Monday, April 14, 2014

Teased and Denied

Last night, after a very hectic weekend real-life-wise, i feel asleep on the couch.  i just love falling asleep on the couch, I don't know why.  Anyway ............ Mistress wakes me up and tells me to come get in bed (maybe that's why i love it so much, i know she'll wake me).  i sleepily make my way into the bathroom to do those things you need to do before going to bed, walked to the edge of the bed, became naked and climb in, still very sleepy and groggy. i kissed Mistress good night and laid my head on my pillow, head turned the other way and quickly started to doze.

Then i felt it .... Mistress' hand on my ass.  Tender, gentle rubs and then soft kisses form Her on my neck.  During the nuzzling, She'd rub Her hands all over my body, lightly drag Her nails over my skin and just seem to admire my body.  i love it when She does that.  i love it when She has no regard for what i'm doing, sleeping or otherwise, and will take from me what She wants to get pleasure.  Love it! 

One of my absolute favorite memories since beginning our openly acknowledged WLM was the night i was dead-to-the-world asleep in bed.  Laying next to my Mistress, i felt her shaking me awake deliberately.  Before i could gather my thoughts as to where i was, i looked at Her beautiful face while She was pushing my head down between Her legs.  She wanted to be pleasured and didn't give a shit about anything else, much less whether i was willing, or even able.  She used my mouth for Her pleasure and when She was done getting hers, She wanted to sleep and so She did.  As She dosed off, i was left wide awake, hard as a rock, super horny, super frustrated, very proud and so much more in love with my Mistress Wife.  i am super hard now just thinking about it and writing about it

But, i digress ..... laying there, being seduced by the tender caresses and the tender exploration of my body by my Mistress, i was hard as a rock.  Mistress likes to tease me when touching me sometimes by purposely avoiding touching my hard/aching cock, or my rear hole area.  She knows that one of my very favorite things is when she will spread my ass cheeks wide and hold them open as if she was inviting something in.  She sensually rubbed my body for a few more minutes, subtly teasing my bottom as it tried to coax more attention from Her.  I was hoping She was trying to seducing me so she could fuck me with her strap on.  She then surprised me by touching my cock.  Grabbing it even, and stroking it.  By now i was wide awake of course, rock hard, super horny and enjoying every minute of her hands on me.  i rolled onto my back and opened my legs wide and started writhing about as she stroked me lightly and stopped her hand.  i took that as my cue and began to pump my cock in her motionless hand.  There is nothing more enjoyable than being warm, naked, by her side, revealed, opened and spread open under the complete control of my Mistress.  Nothing!

Mistress removed her panties and rolled over on top of me and guided my cock into Her glorious pussy.  If this WLM life i live has taught me anything, it is the sometimes overwhelming feeling of joy and honor at being allowed to enter my Mistress's gorgeous pussy.  At that moment when I realize that it will actually happen, i wallowed in the joy at being allowed to enter her. I am always supremely thankful when i am allowed inside her.  That feeling never goes away, whether i am allowed inside 4 times a day or not at all for 4 weeks.  Sorry, digressing again .................

Anyway, Mistress had reached for Her favorite vibrating egg and placed against her clit and started her short journey to orgasm.  Being allowed to witness Mistress having an orgasm is a very emotional thing for me.  It truly is. So last night when i was laying there watching her on top of me on the edge of orgasm, my super hard cock inside of her body while She rocked slowly on it, i found myself right in the kind of subspace joy that happens sometimes. She had an incredible orgasm, leaning down and kissed me, got up to go the bathroom and simply said "thank you, I'm all done now".  When She returned, she climbed into bed, all sweet and satisfied and said good "good night lover", and drifted off into very contented sleep.  i spooned her with my hard cock pressing against her glorious ass.  i was awake for another hour, hard as a rock the entire time.

OMG i love my Mistress Goddess.

As an aside, i am frustrated.  I have punishment spankings coming my way and for infractions that are more than several weeks old.  i wish circumstances and Mistress were better able to correct bad behavior and infractions more closely to when they actually occur because i truly feel that they can be corrected.


  1. That was very hot. Who would have thought that being teased and denied could be so exciting for a man! Well, you and I and a few others who have learned about and been able to establish a WLM with someone who understands the benefits and loves us enough to make it happen (or not happen, I should say!).

    My wife has talked about how it used to be when she was falling asleep and would feel the dreaded "hand" approaching. 'Then providing the obligatory orifice for my sexual relief, often leaving her awake and frustrated as I dropped off to sleep after my orgasm. Now, we are making up for 25 years of that type of scenario and she might be the one to spoon me and grab my cock, requesting that I provide her pleasure, teasing me just enough to give her want she wants, then going to sleep and leaving me hard and frustrated. And I Love It!

    I have tried to get my wife to give me more spankings too. She isn't into punishment spankings, but will give me spankings or more often flogging as part of some hot sex. That is not very often and I have tried to encourage her to give me routine maintenance spankings.

    1. Thanks Brother Bill. I don't necessarily want more spankings, because, you know, they hurt. But ... knowing that I am going to get them, I just prefer that they are administered as quickly as possible after the infraction so as to better allow me to learn.

      Thanks for the nice words.

  2. Oh boy, yes baby! Now ya got me all excited and I want to tease cagedmonkey bad! :)

    ~ Lady M

    1. Such a honor to be an inspiration like that. Thank you so much Lady M.


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