continue.  I apologized and she immediately said that it wasn't my fault.  That if there was fault, and there wasn't, it would've been hers. 

Basically the conversation for us was all about the understanding that will be times either or both of us will have to "suck it up" and hold fast to the basic rules of our relationship, even if that means being subject to a punishment that might otherwise seem to be "over the line".  When she asked me what I had thought, i just gulped and said "yes Mistress".  I said thank you for shepherding our relationship so masterfully and that I understood completely.  All of this after just having told her that I wished for her to "push my limits".  In retrospect, that may be something that I will regret come punishment time.  She informed me right there on the spot that I was due for a punishment spanking at a time to be determined later.  Again I gulped.

I believe her words are absolutely true and I couldn't be more grateful and proud to my beautiful Mistress Wife for coming to that conclusion on our behalf.  Even with the "gulps", knowing that there would be things that i was going to be subject to that I may very well not enjoy, I had a deep sense of secure comfort in knowing that Mistress K. was as committed to our relationship as I felt i was, and none of it came from my prompting. 

For whatever it was worth, and again, it is not my intention to be critical, I think Rob should've spanked you again for the clothes and the door slam before the cuddling, kissing and movement into your sweet place.  It's obvious to me that the depth of love the two of you share would've not only survived that additional spanking, but would've been enhanced by it.

Thank you again for a wonderful post, a superb blog and have the happiest of a new year to you and yours.

Best regards,


I so very much enjoy interacting with like-minded people, especially about the realities of this lifestyle we all have chosen.  This blog, chronicling the lovely marriage of Ron and Katie is the epitome of that.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

She's feeling better

We're pretty sure Mistress had some kind of flu-bog or something because she is just now getting back on her feet. Yesterday she was feeling better, was up and around and decided that she would be going to Ikea to purchase this bed she has been wanting to buy for one of the kids.

She showered and while doing so, called me into the bathroom on three different occasions, for 3 different reasons.  First time was to drop my pants and stand in the entrance to the shower and masturbate to the edge.  It has been so long since Mistress and I have been intimate that I was just so overcome with lust.  I got to the edge FAST!!!  I suggested to Mistress that we really should consider doing the cock-therapy training again to help prevent the zero to 1,000 mph I get sometimes.  I want to be able to control my cock and it's needs to ejaculate better for Mistress.

One of the absolutely all-time favorite things I wish Mistress would do more is to order me to worship her pussy.  The "right NOW, get down there and do it" kind"!

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

 Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the "work up to it, kiss my body all over first" kind of pussy worship too but there is just something so fucking sexy about Mistress deciding that second that I will be worshipping at her ... right then and there!  So awesome!  Well, I was summoned back to the shower, she was standing under the warm water and pointed for me to kneel where I was standing, right there in the entry to the shower.  She walked over, put one foot up on the wall and pulled me by the back of the head right into her most scared area of her body.  She simply said "worship me properly".  OMG I was in heaven.  She only wanted me to taste her for a couple of minutes before returning to her shower.  She then told me she was done with me and excused me.

The third trip into the bathroom was one I made on my own.  I walked in, closed and locked the bathroom door (kids where just a few feet away) and walked over to her.  She was bent slightly at the waist, looking into the mirror to apply her make-up, wear the small terry cloth wrap she wear when she gets out of the shower.  It's not a sexy piece of clothing by itself, but on her it is for me because it is short and she only wears when she freshly emerges from the shower.  I knelt behind her and slowly raised the terry wrap up exposing her beautiful ass and I immediately started kissing and worshipping it.  She stopped for a moment, widened her legs just a tiny bit and moaned a little in delight as I demonstrated my desire for her.   There are times when merely being able to worship her body for a few minutes instills some of the deepest feelings of love I can possibly have for her.  This was one of those times. 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

A few minutes later she shooed me once again and left for the store.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Starting Off

On New Year's Eve, we had great party at our house.  It was a bash and everyone had a great time.  After the party was over, the house was a wreck as was expected.  When the last guest left at about 1:15am, I had begun to start cleaning the kitchen which was filled with dirty dishes, serving trays that had been there since 7 the night before ... you get the idea.

After putting a small dent in some of the mess, I made mention of how gawd awful tired I was.  I did it for no other reason than to just complain a little openly about the daunting task of cleaning up.  Mistress, to my surprise, lovingly and happily insisted that go to bed.  She said "you know I like to clean up after these things.  It's like therapy for me"  I wasn't sure if I should go to bed, but she insisted.  It was my first gift of the new year.  I had mentioned to her before the party started that in a perfect world, I'd be naked, kneeling and awaiting a spanking at the stroke of midnight.  I mentioned about how it would be an honor throughout the year to know that at the very first moment in this new year, I'd be in my natural submissive position before her awaiting her demonstration of her authority.  She thought that was the coolest thing ever, and even suggested that maybe we could sneak away right at midnight and do that.  I reminded her how many people where gong to be at our house and we both soon realized that it was going to be possible.  At least without appearing to be rude to our guests.  Still, she loved the idea and reminded of it several times throughout the night as we passed each other while hosting the party.

When she was telling me to go to bed, she walked over to me, grabbed my balls through my pants, kissed me deep and said "when I come to bed, I am going to wake you up and command you to put your cock in me".  What else could I say, other than yes Mistress?  So I said told her "Yes Mistress, I'll be eager to please you".  At 4:30 is when she finally came to bed.  By then, she had changed her mind and only wanted to crawl under the covers and sleep.   Again my response was "Yes Mistress". 

Sadly, in the morning when the sub was up, she was sick as a dog.  Severe headache, body ache, vomiting, the works.  Mistress gets migraines from time to time and this was one of those times.  It was the usual kind of sickness one feels on New Year's day.  With her hostess duties the night before, she purposely didn't drink that much.  As of this writing (noon on Friday) she's just now up and around.

Get well soon Mistress.  I love you.  We can start our renewed and reinvigorated lifestyle when you are feeling up to it.