Monday, November 10, 2014

Perfect Morning

What with Mistress' friend just leaving town and a very busy weekend schedule wise, we are finally getting back to a normal schedule.  This morning Mistress suggested that I go in to the office late in order for us to spend some "quality time" together.  That always makes me smile.

Mistress took the kids to school and while she was gone, I showered and got a fresh shave (only my cock, balls and ass - I'm doing the No Shave November thing) and awaited her return.  She returned and immediately walked past me and into the bedroom as I was working (naked of course) on the computer, which is right next to the entrance.  She left the door opened and in a minute or so, I heard "we can start by cuddling.  Come here"  I smiled and immediately rose and dutifully walked into the bedroom to find her laying on the bed, under the covers, I pull the covers back to and climbed in behind her to spoon her.  She was wearing her t-shirt and light sweater still but i was thrilled to see that she was only wearing panties below the waist.  I climbed in and snuggled with her and we just laid there for several minutes.  Then she pushed the covers down and told me "you will rub my legs now.  They are sore".  For 20 minutes or so, i tenderly rubbed her sore legs while she moaned in delight.  I kept trying to remove her panties but she was having none of that!  Then she started to get a little horny so she pulled her shirt up and told me to start kissing her "favorite part" which I know to be her side from her breasts to her bottom.  It was heaven.  I was feeling that familiar urge to maybe even have a hands free orgasm by the sight of her while i worshipped her.  Then she abruptly removed her panties and ordered me to enter her.  It was all i could to keep from coming while she pulled me inside of her.  She sternly said "don't you dare even think of cumming". 

She had me rub on, bite on, kiss on her back and bottom for another 10 minutes when i made an error in judgment.  I slapped her ass.  Harder than I intended.  I will do that sometimes and she will love it.  This was not one of those times.  I must've just done it too hard and she immediately turned, ordered me across her lap and proceed to punish my left butt cheek solely with her hand.  It hurt and I was begging her to stop and telling that I was only trying to make her feel good.  She responded by saying "what, do you mean like this?" and proceeded to punish my ass some more. 

When she was done with the impromptu punishment, she then told me to get the vibrator and return to her in the very same position I was in then, which was me laying on my side, perpendicular to her with my cock buried inside her.  We looked like a large X from above I am sure.  She was particularly happy with position because she could pull me into rather easily while she was working herself to orgasm (rather quickly I might add).  i loved the position because i could view her building toward her orgasm from the side, an angle I don't get very often.  It was magic.  It is always magic to be allowed inside of Mistress to begin with but to be allowed to stay inside of her while she is having an orgasm is almost to much to bear without cumming myself.  Just beautiful.  I was starry eyed in love at that moment.

When she was done, she told me to get out of bed, put in my butt plug and get dressed to go to work.  Mistress will usually ask me what I have in store that day and if it includes meeting or gatherings that include several women, she like to know that I there with a plug in my ass.  So glass butt plug it is.

In closing, Mistress was telling me last night that she and her friend had some pretty intimate conversations about our lifestyle, and her friend's lifestyle changes that she is hoping to incorporate into her own marriage.  The weren't many details of their conversation revealed to me but suffice it to say, I can't wait to hear more.


  1. With her friend leaving you were spared the embarrassment of showing your naked body to her with plug inserted or your cage on. Or her witnessing a spanking. Maybe that is to come. Not much is more beautiful that watching your Mistress climax feeling her tighten around your shaft. And you got a little spanking in the process. All in all a very good morning.

    1. Thanks archedone. Yes it was a very good morning. There is nothing I would rather be doing than worshipping my Mistress' body, whether it is her back, her feet, the backs of her knees or herpussy and ass. Just being allowed the honor of worshipping her body with my mouth is among the most amazings pleasures I have ever experienced.

    2. Oh yea, and that impromptu paddling was an eye-opener as well.


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