Monday, April 28, 2014


Imagination can be a great way to fantasize and escape.  It can also allow you to set yourself up for disappointment.

This past weekend, Mistress and i were busy, busy, busy with family/kid activities that went in separate directions and caused U/us to pass each other like ships in the night.  Private moments were fleeting and few and far between.  Yesterday afternoon the whole family finally was able to re-gather at home and settle in for a Sunday night together.  Naturally, my thoughts went to being able to be with Mistress and even more so, i had the hope that Mistress might want to catch up on lost time.

Then she said it ........   "I think I'll edge you tonight!

That's when my imagination went into overdrive.  Did She mean that after the kids were in bed, She would expect me to be freshly showered, freshly shaved and my body prepared for Her to use, abuse, tease and deny all night?  Who knew, but that's what i was going with.  my imagination was fueled by the recent comment/warning from Mistress that i was going to be thoroughly pegged in the next few days, as She was currently being visited by Her monthly friend.  But alas, it was not meant to be.

During the day, Mistress had been exposed to the sun a lot.  She used sun block everywhere .... except on Her beautiful legs (She forgot).  A a result, Her legs were paining!  my thoughts now turned to the likely prospect that my little hopes of being included the prospect that She would have no interest in anything other than tending to Her aching legs. 

As i was laying on the couch, about to settle in to Baseball Tonight on ESPN, i was suddenly summoned from the doorway of the hall bath.  "Come here, now!", or words to that effect.  I walked over to Her standing in the hall and was going to seductively kiss Her and cuddle with Her but instead, She pointed into the bathroom and i entered.  She closed the door and locked it behind Her.  She placed my hands on the counter and with a guilty conscious immediately panicked (well not really panicked) because i thought i was about to be punished.  She immediately pulled my shorts to my ankles when i asked "what did i do"?  "Nothing" She said.  She put lotion in Her hand and immediately started stroking my/Her flaccid cock.  Within 10 seconds it was hard as a rock.

For what seemed like several minutes (probably more like one), i locked eyes at my beautiful Mistress in the mirror while she expertly stroked my cock.  It was glorious.  All of a sudden the urge to come was RAPIDLY approaching and i let Her know and She said that i was not allowed to ejaculate.  She stopped and used Her slippery hands to caress my balls while my purple-headed cock struggled mightily not to lose it's cargo.  She brought me to the edge one more time and this time when She let go, She simply turned and walked out of the room.

After a few minutes, i composed myself and returned the house where the family was.  I walked over to Her and kissed Her and said thank You!  It left me with hope that She had bigger plans in mind for the evening.  When i woke up on the couch at 2am, i realized it wasn't going to happen.  W/we were both so very tired and so when She went to watch The Good Wife in bed and i stayed to watch Sports Center on the couch, well that settles that.

i love her so much!


  1. I bet you felt like her sexual toy when she brought you in there, mauled you and used you how she wanted then left you all worked up! Very hot.

    1. Boy did I ever Mistress Marie. There is something special about being left "all worked up" Something very special!


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