Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ouch ... again!

Yesterday I wrote about how Mistress K. gave me a surprise spanking on Tuesday morning.  It was because I did not follow the simple instructions of completed a form from an insurance company that would've taken literally 20 seconds.  Not only did I not do it, I didn't do it twice.  That surprise spanking was one of two I was to receive because, as Mistress put it, there isn't enough time to properly punish you a second time.  Yesterday morning, after emerging from the shower, I was giving that second spanking.  It was accompanied by a very serious talk about what appears to be a lack of commitment on my part, and how she will not be tolerating my behavior any longer. 

Before Mistress had me kneel on the floor to receive my spanking, she had me get lube.  Sometimes Mistress will have me masturbate while I am being spanked because she believes that the contrast of having to concentrate on maintain an erection and being dangerously brought to the edge of orgasm, is distraction enough to significantly increase the force of her swats.

Friends, I have heard your comments and suggestions and I do realize that your right.  I need to get my shit together and stop being a bad submissive husband.  My Goddess Wife deserves me at my best, and no less.


  1. Big hugs, brother sub! How quickly you went to your Mistress with this, and how wonderfully you both retook your places. I applaud you both, truly.

    1. Thank you brat sister. We have much to do and i couldn't be more excited to begin a journey from a renewed point of understanding in our beloved relationship.


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