Sunday, December 21, 2014

We get some alone time

Mistress and I are about to enjoy a couple of hours alone time in our house.  Mistress is showering as I write this and will be taking the kids to an activity that will keep them occupied for 2 hours or so.  As soon as she leaves to take, I am to prepare for her arrival which means I need to be clean, shaved and naked when she returns.  I am just so excited and for some reason, a little nervous.


  1. Sounds interesting. Maybe someone is getting a spanking and then pegged. Let us know what she does.

    1. Hi archedone. It was neither. I have a spanking coming to me but Mistress did not want for this alone time to be fore punishment apparently.

      And no ... there was no pegging. I continue to hope that she will want to do that sometime soon but I am beginning to think that she doesn't like to because it is so rare that it happens.


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