Monday, March 17, 2014

I get a treat

i did something over the weekend that Mistress said if i did, i would be rewarded for.  One day this, she will have lunch with me at which time i will receive my reward.  i don't know what exactly that will be but i am very excited to find out for sure.  i haven't had a full orgasm in over a month.  That little fact alone has me so very excited for some reason that i can't explain.  Frankly, i am hoping that my "reward" will include either outright orgasm denial or a ruined orgasm, while enjoying be able to witness her have orgasms. 

I am also conflicted because i know what i need to receive the punishments that have been building up over the past few weeks.  i'm conflicted because i know it something that i need plus i know it is something that will hurt.  i need to be "cleansed" of my transgressions. 

On this, when being told what to wear to work, i have to admit to being disappointed a great deal when told to go "normal" today.  i made a pledge to myself not to question Mistresses' decisions so i will dutifully wear normal, vanilla clothes today after giving myself a fresh shave in the shower.

Stay tuned.

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