Tuesday, March 18, 2014

i'm so excited

Any minute/hour/day now, Mistress will be reading and reviewing all the posts and comments on this blog ... for the first time.  She's very, very aware of the blog and most of it's contents but She hasn' actually ever seen and read the content herself.  I'm very excited and a little nervous.  Nervous not because I'd ever hide anything from Her, or say anything that i wouldn't say or admit to Her, but nervous because i want her to really like it.

It was one of the things W/we talked about last night.  She said that this blog was place to do and say anything i wanted because She is aware that it is really the only place that i have to be able to speak to like minded people (like y'all) about the obviously unique aspects of O/our wonderful marriage.

Also, we have talked about her being more than just a VIV (Very Important Viewer) of the blog.  i am hopeful that She will want to be a contributor as well.


  1. I enjoy sharing my blog with David. Even though I am the one who does the upkeep of it, writes the majority of the posts, I think it adds a bit of diversity when both people in the relationship share. Hope your wife enjoys what you have written so far. I also agree that it is nice to have this blogging community to share your open feelings and with others.

  2. Good luck! I hope she reacts better to it then my wife read my old blog. But it sounds like she is much different than my wife and much more open.

    1. I don't know exactly what your relationship is with your wife or how it differs from mine, but I do try very hard to put things here that are true and that I wouldn't have to "explain" to her later.

      Thanks for viewing my blog and for your comment. I really appreciate it.

    2. i am free to post as i wish but my blog is, of course, monitored by my Wife, and if i post something She doesn't approve of nothing must it be removed but i am punished. i am very careful about my postings.


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