Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The day I was Collared - part 2

..........  Once we arrived back at our beautiful suite, all three of us could feel the excitement building.  I might even be able to call it nervousness.  I know I was getting a bit nervous, but not at all in a bad way.  I had been looking forward to this day ever since we decided we were going to do it 9 months ago.  Our officiant seemed a little nervous as well.  Although she was fully aware of the nature of our ceremony and what it all meant, and although she had been very excited in anticipation as well, this was going to be the first time she had ever presided over a vows renewal ceremony that was meant to memorialize the official union of a Dominant and a submissive. 

We walked around the suite together, giving her a tour and explaining where in the room that we thought would be the place that would serve as the altar.  She agreed and after a few minutes, Mistress K. and I retreated to the separate bedroom to dress for our ceremony.  Mistress had decided that I would wear the cock cage that I was wearing, the pretty lace black panties that I was wearing and a pair of black, silk boxers that she had purchase specifically for the ceremony.  She supervised me getting dressed and then excused me from the room to go and keep our officiant company while she dressed herself in private.  At that point I had no idea what, if anything, she was planning on wearing.  Nor did i know to what extent Mistress was going to reveal to our officiant what I was required to wear under my silk boxers.  Frankly, if i were to be honest, I was hopeful at this point that Mistress was going to have me remove my boxers in order to openly display the pretty panties I was wearing, and then even have me remove those as well in order to be able to display the cage that imprisoned my cock.  I was deep into subspace at this time as was allowing my imagination to run free.  I even went so far in my imagination as to hope that Mistress was going to have me insert my glass butt plug as an integral part of our ceremony.  In my mind, the implied symbolism was obvious so, you know, it made sense to me.  A boy can dream right?  Being revealed in that manner of dress (or undress if you will) has been and will be a fantasy of mine, especially in a manner that calls for my direction demonstration of my commitment, love and dediction to my beloved Mistress.  That being said, I didn't really believe that those things would become a reality because I know that Mistress is a very private, very discrete Mistress, and feels very strongly that our intimate moments are just that  -  private. 

I was standing alongside the officiant wearing only my cage, my black lace panties and my silk boxers, talking about, oh the "weather".  I wanted so bad to tell her what I was wearing underneath but instinctively knew that it would in direct violation of what Mistress K. would've wanted me to do.  Hence the conversation about the "weather".  About 10 minutes, the door to the bedroom opened.  I was standing there fully immersed in my sub space, eagerly awaiting the opportunity for my beautiful wife to stand next to me and accept my vows of loyal, devotion and submission, and filling the doorway was a vision beauty, grace and awesomeness that literally made me gasp in excitement.  She was stunning.

She was wearing sheer, black thigh-high stockings held in place by a beautiful garter belt and clasps.  She was wearing very tall, black high heels that had jewel incrusted straps that went around her ankles.  She was wearing a pair of panties that I had never seen before and that matched her outfit impeccably and were so incredibly sexy.  She wore a beautiful black bra with lace trim that held her beautiful breasts perfectly.   Her red hair was brushed and laid beautifully straight over her shoulders and down her in the fashion she knew I loved the most.  Her make-up stunning and her lips red, she strode toward me and our officiant.  Even our officiant made a reactive comment about how stunning this Goddess was at that moment. 

She came to and we began the ceremony.  The officiant read from her script, which beautifully written and very apropos to our devotion and our lifestyle.  It was beautiful.  The we came to the part where we exchanged our own vows and revealed them to each other for the first time.  A beautiful thing the officiant did in her script was to ask Mistress two questions before i would give her my vows.  First, did she want to allow me, as a submissive, to participate in a ceremony that would culminate in the ownership of me by her.  She said yes.  Then she asked Mistress K. if she would be willing to listen to and consideration vows and declaration of my love and devotion to her, before I was allowed to begin. 
Sidebar .... when it came time for Mistress to give me her vows, no such consideration of my acceptance was considered.  I loved that.
Once Mistress had agreed to allow me to make my vows, I kneeled before her and handed her one white rose.  Mistress K. had previously requested that I do that because she had read somewhere that it was a universal symbol of the act of giving one's submission.  On my knees and looking up at the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen, I proceeded to her my vows of devotion, love, servitude and ownership.  Tears of joy were welling in Mistress' eyes as i spoke my words, which in turned caused me to choke up a little.  I stayed strong and finished my vows without any emotional interruption.  Then Mistress K. gave me her vows and it was a similarly emotional moment for each of us.  (as I've mentioned before, Mistress K. is a very private person and as such, I will not reveal the words that we exchanged in our most intimate time.  I'm sure you can imagine though).
When we were finished with our vows, and the officiant was finished with her Benediction, she said "I now re-declare you as Wife and husband and declare you as Mistress and submissive.   Amen"
With that, Mistress K. walk over to me as I knelt before her, wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into her abdomen, which is the symbolic position that we have for punishment aftercare.  We held together for about 60 seconds and as she began to release, I couldn't help but plant soft kisses on her belly between her navel and the top of her low cut panties.  It is my most favorite part of a woman's body, in particular Mistress's body.
With that we called for a car to come pick up our dear sweet officiant and while we waited, we all hugged and told each other how beautiful everything was.  our officiant thank Mistress K. profusely for allowing her to preside over our ceremony.  (She knows who's boss, right?)
To be continued ....................

Monday, October 27, 2014

The day I was Collared - part 1

It feels awesome.  There is a significant depth of joy and contentment knowing that Mistress K. felt enough about me and our lifestyle to want to officially collar me.  For many years I've read stories abut subs being collared by their Master/Mistress, and I always thought I could understand the truly wonderful feeling of accepting the collar from someone that truly loved you enough to place it on one's neck, and everything it symbolizes.  During those times, I never considered that i would be lucky enough to actually experience the joy of receiving a collar from the person I love most in the world.

OK, here are some details of our day.  On the day that we were to exchange our vows for our (what turned out to be) collaring ceremony, Mistress K. ordered me to be shaved smooth and in my cage right away.  I thought that it probably had something to do with the collaring ceremony later that evening but i wasn't sure because the only times Mistress would put me in the cage is when i was being punished.  I did as i was told and soon was in my cage.  Before putting it on, i worked really, really hard to be sure that I had the closest, smoothest shave I ever had.  I stayed home from work that day and since we wouldn't check into our room until 3pm, we went about our business as if it were a normal day.  That is until Mistress was reminded that I had 2 unpaid punishments coming my.  She stopped what I was doing, came over to me and informed me that I was going to receive at least one of my 2 punishments right then.  I was required to strip naked, go to our bedroom, retrieve the paddle and wait for her.

She walked into the bedroom, laid a large body pillow across a stool and told me to lie down over it.  I had sent her a GIF of a punishment that I thought she would enjoy and it turns out she enjoyed it very much ... because she was about to recreate it!  here it is:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Instead of a belt, she used her paddle.  IT HURT!!!!  There were no tears but there was absolute and genuine begging for Mistress to stop.  Eventually she did.  While receiving this spanking, I was certain that Mistress felt it was necessary for there to be bruises on my bottom for our ceremony.  Come to think of it, what a beautiful sentiment.  Sadly (gladly), there were no bruises on my bottom later that night, but it did hurt to touch my bottom for a while after being punished.

While packing for our trip to the resort, I asked Mistress what tools, toys and others implements did she want for me to pack.  "Everything", she said.  So, one suitcase was devoted almost exclusively to items we would need for our evening.

Once we arrived we discovered that the hotel upgraded us to one of their finest suites because it was available and because it was our anniversary.  That was such a nice thing to do because it gave us multiple rooms which would come in handy when it was time for the officiant to join us in our room later.

We checked in and then invited our officiant to join us for happy hour prior to the festivities.  Before we left for the nice bar, Mistress handed me a lovely pair of black lace panties to wear over my cage and under my shorts for our trip to the bar.  She informed me then that i would be wearing them during the ceremony, which confirmed in my mind that i would also be wearing my cage during the ceremony.  I'll be honest, i was not-so-secretly hoping that Mistress would have me wear my glass butt plug as well.  After putting on the panties and allowing Mistress to see me before I got dressed, she walked over to me and rubbed my caged cock through the lace material.  It strained to become erect but alas, it was going to happen.  She then whispered ..... "you want to wear your plug during the ceremony, don't you pet?"  I responded quickly and eagerly with a "YES".  She said "we'll see.  now get dressed" 

We met our officiant in the bar and she was a tiny bit nervous because this was the first "one of these" she had ever done and even though we had talked through the ceremony several, she still wasn't quite sure what to expect.  We'd have a cocktail or too, have some lovely food, chat awhile, get to know each other way, way, way better, and to ask and answer any questions any of us may have had.  She joined us and we had a lovely time.  She is such a nice lady and for someone that was almost literally a complete stranger, she made us feel completely at home and soon we were chatting openly about the most intimate aspects of our relationship.  She even asked for some advice on how to get her husband to be more attentive.  I offered 4 words ..... "Orgasm Control and Punishments".  We all giggled but we also acknowledged that it was advice and not a joke.

Soon we retired to our suite to prepare for and have our ceremony .................  (to be continued)

She made me very happy

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Hi everyone,

We are have returned from our short journey to renew our vows.  At this particular moment I don't have the time (or permission) to go into the intimate details of our ceremony.  I certain both of those will become available shortly, but until then, I wanted to say thank you to those of you that sent your sincerewellwishes, both by commenting on this blog and by private email.  It really means a lot to Mistress K. and myself. 

There will be more intimate details to follow, to the extent that Mistress K. feels comfortable allowing me to share them.  Suffice it to say, it was a very tender, very beautiful, very emotional, loving ceremony that culminated in me being collared by Mistress K., in a ceremony before a verified officiant.  Mistress K. cried during the ceremony and I almost did.  Being an actual, "legal" collared slave is a dream come true for me  and I couldn't be happier knowing that I have committed myself to my Mistress K. and more importantly, Mistress K. has accepted me as her submissive. 

In the meantime, I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the ceremony or the nature of my incredibly deep love for this woman.

Thank you again for the kind words and well wishes everyone.  It means so much to both of us.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wear your cage today

We are going to the resort to day for our celebration.  I took today and tomorrow off from work in order to accomodate our vows renewal ceremony.  When I woke up this morning my instructions were to be showered, shaved and in my cage.

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

How long and for what reason I am i my cage is unknown, nor is it my place to question the reasons why.

While milling around the house packing for stay at the resort, Mistress decided that now would be a good time for me to receive one of my two pending punishment spankings.  "Go get my paddle and meet me in the bedroom", she said.   When she arrived, I begged her to be lenient.  She always seems to know just the right time to spank me.  When I'm not expecting and so I go through a very quick spurt of anxiety about what lays before me in the next few minutes.

She began to spank me.  She wasn't even swinging that hard and holy shit did it sting!  I know that there are times when it hurts more than others.  I've had her wailing on me for what seemed like 30 minutes, and I was feeling the sting but was more than able to handle.  Then there are other times, like now, when she is only 5 swats into the punishment and I am already squealing and begging like a pussy for her to stop. 

I still have another punishment that is due to me.  Like I said in an earlier post, I'm not sure if Mistress wants to incporate it into our ceremony, our stay at the resort or just wait until after the whole thing is over. 

Here is sit, on a very tender, red bottom, naked and in my chastity cage, waiting for the time to leave for the resort.  I am so excited.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Don't Like That Word

"I don't like that word pegging", Mistress said after talking about her reviewing my blog the other day.  I absolutely love it when Mistress has read my blog. 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Mistress K. has always said that my blog was a place where i could write absolutely anything" I wanted and that she would never censor or edit what i put here.  Of course I have to promise to remain discrete and never to reveal anything that could jeopardize our privacy, but aside from that, I was free to write anything I want without fear of repercussions from her.

I asked her if there was a name or term she otherwise preferred and she said, "maybe, but i don't know what that is."

Now I have a job to do.  Find a word or phrase that describes strap on anal penetration by a Mistress of her loving submissive husband, that isn't "pegging". 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

I'm not doing this because I have to.  I don't have to.  I'm doing this because I don't want Mistress to always have a negative connotation that goes along with the use of a word that she doesn't like.

Any ideas?

Pending Punishment

Last night, I threw a bit of a hissy fit for something really stupid having to do with the dishes.  it was dumb.  Even worse, it pissed Mistress off  to the point that she was genuinely angry and was yelling at me in a way that is not at all characteristic of her.  It's understandable.  She was reacting to me in the very same way I was behaving.  The difference is ... she is allowed to.  I am not!

It didn't take long for me to recognize the error of my ways and soon I was keeling before her while was sitting in a chair (with a scowl on her face), explaining how sorry I was and begging for forgiveness.  it also didn't take long for Mistress to wag her finger in my face and tell me that my behavior was not at all acceptable and that she never wanted to see it again.  I agreed!

We "made up" quickly and soon I rose to my feet to let her resume watching her favorite TV show.  While standing, I asked Mistress if this now meant that had 3 separate punishment spankings coming my way instead of the 2 that have been pending for several days (real life has prevented Mistress from attending to those).  Without hesitation, Mistress said "No.  The other 2 punishments you have coming will be far worse than they would've been otherwise.  Now leave me be".  

It was a chilling comment.  One that has me nervous (more than usual) about my still pending punishments.  Really nervous.  Mistress has never really threatened harshness in her punishments before so i don't have a reference point to know exactly what that means.  We still have our vows renewal ceremony coming up in the next few days and I'm not sure if Mistress intends on incorporating these punishments into the 2 days we will be spending alone at a local resort, if she intends to get it out of the way before the ceremony. or if she intends on letting me stew in my nervousness until after our ceremony. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Perfect Morning

I am the one that gets up early.  I just do.  I can't sleep past say 6am hardly anymore and this morning was no exception.  I made the coffee and sat down to be get caught up on the news of the world, see what my favorite blogger friends were up to, you know, generally getting caught up!

I heard Mistress' alarm go off and I instinctively got up from the computer and went make her coffee.  I walked into the bedroom and there she was, laying in bed, awake and waiting for her husband to serve her coffee.  She pushed the covers down to allow me to see her body.  She was wearing nothing but a pink lace thong.  She was laying on her back and kind of on her side and it was one of those moments where I truly gasped, she was that beautiful to me.

Without asking, I removed my clothes and immediately got in to bed with her.  She rolled on her side so that I could spoon her.  With my rapidly hardening cock nestled up against her beautiful naked ass, I began to worship her body with those light kisses she loves so much.  I did that for 10 minutes.  It was heaven.  I so love worshipping her.  It was one of those time I was certain that I could've had an orgasm by just being allowed to put my lips on her body. 

I was especially pleased that she allowed me today.  This week we will be having our vows renewal ceremony.  Mistress said something yesterday about how there will be no sex for me until our "wedding night".  She even made mention that she might not even allow me to see her naked until then too.  Well, already that turned out not to be true (whew!).  I don't know exactly what "no sex" means.  I pleaded with not to just ignore me until our wedding vows. 

I can't wait for our ceremony.  The idea of pledging myself to her openly in this way, with demonstrations of our roles in each others lives, and the anticipated emotional experience of the act that will consummate our "marriage", whatever that may be, has me thinking of nothing else.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Can't wait to try it

Today, I went to the grown-up toy store to hopefully find some things that Mistress and I might need on our upcoming special night of vows renewal.  There was a double headed strap on that I saw that was something I always wanted to get for Mistress for when she pegs me.  The reason is of course, that I want it to be pleasurable for her as well.  I think it would be awesome for us to be able to get fucked simultaneously.  It was pricey and she ultimately said no.  Probably for the best because the dildo size was bigger than I have ever taken back there, although I have said before that I do aspire to be trained to take bigger.

Then, I came across this:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Is was glass, which is now my favorite material for back there.  Plus, as you can plainly see, it is 2 headed.  It was inexpensive ($30) and very well could allow for us to simultaneously enjoy being penetrated even though it is not attached to a strap on harness.  I asked her if I could buy this one and she said ........... YES!

It's still bigger than the rubber cock that she currently uses in her harness and is a little bigger than the widest part of my butt plug, but I've got a great deal of confidence. 

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bucket List

Mistress K. and I were talking night about our relationship.  I had told that I was giddy and nervous about our upcoming ceremony, but all in a good way.  About how I was truly eager to be able to memorialize my commitment and devotion in a ceremony of vows.

I also mentioned to her that it was a shame that society is such that we can't openly demonstrate our relationship.  Of course we could choose to do, but with comes certain societal ramifications that Mistress and I are not ready to impose on our family, friends or each other.  With that in mind, I mentioned to her that I felt hat our situation was very much like someone that gay and was in a constant internal struggle with wanting to "come out".

Anyway, it got me to thinking, what are some of the things that are FLM related that I would go on a bucket list, if I were able to create one?  What would be some of the things you might put on a bucket list of your own?  I'm certain there will several things (some specific) that I would/will add to a bucket list of my own, but I'll start off with this:

I'd like to be in an environment that Mistress and I could absolutely open with our relationship without fear of the usual societal concerns. Even if it was for a weekend.

How about you?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Our Ceremony is in one week

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Hello friends ........... I'm going to be asking for your help today if you don't mind.  Mistress K. and I will be renewing our original wedding vows and we will be doing so in distinct fashion by incorporating and therefore memorializing our FLM. 

What i would like to ask from you for you to let us know of your opinions/suggestion for things that might be used for all things surrounding the ceremony.  We will have a private ceremony and we will be accompanied only by an officiant that has become fully aware of our lifestyle and knows what the ceremony will include.  She is pretty awesome, is not judgemental and is looking forward to helping us consummate our "marriage" by officiating over the proceedings.  She will NOT be involved in any intimate activities whatsoever.  That was never the desire or intention.

We'd like your opinions/suggestions for things like:

  • What should Mistress wear during the ceremony?
  • What should subhub wear, if anything during the ceremony
  • Should subhub be allowed to accompany Mistress K. by being allowed to stand during the ceremony
  • What types of symbolic gestures should be included in order to properly demonstrate each others intentions and commitments towards each other.
  • Once the ceremony is complete, what ways should we consummate our revised union?
  • Are there any other suggestions that might be considered that we have considered.
Each of you has been wonderfully supportive of this blog and i try my best not to expect any of our reader to feel like they have homework to do, but if it occurs to you, perhaps you'd be interested in throwing out some suggestions or opinions.

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Saturday, October 11, 2014

I have a feeling it's going to hurt

Last night, after a tough day at the office, I came home to indulge in some therapy .... car repair.  I put brake on my car.  I love working with my hands and love doing mechanical things.  It turned out to be more complicated than I anticipated (because of rust and stubborn bolts), but eventually, I got it done.  I came inside, kissed my Mistress and went into the shower.

After that, I fixed myself a STIFF cocktail and went down the street to a buddy's house to hang out for a while.  Did I mention it was a stiff drink?  Yeah ... it was a stiff drink.  I walked back home, laid down on the couch and almost immediately fell asleep ... but, Mistress had fixed me something to eat because I had mention I was starving.  After eating it, I almost fell asleep again, only Mistress had decided that she wanted her feet rubbed.  NOW!

Have you ever been so tired that every fiber in your body screams LET'S SLEEP NOW?  Uh huh, me too, and I was feeling that right when Mistress was telling me to rub her feet.  I soldiered through it (or so I thought), whining like a bitch the whole time, which apparently took away from the pleasure of Mistress' foot massage.   When I asked Mistress if I was done, she pulled her feet away from me, glared at me and said "yes, but it's gonna hurt"!!

She gave me a lecture about how my devotion to her cannot only be apparent when I am horny.  My devotion to her need to be apparent ALWAYS.  She was absolutely right of course.

I have a feeling it's going to hurt.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Paddle and the Plug

this morning after showering, shaving and otherwise being ready to get dressed for work, I approached Mistress as I usually do to inform her that I was prepared to dress for work.  I also  had a particularly good shave of my cock, balls and bottom this morning, so I kind of wanted to show it off for her.  The time was 7:30am.  30 minutes later would have been the expiration of the most 48 hour notice of a punishment that was intended for me for a stupid, stupid, stupid infraction that occurred on Monday morning.  I did not prepare and deliver Mistress' coffee. 

Mistress told me that I would be wearing my glass plug day and was prepared to dismiss me to insert it and get dressed. 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

As I am obligated to do, I informed Mistress that the 48 hour period for which receiving my mandatory spanking was about to expire.  Without hesitation, Mistress acknowledged that indeed that was the case, and that she was proud of me for not allowing another infraction to occur by not informing her.  She also informed me that only one of my pending punishments would be administered that morning. The other punishment was because I did not have her glass of wine prepared for her when she arrived home from running an errand ... something she had specifically instructed me to do before she left. She then instructed me to go get her paddle, go lie on the bed with it and wait for her.  She said she expected to find that my plug was already inserted when she arrived to administer my spanking.

Mistress walked into the bedroom and found me naked, laying on the bed face down with the pink paddle laying across my bottom for her to use. 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

She administered the punishment while expertly admonishing me for being forgetful and inattentive to her daily needs.  She spanked me good.  Not as hard as some of my recent punishment spankings (nor as hard as the "playful"  one she gave me when she returned that wonderful Friday after drinking with her friends), but let's just say that I knew I was getting spanked. 

As I receive my spankings, I am trying to become better at not reacting to the sting of the paddle as much so as to not put Mistress K. in a position of having to wrongly be concerned about whether or not she is spanking too hard.  It's a goal of mine for Mistress to only have to decide on how hard and how long my spankings should based on all factors other than my willingness or ability to take what she is giving. 

When she was done, she told me to lay on my side and she came in and lay herself beside me, spooning me and rubbing my freshly reddened bottom.  it was the first time our aftercare was like that and it was wonderful.  i did not want to leave and I found myself wanting to be swallowed up inside her.  When she said it was time to get up, I asked her if I could lay on top of her, insert my cock inside of while i stared into her eyes.  "I promise, just slide it in and no pumping", I said.  She said no.  I asked then if I could lay on her and look into her eyes for a few minutes while she remained fully clothed and she said yes!  Yay!  I love moments like those!

A few minutes later she told me to get up because she had to go to the bathroom.  I got right up, stood next to the bed and watched rise from it.  When she started toward the bathroom I wanted to follow her like a puppy but she told me top get dressed.  Get dressed is exactly what I did.

The next punishment time is unknown.  Mistress did not place a "48 hour" tag to the infraction of not having her wine ready.  I think it would be best however to inform Mistress that the 48 hour period for that is expiring this evening, in case she believes she did make it a 48 hour notice.

Shit, you'd think I would learn.  Guh!  I really do not like it when i earn a punishment spanking.  Yes, the spanking hurts but worse, I have disappointed Mistress K.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The smell

Since Wednesday night last week, I was away from Mistress, but as of last night (Sunday night), I am back with my loving family and beautiful Mistress.  The very best part of nuzzling my face in her neck when I have been away for a few days is the smell.  I love her smell.  It sustains me!  When I went in to hug her, her first instinct was to warm me because she had a busy day, was in a pony tail and she didn't feel she was clean.  Unless there is actual dirt on her skin, I will never think she is unclean.

Looking forward to getting caught up on posts and comments.  Mistress and I have our renewal of vows ceremony coming in a couple of weeks.  I suspect there will be several posts coming with that theme in mind.  Be prepared to comment/give advice.  *smile.