Monday, October 6, 2014

The smell

Since Wednesday night last week, I was away from Mistress, but as of last night (Sunday night), I am back with my loving family and beautiful Mistress.  The very best part of nuzzling my face in her neck when I have been away for a few days is the smell.  I love her smell.  It sustains me!  When I went in to hug her, her first instinct was to warm me because she had a busy day, was in a pony tail and she didn't feel she was clean.  Unless there is actual dirt on her skin, I will never think she is unclean.

Looking forward to getting caught up on posts and comments.  Mistress and I have our renewal of vows ceremony coming in a couple of weeks.  I suspect there will be several posts coming with that theme in mind.  Be prepared to comment/give advice.  *smile. 


  1. I am fascinated with scent and pheromones! It's such an interesting subject and a love scientific studies about how they bond people. I am hyper aware of natural scents. Someone one can smell good but unless they have that indescribable mysterious scent, I won't be sexually attracted to them. It is an absolute necessity for me! I'm glad you are back with your Mistress and I look forward to hearing about your vows ceremony :)

    1. Hi Betsy T and thank you for commenting.

      i know exactly what you mean. Mistress and I were always aware of the attractiveness of each others scent. Shortly after we became involved, even before being married, we would mutually acknowledge the intoxicating smell of each other. I have mentioned to her before that I believe that the particular smell that one has is the most basic need for being attracted to another, after the visual sense. I've often told mistress K. that she "smells like my home" and in that sense, it makes me feel safe and warm. None of that changed once Mistress and I decided to enter our FLM. Quite the contrary. It's her smell now that makes me even safer in my acknowledged role as her submissive. I just love that woman ! Oh, and i absolutely love how she smells.

  2. The true smell of a person not some perfume is wonderful. Welcome back I've missed your posts. It will be wonderful to read about your vow renewals. May we hope for a few pictures of the renewals?

    1. I don't know about pictures archedone. Our renewal ceremonies in the4 past have been a very private affair, and very important to Mistress (at the time my beloved vanilla wife), and this is no exception even with the added twist of our FLM. We'll see.

      Thanks for your support and the kind words. Glad to be back

  3. SubHub,

    We are the same way... though I still don't get it when I'm "unshowered" hubby lives it. He loves my natural smell too. I must admit his scent is familiar, comfortable, safe for me too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I'm so excited for your renewal! We have ours in a few months too. I know it's going to be a fantastic, amazing, memorable time for your whole family.

    ~ Lady M

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Lady M.

      I'm excited and nervous about our renewal. Maybe nervous isn't the right word, but I know excited is! To be able to memorialize our FLM at an altar is something special. To be able to be honestly revealed in front of another person (our officiant) is going to be so liberating and exhilarating. Our ceremony will be so private that it will only be the 3 of us there. We are still planning things such how she will be dressed, if I will be dressed and if so, wearing what, the vows and so forth. Any suggestions?

      Thank you again for commenting. I consider it a special honor when a Dominant Woman/Wife takes the time to do so.

      Thank you again for


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