Friday, January 9, 2015

How did your punishment go this morning (by request)

Details of the punishment spanking I received this morning (see blog post title "will be kneeling and waiting" from yesterday as to why), as requested by my friend, Florida Dom:

Yesterday, after Mistress informed me that was to be punished within 48 hours, I texted her and asked if I should be naked, kneeling and prepared to receive my spanking this morning.  She texted right back with a simple "yes". 

This morning, as Mistress left the house to take the children to school, I immediately got in the shower.  i wanted to be sure this  body, that Mistress owns and was about to be presented to her, was freshly cleaned and freshly shaved.  Quickly but thoroughly is scrubbed my body clean and put a fresh shave on my cock, balls and ass.  After my shower I went over and quickly brushed my teeth, cleaned up the clothes I was wearing before I got in the shower and straightened up a little.  I went into the closet to retrieve her pink, leather paddle.  I had every intention of being kneeled, naked and holding her paddle in the palms of my hand when she entered the house.  As I was making my toward the door to kneel and wait, she walked in the door.  i wasn't kneeling but i was naked and I did have her paddle in my hand.  She was very pleased.

At that moment I informed Mistress that I was in a bit of a rush because i was hosting a conference call and needed to get to the office to do that.  Depending on the length and severity of the punishment she had in mind, I wanted to offer her the option of having enough time to get what she wanted accomplished, whatever she wanted that to be.  There was still 24 hours left the 48 hour window.  We had like 6-7 minutes.  She looked at me a moment and simply said ... "go to the bedroom". 

I walked in the bedroom, faced the door and stood there with my hands behind my back.  In 30 seconds or so, she walked through the door toward me and pointed to the ground and said "get on all fours".  I did so right away.  She retrieved a throw pillow from her chair (the "Throne") that she uses in our bedroom, placed it on the floor and told me to bury my face in the pillow with my ass in the air.  I began to worry because for me, this is the most painful position to receive a spanking in because it stretches the skin on my bottom tight.  She stood before me then straddled my body facing away from me.  In no time WHAP.  The first swat came and it was no warm-up kind of slap.  She repeated those until i received (guessing) 20-25 hard swats of the leather paddle.  It was quick.  It was purposeful and it hurt!!!  When she was done, she rubbed my hot bottom with her warm hands for about a minute, then said "up", which means I am to kneel before her so I can thank her or my spanking and so she can apply after care.  I wrapped my arms around her and pull my face into the favorite part of her body right after I get punished.  Her belly.  She rubbed my head and told me it was over and that she loved me.  Then, she pulled her night shirt up so my face could rest on her bare tummy.  Up to that moment, my cock was not hard.  It was not a sexually arousing spanking.  The she symbolically offered me her bare belly to recover in, my cock got rock hard (love boner) as I wallowed there in my sub space.  After another minute she told me to get dressed and go to work.  On this day, under my clothes ... my instructions were to wear nothing, including underwear. 

When I got to the office and shut off the car, I texted her to tell that my bottom was still feeling it ... and then I said "Thank you".


  1. Punishment promised, punishment given. Mistress knew what she was doing by putting you in that position. She didn't have much time to punish you and she wanted you to feel it later. I've been spanked while on my knees bottom presented high and yes the cheeks are tight and yes it does hurt more. The thank you was a little late when I've been spanked the thank you comes as soon as she is done. You didn't say but I'm sure she heard many ouches and you did a wonderful job or preparing your body for spanking.

    1. Not only did she hear "ouches" coming from me, she had to sternly remind me to stay in position after several particularly hard blows landed on their mark.

      I appreciate the comment about preparing for the spanking. I have a goal and that is to always be my freshest, cleanest and best smelling whenever I am naked before my Mistress.

  2. If I may comment on a statement Fla. Dom made on consuming one's cum. sub hub said Mistress discussed it with him and she felt it was gross. Depending on your view yes it can be gross. If I may point out some play that may or may not have happened. Has Mistress ever allowed you to climax in her mouth? Times when she has allowed you to cum in her has she ever sucked you after? And I know you service her beautiful pussy. Now my point. If she has allowed you to cum in her mouth then she has tasted you, If she has sucked you after being in her she has tasted you and herself. And she certainly is not against you tasting her juices. So why would tasting your own cum be gross? The first time I was given my cum to taste I climaxed on her leg and she used her finger to give it to me. Watching her put her finger in it then bring it to my mouth and saying open. I felt very grossed out but being submissive I opened my mouth and she put her finger in and told me to suck and I did. then she said taste, and I did. At this time I was so deep in sub space and I loved the fact I was submitting to something new. She does not feed it to me very often but when she does I now enjoy it. Having said that I respect sub hubs Mistress believe that it's gross and does not want to go there. Also having followed sub hub I know if she did want to go there he would submit. Consuming one's own cum is not for all relationships.

    1. Has Mistress ever allowed you to climax in her mouth?

      Yes, but it was a long time ago and well before our FLM. She did it because she loved me and wanted to greatly enhance the experience. No, I do not recall a time where Mistress had ever sucked my cock after I have ejaculated inside of her. But I'll make a point here .... I don't believe it has much to do with the taste. I believe that Mistress views it simply a simply that she didn't enjoy doing and didn't feel the need to force me to do something she didn't enjoy doing. You know, that tender part of her domination. She has never said this to me but I believe that Mistress equates it somewhat to homosexual activity and I believe that she is a tiny bit weary that it might be a "gateway" activity toward me having/wanting sex with a man, which is something she absolutely doesn't want and neither do I.

      I say that because I have often used the joke that George Carlin used to about sucking your own dick after observing his dog doing. I used to say (like he did in his joke) "If I could do that I would never leave the house". After a few times saying it, Mistress would ask quietly ... "would you actually enjoy being able to do that?" I didn't hesitate in replying "fuck yes!", although that response had more to do with the idea that I wouldn't to rely on only my hand to masturbate (before our FLM obviously) and not about what to do when it came time for ejaculation.

      I am not at all unhappy that Mistress doesn't not want me to eat my cum, but yes, if she wanted to "go there" with me, I'd follow and submit.


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