Friday, January 9, 2015

UPDATE to "Will be kneeling and waiting"

It happened.  The spanking happened and it HURT!  Ouch!

Thank you Mistress.


  1. x_x

    Always feels better 'inside' anyway, after punishment is served. :)
    I can't remember the last time I've been punished, for anything. That is kind of.. alarming. sigh.

    Hugs, brother sub! xxoo

    1. Yeah, some of the best moments (if not THE best moments) come immediately when aftercare begins. So deeply in love with my Mistress at that very moment. Mostly because I know that any disappointment she had is now gone.

      When I got to the office, the sting on my bottom was still very noticeable, which is unusual. Since I only had a few minutes, she started the spankings hard and fast and boy did it leave an impact (pun intended). All I could do at that moment was tell her that bottom still felt and to thank her.

      Sounds like you're in need of something similar my dear?

  2. Good to hear that happened and it hurt. And thanks for the detailed answer to my question on your last post. From a Dom's perspective, it is good to see her taking more control and giving you pain. And from a Dom's perspective, I also understand why you love having to kneel while you are naked as you wait to see how she wants you to serve her. It makes you feel more submissive. That is why the Dom has the responsibility to bring out the sub's submissive side by being strict. Has she given any indication that you will eventually eat your release? That would seem like a good first step.

    And are you going to give us all the details about your punishment spanking?


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words FD. Yes, I agree, it is good to see her taking more and stricter control of our lifestyle. It's so good for both of us. No, she has no given any indication that she intends to have me eat my release. In fact, when we've talked about it before, she thinks it gross and wouldn't be asking me to do it. I told her at the time that I wasn't asking her for that and that I didn't want to, so we both agreed. In light of my explanation to your comment on my last post, I would do it if Mistress felt it was something of value in our FLM. Like I said in your comment, I don't actually full orgasm-ejaculate that often so it's not like it would be a daily, weekly or even monthly chore. It might be different if she were to expect it from me for ruined orgasms and the ejaculate produced from milking. then it would be a tiny bit more frequent. Honestly though, it would be way easier to accomplish after a ruined orgasm as opposed to a full orgasm because there is little or no waning of sexual desire.

      That being said, the reason I now feel it is something that i would do has nothing at all to do with a desire to eat my cum. No sir. It has everything to do with the all-important symbolic notion that I am willing to demonstrate my devotion to my Mistress in a ritualistic manner. The idea of simply eating my cum, in and of itself is not at all exciting to me. The idea that it would be required to if given the pleasure of ejaculating, is. Just like the idea of receiving a punishment spanking from my Mistress is so very exciting, even though the spanking itself isn't.

      Mind you, when, or even if I ejaculate is never up to me, but I can assure you that knowing I would have to consume it if I were allowed/required to ejaculate, would all but eliminate the sometimes not-so-subtle topping from the bottom.

      I will offer another reply to your comment and tell the brief story of how I got punished this morning.

  3. Thank you for your explanation of your feelings about having to eat your cum. It doesn't sound like it is her thing but maybe she will eventually realize that doing it will be a way for you to demonstrate your devotion to your Mistress in a ritualistic manner. She needs to push your limits and it would certainly be a good way for her to do that.

    And thanks for the detailed description of your punishment spanking. I would think it will make you not only more submissive but more attentive to do what you are told in the future. She continues to make progress in controlling you. She seems to be realizing she needs to be strict to make you feel controlled.

    FD .

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it FD. As always, I appreciate your thought provoking insight, questions and comments.


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