Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wear your cage today

We are going to the resort to day for our celebration.  I took today and tomorrow off from work in order to accomodate our vows renewal ceremony.  When I woke up this morning my instructions were to be showered, shaved and in my cage.

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How long and for what reason I am i my cage is unknown, nor is it my place to question the reasons why.

While milling around the house packing for stay at the resort, Mistress decided that now would be a good time for me to receive one of my two pending punishment spankings.  "Go get my paddle and meet me in the bedroom", she said.   When she arrived, I begged her to be lenient.  She always seems to know just the right time to spank me.  When I'm not expecting and so I go through a very quick spurt of anxiety about what lays before me in the next few minutes.

She began to spank me.  She wasn't even swinging that hard and holy shit did it sting!  I know that there are times when it hurts more than others.  I've had her wailing on me for what seemed like 30 minutes, and I was feeling the sting but was more than able to handle.  Then there are other times, like now, when she is only 5 swats into the punishment and I am already squealing and begging like a pussy for her to stop. 

I still have another punishment that is due to me.  Like I said in an earlier post, I'm not sure if Mistress wants to incporate it into our ceremony, our stay at the resort or just wait until after the whole thing is over. 

Here is sit, on a very tender, red bottom, naked and in my chastity cage, waiting for the time to leave for the resort.  I am so excited.


  1. We wish you a happy and exciting celebration. We trust you will follow directives to the letter. We are certain Mistress K will include requirements and obtain your complete commitment to Her throughout the weekend. Hugs, Mistress Barbara and sissy maid kay

  2. I'm also excited for you both. You are right you must not question why your cage is on just be happy that she wants it on you and it pleases her. Have a wonderful weekend and vows.

  3. Have a great renewal celebration.

  4. So exciting! Have a wonderful renewal celebration, and congrats to you my brother sub, and to your lovely Mistress!

    Many hugs to you both!! xx


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