Monday, September 22, 2014

New Toys for Mistress

Hi everyone,

Today I was able to go home for "lunch".  There was no food to eat, but there was something that needed to get accomplished.  Mistress and I had been apart for 5 days and there was some catching up to do.  A couple of weeks ago I sent a very sexy picture of a woman fucking herself on a suction cup dildo that was attached to a pole.  Mistress thought that was hot and mentioned that I might want to look into to getting her one of those.  Today, I got her two of them on my way home for lunch.  I got two because I didn't know which of them she'd like better. 

When i got home, I stripped naked of course.  Then i eagerly showed Mistress the purchase I had made.  In addition to the two suction cup cocks, i also bought some more lube and some Stud 100 desensitizing spray, which I believe is the best thing out there.  Although .... I've never tried the Emla Cream.  Has anyone else tried it?  If so, drop me a note.  I'd like to know more about it. 

She was pretty excited at having those and as she was leading my into the bedroom, her only in panties and me naked, she told me to bring them along in case she wanted to use one of them.  On this day, Mistress started me off like she usually does by having me give her entire body soft kisses.  All over.  When i first giving these kisses, she likes them to be soft and romantic.  there are times that she says she could have me do that to her for hours ........... and I would because I consider it the ultimate treat to be able to put my mouth on her in any fashion.  It's an incredible way to worship and Mistress just loves it.

As is usually the case Mistress started to get horny from the soft kisses.  She told me to spend some time in the "ass area".  I asked her if it would be ok if i removed her panties.  She was laying on her tummy and simply raised her bottom up off the bed and pulled her legs together, indicating that she wanted them removed.  I was able to worship Mistress' ass for about 15 glorious minutes.  She had her back arched and was spreading her les wider and wider as i continue to tongue her tiny rear hole.  It is one of the things i enjoy most and I am grateful that Mistress let me linger there today.

She wanted my mouth on her clit and the only way i was able to do that was to roll onto my back and slide under her between her legs.  She loved and started to grind against my face.  Mistress has said in the past that she doesn't usually like this position but her moaning and writhing told me that today she loved it.  I was thrilled to see how she was enjoying it and i hope that she remembers how much she enjoyed.  Suddenly she had be get the butt plug.  She told me to carefully lube it so it be inserted in HER!  She did not want any of the lube to get on her pussy because my mouth was going back there.  i placed a small amount of lube on the plug and a tiny amount on her rosebud and started to press it against her when she told me to stop.  She instructed me to get on my back again so she could straddle my face.  She wanted me to resume licking her this way while I inserted the plug into her.  Hole fuck that was awesome!

After what seemed like a long time, Mistress stopped and told me to grab one of her new suction cup dildos and follow her into the closet.  She was looking frantically for a smooth service to putt he dildo on.  I loved watching her walk from behind because i could see my pink glass butt plug firmly in her ass.  She stuck the dildo against one of the cabinets and expertly backed herself right onto it.  Then, from her knees with the cock in her pussy and the plug in her ass, she ordered me to kneel in front of her so she could suck my cock, thereby having all 3 holes filled.  I asked her if this was something that she always wanted and she nodded and moaned in the affirmative while she fucked herself against the dildo.  After only a few second she spit my cock out because it tasted bad.  I had some lube on it somehow.  ( I promised, there was no unauthorized stroking)  Mistress then ordered me to lay on my back, feet facing away from her, and had me slide my face under hers and she was kissing me as passionately as she ever has while she was being fucked.  I asked her if this was acting out a fantasy of being fucked by another while I watched and she said yes.  She had me then put my hand on her clit and rub it so she could cum this way.  She was kissing me as I laid there, arm stretched, rubbing her pussy and clit while she was getting fuck by the cupboard.  She had tremendous screaming orgasm (I don't exactly know how many) and then just collapsed on the carpeted floor of the closet.  We both laid there, breathing hard, trying to catch our breath.

After a moment, i asked her if I had just been cucked by the cupboard.  We laughed her ass off and said "I guess so".  We both laughed.  Being cucked by a dildo wearing cabinet is fine with me ..... as long as Mistress never truly desires another man to perform that function.

After another minute, I got to my feet, my rock hard cock (I was not allowed to cum) pointing to the sky and i said to Mistress that i would clean things up while she rested.  What an incredible day.


  1. What a nice post, sub hub. I can see you want to please your Mistress/Wife and you are successful too. :)

    I like your blog very much.


    1. Thanks so much appy. I thoroughly enjoy yours as well and always appreciate hearing from you!

  2. Emla is Rx only. I would be worried getting it on-line and putting it on your man bits (and also in contact with her lovely lady bits).

    1. Worried about getting it online because it might be fake/bogus and cause damage, or are you referring to potential harm from using actual Emla?

  3. Great post and very hot too! Wonderful to hear of a loving couple having fun with their femdom relationship.

  4. Squirm.. nice post! As always! :)

    I myself love my suction cup toys! Especially in the bathtub. :P lol.

    *mind wanders with naughty thoughts:P* Oy.. as if I wasn't squirmy enough as it is today! lol.


    1. I love how your mind wanders to the same place, seemingly so easy. !!


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