Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Paddle and the Plug

this morning after showering, shaving and otherwise being ready to get dressed for work, I approached Mistress as I usually do to inform her that I was prepared to dress for work.  I also  had a particularly good shave of my cock, balls and bottom this morning, so I kind of wanted to show it off for her.  The time was 7:30am.  30 minutes later would have been the expiration of the most 48 hour notice of a punishment that was intended for me for a stupid, stupid, stupid infraction that occurred on Monday morning.  I did not prepare and deliver Mistress' coffee. 

Mistress told me that I would be wearing my glass plug day and was prepared to dismiss me to insert it and get dressed. 

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As I am obligated to do, I informed Mistress that the 48 hour period for which receiving my mandatory spanking was about to expire.  Without hesitation, Mistress acknowledged that indeed that was the case, and that she was proud of me for not allowing another infraction to occur by not informing her.  She also informed me that only one of my pending punishments would be administered that morning. The other punishment was because I did not have her glass of wine prepared for her when she arrived home from running an errand ... something she had specifically instructed me to do before she left. She then instructed me to go get her paddle, go lie on the bed with it and wait for her.  She said she expected to find that my plug was already inserted when she arrived to administer my spanking.

Mistress walked into the bedroom and found me naked, laying on the bed face down with the pink paddle laying across my bottom for her to use. 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

She administered the punishment while expertly admonishing me for being forgetful and inattentive to her daily needs.  She spanked me good.  Not as hard as some of my recent punishment spankings (nor as hard as the "playful"  one she gave me when she returned that wonderful Friday after drinking with her friends), but let's just say that I knew I was getting spanked. 

As I receive my spankings, I am trying to become better at not reacting to the sting of the paddle as much so as to not put Mistress K. in a position of having to wrongly be concerned about whether or not she is spanking too hard.  It's a goal of mine for Mistress to only have to decide on how hard and how long my spankings should based on all factors other than my willingness or ability to take what she is giving. 

When she was done, she told me to lay on my side and she came in and lay herself beside me, spooning me and rubbing my freshly reddened bottom.  it was the first time our aftercare was like that and it was wonderful.  i did not want to leave and I found myself wanting to be swallowed up inside her.  When she said it was time to get up, I asked her if I could lay on top of her, insert my cock inside of while i stared into her eyes.  "I promise, just slide it in and no pumping", I said.  She said no.  I asked then if I could lay on her and look into her eyes for a few minutes while she remained fully clothed and she said yes!  Yay!  I love moments like those!

A few minutes later she told me to get up because she had to go to the bathroom.  I got right up, stood next to the bed and watched rise from it.  When she started toward the bathroom I wanted to follow her like a puppy but she told me top get dressed.  Get dressed is exactly what I did.

The next punishment time is unknown.  Mistress did not place a "48 hour" tag to the infraction of not having her wine ready.  I think it would be best however to inform Mistress that the 48 hour period for that is expiring this evening, in case she believes she did make it a 48 hour notice.

Shit, you'd think I would learn.  Guh!  I really do not like it when i earn a punishment spanking.  Yes, the spanking hurts but worse, I have disappointed Mistress K.


  1. A spanking well deserved and well taken. When I'm spanked she expects ouches and owes and does not feel a spanking was hard enough if I'm not kicking my feet.

    1. Hi Arched. I suspect Mistress K. expects those things from me as well, because, well, it's normal. That being said, I'm trying to get better and better at just taking the swats without reaction so as to not be overly influential in her decision making process. If she thinks pink is enough, then so be it. If she thinks she needs to go to deep red/purple (gulp) then so be it. It's entirely up to her and should be influenced by me. It's my little way of trying to avoid influencing the top from the bottom.

      Thanks as always for commenting.


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