Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What would you do? Fantasy time

Imagine for a moment that you could script a scene/session with your Dominant or submissive an have the outcome be anything you desired. (You Dominants don't have to imagine it, now do you?)  There would be no restrictions on whether you could cum or not, or whether you could touch this or that.  No restrictions.  You would be able to set the script, set the scene and have pre-directed the action.  Anything you want.  For you dominants, there would be no limits (it's fantasy, right?)

What would it be?

For me it would be ...........

I receive a text while at work that instructs me to be home promptly at five.  The house will be empty so when I arrive, I stand in the garage and wait for the door to close, then remove all my clothes in the garage before entering the house.  On the door leading into the house is a note that says to shower and shave my face, cock, balls and ass very smooth.  After my shower, I am put this little fella on:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

I am to put on her favorite cologne and then go stand in the living room, legs spread, hands on my head, eyes focused on a single spot on the wall and not allowed to move.  She would enter the room and sit in her throne like chair behind me.  I could hear sit and cross her legs.  In a determined, sexy, confident, feminine voice she explains "this is how this will go this evening".  She continues ... "one of two things will happen tonight.  Through actions, words and other things, you will be successful at arousing me to the point that I will want to take you to bed, have your service me to orgasm with your mouth, then I will seduce you and fuck you like the ass whore you are until you have an anal orgasm .... or you will fail at arousing me sufficiently at which point you will only watch me give myself an orgasm(s).  Then you will masturbate till completion immediately before being spanked harder and more sever than you have ever been spanked before.  There will be bruises and tears involved if this route is what inevitably happens.

Yep, that would be mine.  I have others in mine, but that would be mine.  Maybe I'll elaborate further in future posts.


  1. Mine usually involve my Mistress showing me off to a sister or friend. I have to serve the two of them dress as a slut, and finally I'm pegged by one or both until I cum. Needless to say it is not up to me, and I'm not asked in these matters.

    1. Yeah, I have the fantasy of being showed off to a friend (but never a family member) in order to demonstrate what a FLM is like and yes, to be pegged in that situation too. With friends though, how can you be sure that they would/could keep a secret.

      Yes, needless to say, it is not up to me either.

  2. I simply have too many such fantasies to list. One that actually happened and I thought of when I read this post is that my Queen was out with her girlfriends and I was locked in my chastity cage. She made deliberate texts teasing me. Then, she texted me various "clues" that would lead me to finding the key to the device. She made it clear that if I did not unlock myself when I got home (e.g., I failed to uncover the clues she was giving me) that I would remain locked for the night.

    It was very similar to the Dirty Harry movie, where the villain made Harry go to various payphones and time was a critical factor. She really wasn't giving me that much time for the final clues... she said she was "on her way" as she gave the last ones.

    Ultimately, I found the key inside a pillow case. It was a very hot chastity scavenger hunt. What made it so great was that it was all her idea.


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