Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Yesterday morning was delightful morning.  i woke up, felt really good after the previous night of watching my Mistress have an orgasm while riding my cock and being denied.  Enjoying the fullness in my balls as they continue to fill yet being denied release.  i had finished doing some work from home which meant that Mistress returned from taking the kids to school.  i was focused deep in thought with some work drama i was dealing with, plaus we had some workmen at the house (outside) when Mistress returned.  About 5 minutes later She called to me from another room and asked if was wearing my proper uniform.  i looked up and realized instantly that i had better get naked right away.  i did, apologized to Her for Her having to remind me, and continued my work.  Before leaving the house to take the kids to school, Mistress told me that i would be dressing normal that day (no panties, cock rings, butt plugs, cage, etc..).

After completing my work and finishing my shower, i was feeling pretty good.  i smelled good, felt good, was freshly shaved and smooth (face and bits).  i was just feeling frisky, sexy and slutty and knowing that W/we were alone and that i wasn't going to be wearing anything today that would remind me of her dominance, i thought that Mistress might find it a good time to find some pleasure for herself. 

Well, She did. She was about to get immense pleasure in meting out some punishment.  She pushed me away and said that now was the time that She was going to give me my long overdue punishment.  She ordered me to the closet to fetch her paddle and to wait.  While i was waiting i was getting nervous.  It had been a while since my last punishment.  i had just gone from feeling hopeful that Mistress would want to use me for some sexual pleasure for herself, to waiting nervous and naked in order to have my bottom punished. 

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The above picture is the result (pictures never do the amount of redness justice).  Mistress had me stand against the wall and place my forearms there ... and NOT move, while she did Her business.  As you can see in the picture, Mistress spent plenty of time spanking the same spot over and over on my ass.  As i have posted about before, there are times that taking a spanking hurts way than other times, right from the very start. 
This was one of those times!  i haven't yet been reduced to tears when being punished, but this was headed in that direction.  there is one thing i am not sure of, and that is how Mistress would react if i was actually reduced to tears from on of Her punishments.  It will have to be something W/we talk about in an upcoming regular review of things.
After the punishment, i was basking in the usual comfort of having been absolved of my transgressions and was getting ready for work.  Like a dumb ass, i immediately stepped by into a pile of shit by being terribly disrespectful during a conversation about something that She wanted to do in the house.  She was not at all happy with me and sent me away.  W/we will see how this manifests itself but i already know that my behavior is something i now have to atone for and i am quite sure it's going to sting.  W/we talked it through shortly thereafter but there is no un-ringing that bell.
This morning, i was sent to the office wearing my balls harness.  i can feel her with me now.
i love my life!

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