Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pending Punishment

Last night, I threw a bit of a hissy fit for something really stupid having to do with the dishes.  it was dumb.  Even worse, it pissed Mistress off  to the point that she was genuinely angry and was yelling at me in a way that is not at all characteristic of her.  It's understandable.  She was reacting to me in the very same way I was behaving.  The difference is ... she is allowed to.  I am not!

It didn't take long for me to recognize the error of my ways and soon I was keeling before her while was sitting in a chair (with a scowl on her face), explaining how sorry I was and begging for forgiveness.  it also didn't take long for Mistress to wag her finger in my face and tell me that my behavior was not at all acceptable and that she never wanted to see it again.  I agreed!

We "made up" quickly and soon I rose to my feet to let her resume watching her favorite TV show.  While standing, I asked Mistress if this now meant that had 3 separate punishment spankings coming my way instead of the 2 that have been pending for several days (real life has prevented Mistress from attending to those).  Without hesitation, Mistress said "No.  The other 2 punishments you have coming will be far worse than they would've been otherwise.  Now leave me be".  

It was a chilling comment.  One that has me nervous (more than usual) about my still pending punishments.  Really nervous.  Mistress has never really threatened harshness in her punishments before so i don't have a reference point to know exactly what that means.  We still have our vows renewal ceremony coming up in the next few days and I'm not sure if Mistress intends on incorporating these punishments into the 2 days we will be spending alone at a local resort, if she intends to get it out of the way before the ceremony. or if she intends on letting me stew in my nervousness until after our ceremony. 

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