Tuesday, January 6, 2015

She finally read the blog again

it's not always easy for Mistress K. to be able to sit and get caught up on the blogging activities of her devoted submissive husband.  Mistress told me last night that did some catching up on this blog yesterday.  I hope she has more and more time to continue to do so.  Makes me so happy to know that she had a chance to review the things that are said here.  Welcome back Mistress.  I Love You!


  1. Hi sub hub,

    How exciting to know that Mistress K has read your blog. Who knows what ideas she might get after reading it.


    1. Thanks so much Hermoine. In reading the post again, I may have misled the reader into thinking that Mistress K. doesn't ever read the blog. My bad. That's not the case at all. Mistress K. does in fact read the blog often. maybe not as often as I would like, but certainly as often as her busy schedule will allow. Everything I write in the blog and most of the contents are things that are always available to Mistress K., with editing and without reservation. Although she allows me the freedom to interact with like-minded individual here, and allows me the freedom to say whatever I want or feel without reprisal, I feel it would wrong to express a substantive feeling or opinion here without having done so directly to my Mistress. That being said, it's not possible to convey verbally all of the things that are said in the posts, comments and replies. This is the main reason I get excited when i learn that she has had a chance to review the blog. I wish she had more time and opportunites (and desire) to be a contributor as well. I know she wants to contribute but I also know that the mechanics of navigating through a blog are new and confusing to her. When she told me she had seen it yesterday, I suggested that we set aside some time to review each post and all the comments together. She agreed that would be a fun thing to do. I CAN'T WAIT!

      Thanks as always for reading my posts Hermoine, and even more so for taking the time to comment.


  2. If I may put in my thoughts. I don't believe Hermione meant your Mistress never read your blog and I didn't get that impression from what you said. I believe Mistress K should review the blog for a number of reasons. 1st to be sure you are telling the truth so she does not have to discipline you 2nd reading the replies esp. from other submissive men maybe she might get some ideas. No Mistress K I'm not topping from the bottom. And may I say you control sub hub with love.

    1. Thank you archedone. I agree with you, I don't think Hermione meant Mistress K. never reads my blog either. I meant that after re-reading it, it seems likely that some might be misled into thinking that. That's all.

      I also agree that Mistress K. should monitor, review and contribute to the blog, but maybe for additional/different reasons. I have committed to Mistress to always tell the truth and have never lied in my blog writings. I agree with you that monitoring the blog is a good way for Mistress to get some interesting new ideas, should she be interested in entertaining such new ideas. Sometimes she just isn't interested in "new ideas". I do, however, see the benefit of clearer more current communication if she were able to read the blog more. Lastly, I have wonderful relationships with my blogging friends that have developed over the past year(s) and I would love nothing more than for Mistress to be able to appreciate first-hand my friends here in much the same way I do.


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