Friday, March 28, 2014

Wow, what an orgasm

On Wednesday, i was able to come home for "lunch".  Mistress was going to be home and didn't have any pressing matters on her plate.  i let her know of my availability and if there was use for me that She might want to take advantage of.  She texted me and said "get home then".

i sprinted home to find Her freshly showered and naked in the kitchen.  OMG!  As always, as soon as i came in the house i stripped naked and went to stand before Her.  She kissed me and told me to go shower and when i emerged, she was naked on the bed, legs open and demanding an orgasm.  But first, She wanted the ritual of my worshipping Her body and to place little soft kisses and tender bites all over Her.  i so much love doing that.  i swear i could orgasm just from worshipping Her body with my mouth. 

She rolled onto Her back, re-opened Her legs and said "I want my orgasm now".  i immediately went to work, burying my face between Her legs and relishing the honor of just being there.  Frankly there is no place i'd rather be.  After two tremendous orgasms (without the need of her little bullet vibrator i might add!) She simply said i want you inside me.

Now remember, the last full on, looking-in-Her-eyes orgasm for me was on Valentines day.  i immediately became nervous that i would come in a matter of seconds and also a bit nervous of the prospect of what i would feel like after orgasm, should be i be granted one.  Looking in Her eyes with love and admiration, i was instructed to orgasm while She looked at me with Her beautiful face and smiled.  She truly relished in the fact that She was allowing me to orgasm and i couldn't have loved any more than i did at that moment. 

After the best orgasm i had in years, W/we both laid there in exhaustion.  It was glorious.  Thank you so much Mistress!!!

i began to worry that now it would be a few days before my body craved the desire to pleasure her.  i am happy (and proud) to say that although the time was measured in mere hours, it didn't take long for my level of chemicals to return to the point that caused my unquestioned desire to please Her in any way.  That was my affirmation that our FLM is truly working to make our lives better.


  1. One of my great regrets is not having more "nooners". When she was a SAHM, the opportunity was certainly there, because my work was not far away. It's not a real possibility anymore.

    We did have a few. One time, I came home, we had "quickie" sex, and she told me that I could not come, but she wanted my cock in her during her orgasm. What a hot mess I was, getting dressed with her pussy juices all over my cock, no time to clean up, and having to re-focus on work!

    1. Love those quickie. Mistress would rather i clean up before going to work, which i get but being "seasoned" there all afternoon would in and of itself be hot.

      Thanks for your comment and for following my blog. I really enjoy yours as well.

  2. That sounds like a wonderful time you had. Nothing like some hot afternoon delight. When I first starting blogging that is what I was writing about, back before I learned about wife led marriage.
    I haven't had an orgasm since Valentines day either. We seem to find time and energy for sex play on Saturday mornings and she doesn't let me come on the premise that she wants me to serve her the rest of the weekend. This is usually with the plan that we will have wild sex later in the weekend and I will come. Has not happened for 6 weeks now. I'm not complaining though, I'm more into the orgasm denial than she is and I am just so happy with the things she does for me like whipping me with her belt a few days ago. She had a great orgasm after that!

    1. Yup. I hear ya brother. It's definitely all about her. Thanks for the comment.


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