Friday, April 18, 2014

Sexy is as sexy does

I know that for me, the biggest hurdle I needed to get over when revealing my desire to live a WLM to my wife for the first time was the idea that somehow she would perceive me as being less of a man.  I had no desire to be permanently turned into a feminized sissy slut (although role playing that would be cool if it were something that Mistress wanted) or to be reduced to a shriveling puddle of former male nothingness.  What I wanted to be able to do was to deliver my gift of total devotion to my wife in the form of total surrender.  I had no desire to submit to all females just because they are female.  For me, I don't believe any one class of people is worthy of the gift of submission simply because they are, say, female.  I chose to give the gift of my submission, the use and ownership of sex, my body and my devotion in service to one person ... My Wife because I loved her, I admired her, I thought she was one the most intelligent people I ever knew ... and there was something else .. what was it? ....  oh yeah, that beautiful face, sexy-as-fuck ass and gorgeous body that I so love to worship.  It wasn't because she was a woman.  It was because she is the one I love, trust, admire and am devoted to the most.  Who she is, and the depth of the relationship we share is what I believe actually allowed me to find the comfort to recognize the submissive feelings I have always had, and do so in such a way that would allow me the offer the gift of submission to her.  I thank the heaven and stars every day that she accepted that gift.

Like everyone, I know plenty of females that are absolute dip shits.  There is no way in hell that I would desire to truly submit to a dip shit, unless it was in the context of a scene that was at the direction and discretion and under the supervision of my Mistress.  Like everyone, I also know plenty of females that are as incredibly reasonable, logical, smart, strong and as much of a leader as any man.  In the realm of FemDomme/FLR/FLM, Blog-o-sphere, some of those women that I have had the pleasure to come across in blog-ville are named: 

Kathy -
The Suburban Domme   -
Erica Scott  -
Kat X  -

There are others that are as sexy, strong, beautiful, interesting and compelling.  They are REAL!!! I chose to single these three out here because they tend to speak frequently and eloquently on the subject of the perception of  Femdomme and associated BDSM aspects of FemDomerry.  They are four different women that share something common.  Their ability to define for themselves how their lives are and should be led, and the ability to write about it makes them 4 of the sexiest women I have never met.  Heck, three of them I haven't even seen a picture of.  If you aren't already, I encourage you to become readers and followers of their blogs.

I know for me, in all other aspects of my life I am dominant.  Business, social, with the fellas, sports ....... you name it. There is only one person on this planet that I willingly, lovingly and without hesitation give my gift of submission and servitude.  Only one person I would allow, no encourage to strip me naked, position me and blister my bare ass as punishment and a course of correction for behavior that she didn't like (or for any other reason for that matter).  Only one person that I want to tell me when or if I am allowed to orgasm.  Only one person that I give complete control and ownership of every and part of my body that can provide sexual pleasure for her.  Of course that is my Mistress Wife. In my intimate time with her, I am able to bask in the joy of submission to her and not equate it some other person's measure of being a man.  She could have me dresses in bra, panties, lingerie etc. and have a rubber she-cock going in and out of my ass  (mmm, that sounds like it would be fun), and it wouldn't change who I am as a man to the rest of the world.  I know there are people that want to live submissively to one gender, or one race, or one group of individuals, and more power to them.  For me though, submission without the intellectual admiration of the dominant is just not possible.

More important than any of the that is that the type and amount of love from which my relationship with my Mistress began. 

I so enjoying reading about the lives of others in the D/s lifestyle.  I truly do enjoy each and every follower and get a genuine excitement every time I get notified that someone I am following has a new post.  Thank you all for being included in the part of my life that I only get to participate in here and alone with my Mistress. 

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