Friday, March 21, 2014

Today i get my treat

In a recent post i mentioned that because i did something Mistress asked me to do that a treat would be in store for me.  Today is the day i get that treat.  As i sit here and write this it is 5am and the whole house is asleep.  Normally when i know (or have a good idea) that something sexual is imminent, i get all amped up and my mind races with the thoughts of what might happen.  On this day .... i am excited yes, very excited, but only because i know that W/we will have some W/we time together and not because i am wondering about what the activity will be.  Normally, i'd be spending a lot of time and energy trying to find out or figure out what was going to happen, or worse, i'd be trying to steer into a direction of how i want it play out.  Just the idea of being present and presented to Her in servitude for whatever it is She has is the sole source of my excitement.  Alone time for U/us is so rare and i am excited about being alone with Her.

i'm convinced that my 35 days of denial (thus far) is the reason that my mind is not at all focused on trying to dictate (subtly or otherwise) what will happen today.  W/we shall see what happens.


  1. Whatever your gift is.... enjoy it. I know how you feel about the specialness of 'alone time'. There is nothing better than being one with the one you love most.


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