Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bucket List

Mistress K. and I were talking night about our relationship.  I had told that I was giddy and nervous about our upcoming ceremony, but all in a good way.  About how I was truly eager to be able to memorialize my commitment and devotion in a ceremony of vows.

I also mentioned to her that it was a shame that society is such that we can't openly demonstrate our relationship.  Of course we could choose to do, but with comes certain societal ramifications that Mistress and I are not ready to impose on our family, friends or each other.  With that in mind, I mentioned to her that I felt hat our situation was very much like someone that gay and was in a constant internal struggle with wanting to "come out".

Anyway, it got me to thinking, what are some of the things that are FLM related that I would go on a bucket list, if I were able to create one?  What would be some of the things you might put on a bucket list of your own?  I'm certain there will several things (some specific) that I would/will add to a bucket list of my own, but I'll start off with this:

I'd like to be in an environment that Mistress and I could absolutely open with our relationship without fear of the usual societal concerns. Even if it was for a weekend.

How about you?


  1. I've got mine in 10-5 already from about a wk ago! Take a look =) More to come as soon as I get a moment to myself to blog!
    XOXO Pearl

    1. I saw your post Pearl and I obviously failed to give you proper credit as my inspiration for this post. Can you forgive me?

      I so much love your blog!

    2. Right back at you!! I have been so starved for free time, I sneak away and read a quick update...not even having time to look at my own blog! Very sorry!!!

    3. You're the best Pearl. No apology necessary.

  2. I'm also excited about your up coming vows. I'm sure it will be wonderful. I read Pearl Necklace's bucket list. I agree wow. I'm not sure if we are ready to be "open" with our FLM but I would be open to R teaching a new Mistress and using me as the subject matter.

    1. I know that as a society we aren't ready to be open, but I would love to be on an island or something where our lifestyle was not recognized, but normal.

      It's fun to fantasize.

  3. I know what you mean subhub. I wonder if a bucket list is a natural part of a submissive's makeup. That is we fantasize quite a lot, partly because we are already living out a fantasy in our relationship. The whole idea of "coming out" is an interesting one, and I've thought about it much like you mentioned. Those of us in FLM, mostly have to keep it secret, we dream.

    My wife recently shared aspects of my cross dressing with a sister, and the world didn't end. In fact she was very supportive. I sometimes wear the sisters things she has given to my wife--with wife's permission of course.

    I'd love for the sister to know more about our FL relationship; be open about it with at least one other person. In an alternate universe the sisters would both be my mistresses and I'd be their chaste sub. But as is often said, be careful what you wish for.

    1. I don't share the same desire for my wife's sisters to even have a clue about our relationship, but absolutely do with some of her closest confidants.

      Like your Wife, my Mistress has shared the knowledge with her bestie that we live in a loving, acknowledged FLM. Her friend doesn't know all of the intimate details about our life (in fact, she doesn't even know what the name of this blog is, although she knows it exists). What she does know is that I have pledged submission to my wife (her friend). This was something that was a bit strange for her to under stand because my wife's friend has always known me to be a dominant personality. Her friend knows that I am punished by ritualistic spankings on my bare bottom when I am a bad boy. She also know that I am never allowed to have an orgasm, touch any of my own bodily sex parts or engage in any sort of sexual activity (ANY) without the permission of and the supervision of Mistress K. All of these were things that her friend wanted to incorporate into her own marriage.

      I've always been of the belief that the only way to keep something a secret is to never share it. I contemplated that when Mistress asked me if it would be ok for her to share the knowledge of our lifestyle with her dear friend. Hmmmm

      Thanks as always Penney!

  4. I'm sure I've blogged about a bucket list before, but here goes:

    1. For her to tell a female friend about our situation and be teased by her about it.
    2. To be locked in chastity and then assist her having sex with another male (and if the positioning works, to lick her clit while she is penetrated)
    3. For her to peg me with a strapon and for her to come
    4. Be watched by either another femdom couple or a domme during a session (the thought of having another comment on what she does to me and make suggestions as to how to torment turns me on a ton)
    5. Have her force me to eat my semen after a ruined orgasm (the thought after a full orgasm seems horrible)
    6. After a full orgasm and before I can get hard again, for her to install the chastity device on me... sure it would hurt from the pinching, but the thought of HER locking me is totally hot.
    7. Taking erotic photos during a play session and publishing on the internet
    8. Getting a tattoo near my pubic area and/or a nipple piercing
    9. Have sex with her with a numbing cream to where I can't feel anything but she comes.
    10. Her making me come in humiliating ways, such as in the trash can/toilet or on my own face.

    What a pervert I am!

    1. Wow, that's awesome lovetosubmit. Thank you for sharing. I'd like to comment/compare to each one of your items if I may.

      1. Mistress K. has already told a very dear female friend about our situation, and I have had conversations with her about things because she was contemplating incorporating FLM into her marriage.
      2. I'd love to also locked in chastity and act as an assistant while Mistress K. had sex with another too. I would be denied the opportunity to join and perhaps even watch, although I'd be in the same room. Only for me, it would have to be with another woman, whether that woman was sub to her, Domme to her or just a lover. I know I could not handle it if she was lost in lust with another man.
      3. Done and working on it. I'd love for her to use a 2 headed dildo when she pegs me.
      4. Yes. I've often fantasized about Mistress taken me/us to a Pro Domme as a way for her to be able to learn more about a lifestyle that she finds herself embracing more and more.
      5. I don't know. This is one of those things that I often felt "be careful what you wish for". Mistress thinks the idea is disgusting, and for that I am thankful. Because it's not something that I've ever thought I wanted to do. I do realize that for may FLM couples, it is a basic, constant rule that must be followed as a recurring reminder of the husband's purpose, and it is a constant demonstration by the husband of his willingness to perform a function that he doesn't necessarily enjoy in order to demonstrate his devotion. I get that part. I've said it's much like being punished so harshly that there are tears and bruises. Nobody wants that but a devoted submissive husband will endure it because it serves a useful purpose.
      6. Been there, done that. By the way, it doesn't hurt. Get a good (REAL) cage and there is no pinching.
      7. I've always wanted to do that too. I have one or two on this blog but they are only recently spanked butt photos.
      8. I would also enjoy being "marked"
      9. We do this all the time. It's wonderful, especially when used in conjunction with a cock sleeve.
      10. Hmmm, interesting

      Thanks so much brother for sharing your thoughts. I really do appreciate it.

  5. CFNM - I add this to my bucket list. Mistress already knows that if I could, I'd be naked for her always so I'm sure this item on the bucket list isn't going to be a surprise for her. Being naked and in service to Mistress (and her guests) while she was in the company of others is officially on the list. The appealing part about this for me has more to do with the pride I would hope Mistress would feel and display as her friends noticed and witnessed how dutiful, respectful and well-behaved I was.

    1. Well, I guess I left CFNM off the list because we practice that... when we can. If we are alone for any length of time, I will strip naked. She usually kinda laughs (the, you are a pervert laugh) and we usually play right away. When we are empty nesters, I will be naked a lot! Looking forward to that!

    2. We already do the "be naked when we are alone thing too". I guess for a bucket list, I meant that I would be naked and in her service while others were present.

      I love how normal it has become for me to be naked while she is dressed. At the very beginning, it was a little humiliating, which would explain the constant erection I sported then. Now, although an erection is usually only a minute way at any given moment, it just seems so normal.

      Thanks for your comments my friend.

  6. sub hub you got some good replies and good thoughts on what others would have on a bucket list. R has a rule when we are home I only wear my panties in the house and it's quite normal to be completely nude when house cleaning. So far no one has come over and seen me in panties or naked. If we know guests are coming over I'm allowed to dress but if she told me to I'd stay in panties or be naked for her and the guests. Her reason for having me naked when cleaning is so if I'm not doing a good job my bottom is already bare and she can spank without having to lower panties. Like if I'm using the vacuum and miss a spot "stop right there and bend over, smack, smack, smack you missed a spot now do it right".

    1. Like you, Mistress K. requires I am naked when we are alone. Ease of access to my ass for correction may be one reason but on her primary reason. Frankly, I think she just indulges me on this one as it was one of the very first "rules" we established early. I love how it makes me feel constantly submissive while we are together and I escpecially like how that feeling is become normal. The humiliation aspect of being required to be nude in the presence of my Mistress has been replaced with pride. I love being naked for her.

  7. Not sure if you have ever mentioned it since I started following you here, but have you and your Mistress looked into your local community at all? A lot of places will have dungeons and/or munches that you can go to, and meet like minded people, or go out for a night, and do all that you desire very openly. We have a couple here in Denver, and Sir and I have met some amazing people that way. :)

    Just a wonder/thought for you. :)

    1. Hi Amber Brat. Mistress and I have not looked into our local community because "coming out" in that way, especially locally is not something Mistress is comfortable with now. We need to have an abundance of discretion! That being said, that would be so awesome!

      Thanks as always for stopping by.


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