Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday morning

Mistress requires that i wear my leather cock-ring with ball splitter. It has been some time since i wore this and now that it is one, it feels like being reunited with a lost friend.

When Mistress left for her workout, She told me that i was to edge myself before leaving for the office.  Then, She texted me to tell Her to send Her a picture of my encased cock before my edging, then one after.

i adore Her!!!!


Imagination can be a great way to fantasize and escape.  It can also allow you to set yourself up for disappointment.

This past weekend, Mistress and i were busy, busy, busy with family/kid activities that went in separate directions and caused U/us to pass each other like ships in the night.  Private moments were fleeting and few and far between.  Yesterday afternoon the whole family finally was able to re-gather at home and settle in for a Sunday night together.  Naturally, my thoughts went to being able to be with Mistress and even more so, i had the hope that Mistress might want to catch up on lost time.

Then she said it ........   "I think I'll edge you tonight!

That's when my imagination went into overdrive.  Did She mean that after the kids were in bed, She would expect me to be freshly showered, freshly shaved and my body prepared for Her to use, abuse, tease and deny all night?  Who knew, but that's what i was going with.  my imagination was fueled by the recent comment/warning from Mistress that i was going to be thoroughly pegged in the next few days, as She was currently being visited by Her monthly friend.  But alas, it was not meant to be.

During the day, Mistress had been exposed to the sun a lot.  She used sun block everywhere .... except on Her beautiful legs (She forgot).  A a result, Her legs were paining!  my thoughts now turned to the likely prospect that my little hopes of being included the prospect that She would have no interest in anything other than tending to Her aching legs. 

As i was laying on the couch, about to settle in to Baseball Tonight on ESPN, i was suddenly summoned from the doorway of the hall bath.  "Come here, now!", or words to that effect.  I walked over to Her standing in the hall and was going to seductively kiss Her and cuddle with Her but instead, She pointed into the bathroom and i entered.  She closed the door and locked it behind Her.  She placed my hands on the counter and with a guilty conscious immediately panicked (well not really panicked) because i thought i was about to be punished.  She immediately pulled my shorts to my ankles when i asked "what did i do"?  "Nothing" She said.  She put lotion in Her hand and immediately started stroking my/Her flaccid cock.  Within 10 seconds it was hard as a rock.

For what seemed like several minutes (probably more like one), i locked eyes at my beautiful Mistress in the mirror while she expertly stroked my cock.  It was glorious.  All of a sudden the urge to come was RAPIDLY approaching and i let Her know and She said that i was not allowed to ejaculate.  She stopped and used Her slippery hands to caress my balls while my purple-headed cock struggled mightily not to lose it's cargo.  She brought me to the edge one more time and this time when She let go, She simply turned and walked out of the room.

After a few minutes, i composed myself and returned the house where the family was.  I walked over to Her and kissed Her and said thank You!  It left me with hope that She had bigger plans in mind for the evening.  When i woke up on the couch at 2am, i realized it wasn't going to happen.  W/we were both so very tired and so when She went to watch The Good Wife in bed and i stayed to watch Sports Center on the couch, well that settles that.

i love her so much!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


It's time has come.  This is going to happen.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Texting and Sexting

Sometimes i get inspired.  i sometimes find myself going into subspace at the mere thought of the love and devotion that i have for this woman ... this Goddess ... this Mistress ... my Keyholder.

Here is a text exchange W/we had yesterday during of those inspired moments for me:

I'm proud to be yours. To live in chastity as you deem appropriate. For you to own those parts on my body that can be used for sex. To wear your cage. To wear your panties. To wear your plug. To wear your harnesses. I adore my Keyholder. I love you my Mistress

I luv nothing more than a devoted pet!
I want to be good for you, but by your definition of what good for you is. I accept and need the punishments I receive from you in whatever firm you determine necessary, even if that means strong temporary pain and tears. Your punishments help me more than you may know.

Yes my love

I am so devoted (pictures included)
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*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Thank you for my pictures lover. You are my pet, I own every part of you, and you are the single most important part of my emotional well-being

Me:  *happy. *yours

Her:  (this was supposed to be a picture of sexy, red, Mistress lips.  The image did not come through)

I love her!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

It doesn't take much

First of all, Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate it.

Yesterday afternoon, W/we found ourselves alone in the house unexpectedly.  Yesterday morning, Mistress told me to wear panties for the day.  i chose the small (they are hers) black thong with the sheer panel in the front.  She likes to see me in that because She can see my cock strain through the sheer material.

As many of you know, without being told, i am required to be nude when W/we are alone together unless otherwise instructed.  On this day She said She wanted to see me in my panties.  Later, i was alone on the couch looking at naughty pictures of submissive men being ass-whores (wishing i was one of them), when Mistress came over and wanted to take a nap.  She lowered herself on to the couch, laid her head in my lap and ran one of her arms under my leg so her hand could rest on my pantied cock.  In order for Her to find comfort enough to nap, i had to spread my legs wide and hold them there.

She napped for about 20 minutes but it was an incredibly wonderful 20 minutes for me.  i have been whining about not being touched enough lately and here She was, with her beautiful face resting on my panties cock, Her delicate hand gently cupping my aching balls and i am forced to keep my legs spread in order to give Her the most comfortable place to lay her head.  I sat there and wallowed in the joy before me.  She didn't tease me (although i so wanted her to).  She didn't want anything other than a soft place to lay her beautiful head and rest and it was one of the most amazing 20 minutes i could imagine.  When She rose a short time later, She did linger a tiny bit at my balls started to pinch them a bit (I so wanted her to grab me harshly at the base of balls and ____(_fill-in-blank-here___)____), but alas, it wasn't to be. 

Later last night, W/we entertained Her relatives that are visiting from out of town. After everyone left, i was lying on the couch watching Sports Center when Mistress decided it was bedtime for me.  She called out to me and told me it was time for me to come to bed.  i turned everything of, secured the house and then went into the bedroom where She was all curled up in bed.  i walked over to Her side of the bed to remove my clothes.  I will strip down to my panties (when wearing panties), pause and then symbolically, almost ceremoniously lower them like a little slut girl, while She witnesses.  Only when i am naked after that am i willing to enter bed for sleep.

All it took was the contact of my body to My Mistress for those 20 minutes.  It doesn't take much. 

Man i love this Woman!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Milking and Ruined

I seem to be transforming.  i am having these incredibly strong desires to have my cum taken from me more and more.  Not as a means to orgasm or pleasure, but rather to have Mistress decide that Ishould not be holding cum in my body.  Of course that means from either milking or from ruined orgasm.  Both of which have been on my mind a great deal lately and i can't figure out where that is coming from.  i'm not concerned or complaining, it's just something new for me.  Maybe it is just a natural progression as i continue my journey into deep submission and servitude to my Mistress Wife. 

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*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

I love her!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sexy is as sexy does

I know that for me, the biggest hurdle I needed to get over when revealing my desire to live a WLM to my wife for the first time was the idea that somehow she would perceive me as being less of a man.  I had no desire to be permanently turned into a feminized sissy slut (although role playing that would be cool if it were something that Mistress wanted) or to be reduced to a shriveling puddle of former male nothingness.  What I wanted to be able to do was to deliver my gift of total devotion to my wife in the form of total surrender.  I had no desire to submit to all females just because they are female.  For me, I don't believe any one class of people is worthy of the gift of submission simply because they are, say, female.  I chose to give the gift of my submission, the use and ownership of sex, my body and my devotion in service to one person ... My Wife because I loved her, I admired her, I thought she was one the most intelligent people I ever knew ... and there was something else .. what was it? ....  oh yeah, that beautiful face, sexy-as-fuck ass and gorgeous body that I so love to worship.  It wasn't because she was a woman.  It was because she is the one I love, trust, admire and am devoted to the most.  Who she is, and the depth of the relationship we share is what I believe actually allowed me to find the comfort to recognize the submissive feelings I have always had, and do so in such a way that would allow me the offer the gift of submission to her.  I thank the heaven and stars every day that she accepted that gift.

Like everyone, I know plenty of females that are absolute dip shits.  There is no way in hell that I would desire to truly submit to a dip shit, unless it was in the context of a scene that was at the direction and discretion and under the supervision of my Mistress.  Like everyone, I also know plenty of females that are as incredibly reasonable, logical, smart, strong and as much of a leader as any man.  In the realm of FemDomme/FLR/FLM, Blog-o-sphere, some of those women that I have had the pleasure to come across in blog-ville are named: 

Kathy -
The Suburban Domme   -
Erica Scott  -
Kat X  -

There are others that are as sexy, strong, beautiful, interesting and compelling.  They are REAL!!! I chose to single these three out here because they tend to speak frequently and eloquently on the subject of the perception of  Femdomme and associated BDSM aspects of FemDomerry.  They are four different women that share something common.  Their ability to define for themselves how their lives are and should be led, and the ability to write about it makes them 4 of the sexiest women I have never met.  Heck, three of them I haven't even seen a picture of.  If you aren't already, I encourage you to become readers and followers of their blogs.

I know for me, in all other aspects of my life I am dominant.  Business, social, with the fellas, sports ....... you name it. There is only one person on this planet that I willingly, lovingly and without hesitation give my gift of submission and servitude.  Only one person I would allow, no encourage to strip me naked, position me and blister my bare ass as punishment and a course of correction for behavior that she didn't like (or for any other reason for that matter).  Only one person that I want to tell me when or if I am allowed to orgasm.  Only one person that I give complete control and ownership of every and part of my body that can provide sexual pleasure for her.  Of course that is my Mistress Wife. In my intimate time with her, I am able to bask in the joy of submission to her and not equate it some other person's measure of being a man.  She could have me dresses in bra, panties, lingerie etc. and have a rubber she-cock going in and out of my ass  (mmm, that sounds like it would be fun), and it wouldn't change who I am as a man to the rest of the world.  I know there are people that want to live submissively to one gender, or one race, or one group of individuals, and more power to them.  For me though, submission without the intellectual admiration of the dominant is just not possible.

More important than any of the that is that the type and amount of love from which my relationship with my Mistress began. 

I so enjoying reading about the lives of others in the D/s lifestyle.  I truly do enjoy each and every follower and get a genuine excitement every time I get notified that someone I am following has a new post.  Thank you all for being included in the part of my life that I only get to participate in here and alone with my Mistress. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014


I haven't posted pictures here for the sake of posting pictures, but occasionally I come across some that inspire me or are just awesome.   When I do, I am going to start showing them here but don't worry, this won't turn into one of those picture blogs. 

Love her!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Human Sex Toy

i had a notion yesterday.  Mistress had a couple of orgasm just a couple of days ago and i wanted for her to be in a position to be able to enjoy a nice hard fucking, followed by an orgasm, followed by sleep.

While Mistress was putting the kids down to sleep, i showered, shaved and prepared my body to be used as her human sex toy.  i made sure that my body was in pristine bull-like fucking condition for Her.  Before showering, i prepared the bedroom and bed for sex.  Sex for Her.  A good hard fucking for her to be exact.  i folded the sheets down, lit a few candles in the room, turned the lights waaaay down lo,  placed a pile of pillows in the middle of the bed and even laid her favorite vibrator there for east reach should She feel She wanted it.  All the while She was luxuriating in our big tub. 

About an hour before, right after i showered, i liberally sprayed "Stud 100 - Male Genital Desensitizer" (which is a lidocaine spray) to my cock.  i didn't want for my trying to resist cumming to take away from the good hard fucking that Mistress was going to get.  i know how much she like to be fucked long and hard and under normal circumstances, especially after weeks of tease and denial, well cumming very quickly is what happens.  On top of sufficiently numbed cock, i wore a penis sleeve to subdue the sensation even more.

Long story short, Mistress loved it !.  i was able to go for as long and as hard as Mistress wanted.  She came HARD!!!!!  She was reduced to a puddle.  A completely satisfied puddle, but a puddle nonetheless. 

i love my Mistress and seeing her in such deep sexual pleasure is the most satisfying and thrilling thing for me to see.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Yesterday morning was delightful morning.  i woke up, felt really good after the previous night of watching my Mistress have an orgasm while riding my cock and being denied.  Enjoying the fullness in my balls as they continue to fill yet being denied release.  i had finished doing some work from home which meant that Mistress returned from taking the kids to school.  i was focused deep in thought with some work drama i was dealing with, plaus we had some workmen at the house (outside) when Mistress returned.  About 5 minutes later She called to me from another room and asked if was wearing my proper uniform.  i looked up and realized instantly that i had better get naked right away.  i did, apologized to Her for Her having to remind me, and continued my work.  Before leaving the house to take the kids to school, Mistress told me that i would be dressing normal that day (no panties, cock rings, butt plugs, cage, etc..).

After completing my work and finishing my shower, i was feeling pretty good.  i smelled good, felt good, was freshly shaved and smooth (face and bits).  i was just feeling frisky, sexy and slutty and knowing that W/we were alone and that i wasn't going to be wearing anything today that would remind me of her dominance, i thought that Mistress might find it a good time to find some pleasure for herself. 

Well, She did. She was about to get immense pleasure in meting out some punishment.  She pushed me away and said that now was the time that She was going to give me my long overdue punishment.  She ordered me to the closet to fetch her paddle and to wait.  While i was waiting i was getting nervous.  It had been a while since my last punishment.  i had just gone from feeling hopeful that Mistress would want to use me for some sexual pleasure for herself, to waiting nervous and naked in order to have my bottom punished. 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***
The above picture is the result (pictures never do the amount of redness justice).  Mistress had me stand against the wall and place my forearms there ... and NOT move, while she did Her business.  As you can see in the picture, Mistress spent plenty of time spanking the same spot over and over on my ass.  As i have posted about before, there are times that taking a spanking hurts way than other times, right from the very start. 
This was one of those times!  i haven't yet been reduced to tears when being punished, but this was headed in that direction.  there is one thing i am not sure of, and that is how Mistress would react if i was actually reduced to tears from on of Her punishments.  It will have to be something W/we talk about in an upcoming regular review of things.
After the punishment, i was basking in the usual comfort of having been absolved of my transgressions and was getting ready for work.  Like a dumb ass, i immediately stepped by into a pile of shit by being terribly disrespectful during a conversation about something that She wanted to do in the house.  She was not at all happy with me and sent me away.  W/we will see how this manifests itself but i already know that my behavior is something i now have to atone for and i am quite sure it's going to sting.  W/we talked it through shortly thereafter but there is no un-ringing that bell.
This morning, i was sent to the office wearing my balls harness.  i can feel her with me now.
i love my life!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Teased and Denied

Last night, after a very hectic weekend real-life-wise, i feel asleep on the couch.  i just love falling asleep on the couch, I don't know why.  Anyway ............ Mistress wakes me up and tells me to come get in bed (maybe that's why i love it so much, i know she'll wake me).  i sleepily make my way into the bathroom to do those things you need to do before going to bed, walked to the edge of the bed, became naked and climb in, still very sleepy and groggy. i kissed Mistress good night and laid my head on my pillow, head turned the other way and quickly started to doze.

Then i felt it .... Mistress' hand on my ass.  Tender, gentle rubs and then soft kisses form Her on my neck.  During the nuzzling, She'd rub Her hands all over my body, lightly drag Her nails over my skin and just seem to admire my body.  i love it when She does that.  i love it when She has no regard for what i'm doing, sleeping or otherwise, and will take from me what She wants to get pleasure.  Love it! 

One of my absolute favorite memories since beginning our openly acknowledged WLM was the night i was dead-to-the-world asleep in bed.  Laying next to my Mistress, i felt her shaking me awake deliberately.  Before i could gather my thoughts as to where i was, i looked at Her beautiful face while She was pushing my head down between Her legs.  She wanted to be pleasured and didn't give a shit about anything else, much less whether i was willing, or even able.  She used my mouth for Her pleasure and when She was done getting hers, She wanted to sleep and so She did.  As She dosed off, i was left wide awake, hard as a rock, super horny, super frustrated, very proud and so much more in love with my Mistress Wife.  i am super hard now just thinking about it and writing about it

But, i digress ..... laying there, being seduced by the tender caresses and the tender exploration of my body by my Mistress, i was hard as a rock.  Mistress likes to tease me when touching me sometimes by purposely avoiding touching my hard/aching cock, or my rear hole area.  She knows that one of my very favorite things is when she will spread my ass cheeks wide and hold them open as if she was inviting something in.  She sensually rubbed my body for a few more minutes, subtly teasing my bottom as it tried to coax more attention from Her.  I was hoping She was trying to seducing me so she could fuck me with her strap on.  She then surprised me by touching my cock.  Grabbing it even, and stroking it.  By now i was wide awake of course, rock hard, super horny and enjoying every minute of her hands on me.  i rolled onto my back and opened my legs wide and started writhing about as she stroked me lightly and stopped her hand.  i took that as my cue and began to pump my cock in her motionless hand.  There is nothing more enjoyable than being warm, naked, by her side, revealed, opened and spread open under the complete control of my Mistress.  Nothing!

Mistress removed her panties and rolled over on top of me and guided my cock into Her glorious pussy.  If this WLM life i live has taught me anything, it is the sometimes overwhelming feeling of joy and honor at being allowed to enter my Mistress's gorgeous pussy.  At that moment when I realize that it will actually happen, i wallowed in the joy at being allowed to enter her. I am always supremely thankful when i am allowed inside her.  That feeling never goes away, whether i am allowed inside 4 times a day or not at all for 4 weeks.  Sorry, digressing again .................

Anyway, Mistress had reached for Her favorite vibrating egg and placed against her clit and started her short journey to orgasm.  Being allowed to witness Mistress having an orgasm is a very emotional thing for me.  It truly is. So last night when i was laying there watching her on top of me on the edge of orgasm, my super hard cock inside of her body while She rocked slowly on it, i found myself right in the kind of subspace joy that happens sometimes. She had an incredible orgasm, leaning down and kissed me, got up to go the bathroom and simply said "thank you, I'm all done now".  When She returned, she climbed into bed, all sweet and satisfied and said good "good night lover", and drifted off into very contented sleep.  i spooned her with my hard cock pressing against her glorious ass.  i was awake for another hour, hard as a rock the entire time.

OMG i love my Mistress Goddess.

As an aside, i am frustrated.  I have punishment spankings coming my way and for infractions that are more than several weeks old.  i wish circumstances and Mistress were better able to correct bad behavior and infractions more closely to when they actually occur because i truly feel that they can be corrected.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Surprise Inspection

This morning, my Mistress did something that She had only done once or twice before since beginning O/our WLM.  She called me into the bathroom where She was sitting in Her sexy little nightgown, Her beautiful legs crossed, arms crossed and simply ordered me to present myself for inspection.  Inspection! Oh shit!  This meant i was to remove my shorts and reveal to Her the condition of hair around my cock, ball and ass.  Being smooth and hair free on my cock, balls and ass is a rule in our relationship and an infraction of that rule means there will be a punishment spanking.  :-(     Usually am I absolutely on top of keeping Mistress's boy parts free from hair, even though i have only had 1 or 2 inspections for that in the past.  On this day though, such was not the case.

To make matters worse, Mistress reminded me that there were 2 other previous unrelated infractions that were pending resolution, and when Mistress asked what they were for, i did not remember.  Nor did it matter that it was for an infraction from over 2 weeks ago.  It is my responsibility to know and remember what i am facing a future punishment for.  i'm a little nervous

If there is anything in my WLM that had the power to be able to change, it would be that Mistress would always mete out whatever punishments She deems i deserve immediately.  Of course i know that isn't always going to be possible, and it is even more difficult when there are kids around like we have.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting back to "Normal" whatever normal is

Mistress is feeling better today and i am very glad for that.  She has me in my favorite velcroed balls harness for the day.  As i have said before i love wearing this device because it holds my/her balls out in front of me and are constantly being moved by my legs as I move about.  That sensation alone is a constant reminder that those balls, the cock they are attached to and the hole that is nearby are mere playthings that Mistress owns and to use for Her amusement .... or not.

Speaking of "or not" .... Honestly, lately, i've been feeling that it has been more ignore and denial than tease and denial.  Life gets in the way, and things don't always get to work out the way i want them to.  i realize this is normal and sometimes unavoidable, but i still am subject to feeling this way from time to time as i am sure many subs are. 

my inner slut has been screaming to get out and as such, my body is craving contact.  Any contact.  Even the pain of a severe punishment.  i want to be objectified by Mistress, taken by Her, used as her human sex toy, seduced and fucked.  yes, i know, it isn't at all about what "I" want ................ but

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sometimes shit just doesn't work out

i was on a fishing trip for the past few days and arrived back home last night after midnight.  i was full of eager anticipation to be with Mistress and when i walked in the door, there She was ........ deep, deep asleep on the couch.  Understandable, it was past midnight.  i didn't know if She was waiting up for me (which is what i am going with) or if She just happened to fall asleep on the couch.  Either way, She was dead to the world.  i managed to get Her to go lay in bed so She would be more comfortable. i knew there would be no opportunities for me to express my devotion to Her until the morning.  i had planned to take today off from work so that Mistress and i would be able to have some quality together if nothing.  i dosed off to with dreams of the opportunity to be with Mistress most of the day today, without kids, without distractions and with nothing but opportunity for each of U/us to demonstrate the joy W/we get from our respective roles in each others lives.  After all i had some infractions that i was awaiting punishment for and i was really hoping that she seduce me like a shy little burgeoning slut and peg me. 

i woke, made Her coffee then at her insistence, went back to bed while She took the kids to school.  90 minutes later, when i awoke, i kissed Her and heard these words ...... "I don't feel good".  She's spent thus far in bed, sleeping, resting and recuperating.

Sometimes shit just doesn't work out.


Friday, April 4, 2014

What is it for you that makes it really real?

If someone were to ask you what the cornerstones, the anchor-points of a true Female Led Relationship were for you, what for you would those be?  To me, it is a combination of several very important aspects.  Without getting into the minutia of the intimate details, if i were asked that question about my life and my lifestyle with my Mistress, this is what i would say:


    i get true GENUINE pleasure from being able to give Her pleasure in whatever form she needs or wants.  I'm sure there are many relationships that operate under guise of a an FLR when in fact it is a façade and more a way for the male sub to get his kink needs met.  Those needs usually come from fantasy based in what they've defined in their head from viewing standard porn.  My blogging friend The Suburban Domme explains this concept way more eloquently that i ever could so i encourage you to check out her blog.  It's excellent

    i think it is uber important to feel enough trust, love and respect for your Dominant to be absolutely willing to give up control of your sex to that person.  Things like;  When and if you may allowed to orgasm .... The use/ownership of your body, in particular the parts of your body used for the sexual pleasure of my Mistress (cock and balls, bottom and anus, mouth, fingers, etc.), at her whim, at Her discretion anytime She wants, for whatever reason She decides and whenever She decides.  When contemplating bringing my desire to submit to my Wife 2 years ago or so, in an otherwise loving, vanilla marriage, i knew that i had to come to grips with the idea that it was truly in order to please Her and not just to get my kink needs met.

    i think that it is important that there is punishment in the relationship for anything that my Mistress may deem punishable.  Punishments come in many varieties and they differ greatly with each couple, but the core purpose of punishment is to correct a behavior of the submissive that displease the Mistress in any way she decides, for whatever reason she decides.  In my little slice of heaven, punishments usually come in the form of a spanking.  Sometimes the spankings really, really hurt, and other times Mistress may use them to make a point without feeling as though She needs to inflict too much pain.  Sometimes the punishment is something as simple as making me wear a cage on my cock, or denying me sexual pleasures that she knows i really crave/enjoy.  In any event, i believe the punishments are very healthy way for Mistress to be able to correct a wrong.  For me, it allows me to be able to rid myself of the shame i tend to carry by the mere knowledge that i have displeased Mistress. 
These things are general and they are just my opinions and essential to what my Mistress and i believe are important in our lives.  It's not my intention here to tell or suggest to anyone else what they should do or not do, or how they should live their Wife Led Marriage.  That's for the individual couple to decide. Nor is it my intention to attempt to run a giant of things that might otherwise attempt to define things in this category or that category.  mMy intention is to simply speak on the anchor points, the foundational similarities that go into the relationships we each have.
i love my Wife and i love my life and very much love the journey that W/we are on together.  I truly do love hearing about how others make their FLM journeys through life.  So tell me, what are some of things you do in your FLM life that you feel are the conerstones of your successful relationships?  I'd love to hear from you.


Just trying to see if this is set up correctly for Mistress to comment.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Contact information for my Mistress

As part of the process for getting access to this blog, we had to set up Her very own email address.  After receiving permission to do so, i am happy and proud to let everyone know it is:

I'm sure there is a proper way to present her contact info and as a contributor to this blog, but i can't seem to figure it out.  If you are so inclined, She'd love to hear from you

Mistress Wants to participate on the blog !!!

A while back I posted that Mistress was going to finally read this blog and get caught up on all of my musings.;postID=7302541990301461897;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=11;src=postname

For the most part, that happened yesterday and last night She told me (with a little smile in Her voice) that She was pretty much caught up and that She wanted to be able to comment and maybe even post.  i told her i would set up her up to do just that.

i am very excited for Her participation.  Mistress knows that this blog is the one place I can go and talk with like-minded people and i am very excited for Her to be able to get to know the new friends i have made here.  Mistress encourages, no insists that when i am here and expressing my feelings, that i should feel free to do and say as i wish without fear of judgment from Her, or anyone else frankly. 

That being said, i am so excited for Mistress to be a part of this blog, both as a participant and an observer.  Mistress will see in the way i like to be seen most of all by her .......... naked, exposed, useful and vulnerable.