Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting back to "Normal" whatever normal is

Mistress is feeling better today and i am very glad for that.  She has me in my favorite velcroed balls harness for the day.  As i have said before i love wearing this device because it holds my/her balls out in front of me and are constantly being moved by my legs as I move about.  That sensation alone is a constant reminder that those balls, the cock they are attached to and the hole that is nearby are mere playthings that Mistress owns and to use for Her amusement .... or not.

Speaking of "or not" .... Honestly, lately, i've been feeling that it has been more ignore and denial than tease and denial.  Life gets in the way, and things don't always get to work out the way i want them to.  i realize this is normal and sometimes unavoidable, but i still am subject to feeling this way from time to time as i am sure many subs are. 

my inner slut has been screaming to get out and as such, my body is craving contact.  Any contact.  Even the pain of a severe punishment.  i want to be objectified by Mistress, taken by Her, used as her human sex toy, seduced and fucked.  yes, i know, it isn't at all about what "I" want ................ but


  1. Ahhh, life is cyclical. Soon that will pass and you will have more tease than ignore.

    I just want to say Hi to Mistress K, Its nice that you are here to keep sub hub in line. LOL.

    My Mistress doesn't enjoy blogging or even reading stuff so it's pretty cool to see Mistress K has taken an active role here.

    1. Thanks for the comment bud.

      W/we are still on the verge of getting Mistress K involved as real life has prevented U/us thus far from spending the time W/we need for me to show Her around. Like me before i started blogging, She has never blogged before. She is so very eager to get started on learning on the damn thins works. Of course, i can't hardly wait for her to get in here and wade around. In the meantime, i'll let her know your sentiments.


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