Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sometimes shit just doesn't work out

i was on a fishing trip for the past few days and arrived back home last night after midnight.  i was full of eager anticipation to be with Mistress and when i walked in the door, there She was ........ deep, deep asleep on the couch.  Understandable, it was past midnight.  i didn't know if She was waiting up for me (which is what i am going with) or if She just happened to fall asleep on the couch.  Either way, She was dead to the world.  i managed to get Her to go lay in bed so She would be more comfortable. i knew there would be no opportunities for me to express my devotion to Her until the morning.  i had planned to take today off from work so that Mistress and i would be able to have some quality together if nothing.  i dosed off to with dreams of the opportunity to be with Mistress most of the day today, without kids, without distractions and with nothing but opportunity for each of U/us to demonstrate the joy W/we get from our respective roles in each others lives.  After all i had some infractions that i was awaiting punishment for and i was really hoping that she seduce me like a shy little burgeoning slut and peg me. 

i woke, made Her coffee then at her insistence, went back to bed while She took the kids to school.  90 minutes later, when i awoke, i kissed Her and heard these words ...... "I don't feel good".  She's spent thus far in bed, sleeping, resting and recuperating.

Sometimes shit just doesn't work out.


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