Thursday, October 16, 2014

Can't wait to try it

Today, I went to the grown-up toy store to hopefully find some things that Mistress and I might need on our upcoming special night of vows renewal.  There was a double headed strap on that I saw that was something I always wanted to get for Mistress for when she pegs me.  The reason is of course, that I want it to be pleasurable for her as well.  I think it would be awesome for us to be able to get fucked simultaneously.  It was pricey and she ultimately said no.  Probably for the best because the dildo size was bigger than I have ever taken back there, although I have said before that I do aspire to be trained to take bigger.

Then, I came across this:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Is was glass, which is now my favorite material for back there.  Plus, as you can plainly see, it is 2 headed.  It was inexpensive ($30) and very well could allow for us to simultaneously enjoy being penetrated even though it is not attached to a strap on harness.  I asked her if I could buy this one and she said ........... YES!

It's still bigger than the rubber cock that she currently uses in her harness and is a little bigger than the widest part of my butt plug, but I've got a great deal of confidence. 

I'll keep you posted!


  1. For her to peg you after your vows would be a fantastic way for her to seal her dominance over you. I love your new double glass dildo. I just bought a larger vib. dildo so R can stretch my hole open more. It's longer and thicker than I've ever taken and am excited waiting for the first time she uses it. I do have a suggestion if the double glass does not work for her. When R pegs me she or I will put a vib. bullet in her pussy then she will put on her strap on. The control for the bullet goes on the waist strap of the strap on. While she's fucking my boy pussy the bullet brings her to a wonderful climax. Can't wait to hear how the vows go.

    1. I agree archedone, I would love to be able to use her desire to peg as one of the symbols that would consummate our marriage.

      Interesting idea of inserting a bullet inside of Mistress. I'l definitely suggest that her.

  2. You'd be amazed what you can take. I've always been apprehensive about bigger objects but I take it easy at first and they all fit in nicely. Its amazing sometimes what can fit in there.

    1. Thanks david for commenting. So nice to hear from you. I'm sure that my bottom will adjust and be able to take it without any problem. I have an incentive because I want to be able to simultaneous fuck Mistress K. while she is fucking me. Yum.

      Btw, I noticed that Mistress Marie had taken to spanking you pretty soundly. Welcome to the party my friend!


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