Tuesday, September 2, 2014

let me know how it works

Even though Mistress and i couldn't be together this past long weekend, Mistress did send along a couple of instructions for me while she was dealing with things at home.  One of those was to wear a cock ring all day to commemorate in my mind that she owns my cock and balls.  The other thing?  Well, that was a little more interesting.

2 weeks ago i was at the grocery store picking up a few things.  In my shopping, i came across this.

It's dental pain relieving cream that is 20% benzocaine and is designed to temporarily ease the pain of toothaches and the like.  I had hear (or did i read?) that some people will use Orajel to desensitize the penis to help with premature ejaculation.  I even heard that some Mistresses that keep their submissives locked in a cock cage for a long period, will remove the cage, apply a desensitizer, allow enough time for it to do it numbing, and then give the submissive something like 30 seconds to try and have an orgasm/ejaculation, before being locked right back up. 

Anyway, in reading this blog you'll know that we like to use a desensitizer on me before putting my cock into a cock sleeve whenever so that Mistress can get the kind of good hard fucking she wants from time to time.  So when i came across "Benzodent" I thought I'd give it a try and see if it worked as good as the spray we currently use. 

As you know, Mistress was unable to join me over the weekend so instead of trying it out together, Mistress texted me and had me apply it to my entire cock.  After waiting an hour, my instructions were to masturbate myself to the edge of orgasm and report back to her on how effective this cream was.  Shortly after her initial instructions, she sent supplemental instructions and those were .... keep applying the cream all day and masturbate myself tot he edge repeatedly during the day.  What a frustratingly wonderful day it was.  All in all, I've come to the conclusion that I really enjoy having my cock numbed.  It makes me feel like I can almost feel like i can thoroughly pleasure my Mistress with my cock as long as she likes, without telling her that I am about to cum.  I was so close so many times to having to let Mistress know that is ejaculated, but thankfully, I never had to report that.

How did it work?  Meh!  First, this cream is designed for the mouth (wet environment) and is thicker than toothpaste.  I applied it to my cock right out of the tube and it was very sticky.  After that first hour, when i started to masturbate, I applied some water to my hand and it became very, very slippery and the water seemed to ignite the numbing agent in the cream, so subsequently when I applied it throughout the rest of the day, I did so with water.  Knowing this, I'll try it again and see how it works out.

I have a question for all of you.  Which is the best numbing cream to use on a subs cock?  I've heard of Emla Cream but i understand you need a prescription for that.  Like I said earlier, I've heard that people use Orajel too and i think I'll ask Mistress if we can try it too.  Please leave a comment with your thoughts/suggestions/recommendations.  Mistress and I would very much appreciate it.



  1. I'd love to tell you I have the answer you are seeking but we have never used any cream or lotion on my cock to make it less sensitive. Now if you want to talk about ginger root LOL.

    1. Thanks for commenting archedone. We have never tried ginger root and I certainly expect (hope) that there are no plans to try it in the future. Mistress isn't a sadist per se. I'm pretty certain she would have no interest in inflicting burning on and in my anus.

  2. Hmm...wonder if I could get Master to numb His. Oh shit. I'm about to either get laughed at or get in trouble...hmmm.

    1. Hi again HS. Ask him. I'll bet he'd love to delay his orgasm and ejaculation in order to fuck you longer. Laughed at or in trouble? My guess is neither. *grin good luck!


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