Thursday, January 8, 2015

Will be kneeling and waiting

Mistress K. sent a text that included the words "48 hours" and a picture of the full garbage can that remained after I left for the office.  Guh! 

(for those of you that don't know, when Mistress says 48 hours to me, it means that within 48 hours I am to see to it that I receive a punishment spanking.  No excuses, no extending the time ... unless she decides to.  If for whatever reason the punishment spanking is not delivered within those 48 hours, another more significant spanking is then due.)

I so very much hate it went I have disappointed Mistress in even the slightest way.  Not at all an excuse, but I was running around trying to get ready, placing the leather cock ring with ball splitter that Mistress told me to wear today, putting on my suit and trying not to be late for an important early meeting I had. 

When Mistress told me to take out the garbage on her way out the door to take the kids to school, I acknowledged and even said to myself ... "don't forget dummy". 

I forgot.  Guh!

So, tomorrow, when she returns from taking the kids to school, I will be kneeling, naked, offering her the pink leather paddle and then presenting myself for a punishment spanking.  Guh!  Way to go dummy!


  1. Is it really a punishment spanking if you love submitting to her and being spanked?


    1. It is punishment yes, because it hurts and I am not a masochist. I love being required to accept a hard spanking punishment when necessary as part of a commitment of servitude, training and submission to my Mistress Wife. I also hate two things about this scenario. I hate disappointing her in any way and I don't like it when my ass burns during the spanking. I don't like it at all when it is happening. The anxiety I feel leading up to the actual spanking is not fun. It's erotic punishment yes, but it is true punishment. I love the idea that a hard, hard spanking is required, I don't love received them. It's just like a sub husband being required to eat his own ejaculate as a part of the rules of his FLM. Like a true punishment spanking, I'd love the idea that it would be a requirement of me as a submissive husband, but I would not love to do it when it came time to actually do it. Would I do it? Yes, for a couple of reasons ... one is because, well I just come that often so ..... and two, after getting to know so many wonderful brother submissive males/husbands, I wondered why I seemed to be the only one that didn't live with this requirement (or some version of it). I began to realize that like being subject to a "true" punishment spanking at any time symbolized "skin-in-the-game" for the submissive, so would the knowledge for the submissive that every ejaculation must really be something that he wants if he is willing to do that. I suppose then that an argument could be made that if the sub man likes it, or has been conditioned to like it over time, why have him do it?

      I hope all of that makes sense to you FD. It's all about the context. As an alpha male, most people of course wouldn't understand, even for a second, why I would allow myself to be in a relationship where I kneel naked before my feet, kiss her feet as a symbolic gesture of devotion and submission, get bare-naked spankings when I disappoint my Mistress Wife. They would never understand why such a big shot, alpha boss-man like me would wait naked in the morning while my wife decides what I wear un my clothes that day. Will it be panties, a butt plug, balls strap or the nasty little leather device that acts as a tight cock ring while also keeping my balls split. Do I enjoy wearing these things? Sometimes, sure. Sometimes not at all. But I do it because it gives Mistress pleasure that "just do it" because she said so.

      All that being said, there is a very simple answer to your question .... if it hurts more than the one receiving the punishment spanking wants, it is punishment.

      I say all of this keeping in mind that Mistress K. had graduated from the kind of punishment spankings that were mildly uncomfortable to the kind that hurt. She's moving from being too concerned about too much discomfort during a punishment spanking, to finding comfort in the knowledge that how I feel about what is happening to me is irrelevant and that the act of correcting a behavior is what matters. She is also getting more comfortable with knowing that although I am squirming and acting like a pussy sometimes, the only sign from me that should indicate for her to stop would be a safe-word.

      Holy crap, look how long the response was to your simple one sentence question, FD. Sheesh. You seem to find a way to inspire "new post" material. I appreciate that very much, especially because your inquiries come from a Dominant's perspective.

  2. One can get busy but before leaving check to see if you did everything. I'm sure you didn't forget the leather cock ring and ball splitter. So how could you forget the trash. I'm sure you do hate the words 48 hours. I bet you don't forget to present your naked body to her and accept the punishment you have earned.

    1. Hi archedone. No, I certainly didn't forget the cock ring splitter, but I put the splitter on literally 2 seconds after I was given the instruction to do so. The take of the trash instruction was one of those "do before you leave" kind of instructions and I simple forgot. Again, no excuse but it's what happened.


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