Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It came this morning

This morning, Mistress K. meted out the delayed spanking that was coming my way for failure to have constant, day-long self pleasure when Mistress K. told me to do so recently.  I had been dreading this spanking because i had a feeling it was going to be a "good" one.  Mistress did not disappoint.  It was a good one!  Right when I thought she was done using her pink leather paddle to make my ass red, she was rubbing my bottom soothingly for a few minutes, then told me to stand.  I thought it was after care time.  It wasn't.  It was time to go the kitchen and get the dreaded wooden spoon.  You know, the one that is rounded so it delivers a particularly harsh, concentrated sting in a particular spot.  Mistress went what seemed like another 30 minutes with that dang spoon.  It was probably actually only 10 minutes, but owwwww.

As always, the aftercare was wonderful.  On this particular occasion i admitted to her that was deep into subspace and held her tight.  My cock was rock hard ... not because I wanted to play but because I was deeply in subspace and in love.  It was a "love boner", which I've talked about before.  When we were done with the aftercare (sooner than I wanted but she's the boss), she told me to get dressed and to wear panties this day.  Once all dressed in my big shot business man's clothes, I came out to kiss her goodbye.  She then told to take off all of my clothes and follow her into the bedroom.  once naked again, I followed her and she placed me bent over on the side of the bed.  She rubbed my back and bottom and used a light flogger on my back and bottom.  I call it light because it is a play flogger and doesn't hurt a bit.  After that, she disappeared into the closed and returned with a small butt plug and some lube.  OMG I thought ... she's going to fuck me.  I was immediately back in sub space and loving everything she was doing to me back there.  I'll spare you the blow by blow details but suffice it to say, it was incredible.  Then ... she abruptly stopped and told me to clean up and get dressed again, then disappeared into the bathroom.

Here is where it all went wrong ... While she was washing her hands at the sink, i came over to her with puppy dog eyes, so full of wanton lust and blurted out  .... "please fuck me".  What I should've of said was 'thank you Mistress for unexpected attention'.  She was immediately not pleased and left for the kitchen.  My clothes were where she was and when i was finished cleaning myself and came into the room, she was sitting on the couch, lectured me about being an ungrateful slut and pulled me back across her knee for another punishment.  She only used her hand this time but it was very ouchie!

She did allow me to properly apologize for my behavior and although she understood that I was full of lust and was left so amazingly horny, it is never an excuse for not properly thanking her for the pleasures she allows me to have. 

I so much love this woman!


  1. Oops! Well it happens. We all have those moments of wantonness. At least you were able to see the err of your actions and properly apologize. Funny you touch on the subject of being thankful for pleasure received...I've been mulling around a post on that topic.

    1. Wantonness .... It does indeed happen and when it does it's wonderful. I have been trying real hard to thank Mistress for pleasure received, as well as spankings received. I think it's the right thing to do.

      Thanks as always for stopping by little girl.

  2. Punishment will be given when Mistress feels it should. I know what you are saying about that nasty wooden spoon ouch. And after she punished you, she gave you pleasure with the plug fantastic. I can understand you getting carried away but as a submissive you have to remember how to ask her to fuck you. I'm sure you were very sore going to work.


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