Friday, September 5, 2014

Let's see how you do today

Thursday morning, Mistress was intent on continuing my cock-therapy.  For those of you just joining us, cock-therapy is training that Mistress is putting me through to increase the amount of time I can have direct stimulation to my cock and not have to fight off the urge to cum (stop), when Mistress is wanting a spontaneous, good, hard fucking.  Of course it can be accomplished with desensitizers and with the use of the cock sleeve, but that takes planning and therefore isn't spontaneous.  Her training plan isn't scientific, but she is interested in seeing how it will work.

Mistress called me into the bedroom and in a methodical, clinical manner, explained that we were going to be continuing cock-therapy today while she was removing her clothes.  Watching her do this was getting very excited and aroused and by the time Mistress commanded me to enter her and see how many pumps I could go before I had to stop, I was super horny.  The previous day (day 1) is was able to have 7 good, long, slow pumps before having to stop to avoid cumming.  Quite disappointing to both of us.  It resulted in 23 hard swats from the pink leather paddle.

As was the case on the first day, Mistress wasn't done and decided that she was going to get her orgasm and had me get her vibrator for her and she proceeded to have her orgasm.  Beautifully so I might add!  She was still a bit mischievous after her orgasm and instructed me to see if i could make myself orgasm by straddling her tummy and humping the air above it, while i looked down on her. Although it is something i aspire to do some day, and have come close to doing in the past, i wasn't able to on this occasion.  Without hesitation, Mistress instructed me to re-enter her pussy, give it 2 quick pumps, withdraw and see if it could cause myself to have a ruined orgasm that way.  That was all I need.  Boy did I ever have a ruined orgasm, futilely pumping my cum from my rock yet neglected cock, directly onto her tummy. 

Mistress instructed me to clean her up and then she surprised by having me re-enter her pussy yet another to see how many thrust I could go (after the ruined orgasm) before I had to fend off the urge to cum.  This time the number was 60.  Mistress looked at me, smiled, got up from the bed to leave the room, kissed me and told me to clean up the mess before getting ready for work.

She had that "I think we may be on to something here" look on her face.


  1. She may be on to something. It will be interesting to see how it progresses. when you had your ruined climax you came on her stomach then cleaned her. How did you clean her? By using your tongue?

    1. Yes, I agree, she very well may be on to something indeed! I cleaned Mistress off with a towel. Mistress K. thinks it would be disgusting to have me eat my own cum.


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