Friday, March 7, 2014

Why don't you go put your plug in?

It wasn't a question!

I immediately went and put my plug in.  When I came to report that it was in, She said "masturbate for me". Walked over to her at the computer where she was working and started stroking and she said "stop". She placed a towel on the desk and patted it, telling me to sit on the desk facing her. I knew what to do and climbed on the desk put a foot on each arm rest and began to stroke her cock for her viewing pleasure. I was exposed, plug firmly place with my Goddess enjoying the show. I was near cumming very quickly and was reminded that I was not allowed to cum.  She then said stop and shooed me away so she could get back to work. She was done with me.

There is hardly anything I enjoy more than "performing" for Mistress. Sitting the desk like, fully exposed and with the plug in place was wonderful.

So here I sit, naked, plugged and waiting for what Mistress may want next.


  1. Love this! That anticipation must have been intoxicating! XOXO Pearl

    1. Thank you Pearl Necklage it most certainly was


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