Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Day I was Collared - final

After our officiant left, Mistress K. and I were alone for the first after the collaring.  I have never been more in love and more in awe of my beautiful wife than I was at that very moment.  She was the epitome of beauty and strength.  She stood there in her incredibly perfect outfit.  Her hair and makeup was impeccable and her scent filled the room.  I was standing, staring at this Goddess, reveling in th eknowledge that she had just, officially accepted ownership me as hers.  For me it was a very beautiful, emotional moment to be in that moment with the knowledge of what had just taken place.  I was owned.  I was a slave to the one person I loved the most in this.  To the one person whose pleaure and happiness was what I lived for ... and there she was, standing before me with the obvious intention of using me for sex.  Mmmmmmmm

She was standing in the doorway of the bedroom in our suite.  Again she was the vision of female perfection.  The vision opf lust, strength, power, vulnerability, beauty, grace and love.  She called me over to her.  I walked to her, bare footed wearing my cock cage, the pretty black lace panties that Mistress insisted i wear for the ceremony and the black silk boxers that covered it all.  Also, of course i was wearing the very symbol of my submission and devotion to this Goddess .... my collar.  When i arrived at the doorway, she moved toward me to accept me into her arms.  She could I was wallowing in the joy of the moment and held my head against her breast and hel me tight for a few moments.  It was beautiful.  She was wearing these incredibly sexy, incredibly tall balck heels that made her taller than I was in my bare feet.  She broke our embrace, held my face while looking down on me and whispered instruction in my ear to remove my clothes.  I did and was standing there, looking up to her eyes, wearing only the symbols of my ownership.  My cock cage and my collar.  I moved toward her and she pushed me to my knees and I knelt before her.  She put her hand on the back of my hand and led my face to the parts of her body that she wanted me to tenderly worship with the gentle kisses that she loves so much.  The depth of devotion and love for this Goddess was undescribable.  I get goose bumps right now even just recalling that moment.  It was the afterglow of the ceremony that I had waited so long to have. 

There was so much tender love making that followed that if i were to describe it all here, it could very well be the longest post in the history of posts.  There were of course some moments that I will vividly remember for the rest of my life.  While kneeling before her, she had me remove her garter that held her stockings while I was worshipping her legs and ass with my kisses.  She told me to remove the incredibly sexy and beautiful panties that she was wearing.  After having ceremoniously and slowly lowered them to the ground and as I was gazing at the alter of joy (her beautiful pussy), she pulled me to my feet by my collar and led me to the bed had me stand there while she entered our marital bed.  She subtley indicate that she wanted me to join her on the bed and when i did she grabbed me by the collar and forced my head between her legs.  I had often told Mistress K. that i thought she would enjoy reciving cunnilingus by sitting on my face.  I was never her favortie position in the past, but we had done it a few times recently and she enjoyed it very much.  On this particular night, she was going to enjoy it a whole lot more!!!  It has become one of my favorite things to give her.

After several orgasms Mistress was wanting a small rest so she laid back on the pillows of our incredibly luxurious resort bed and just rested.  She was looking at me with those beautiful eyes and I could tell she was conjuring up something.  Exactly what, i didnt know.  I was returning from the bathroom with a glass of water for her and I and she pulled a pillow into the middle of the bed and motioned me to join her on the bed with the "come here" motion of her finger.  At that moment I was certain that Mistress was going to give me what I had hoped i would receive the most on this most special night.  I was certain that the pillow she had placed in the middle of the bed was for me to on in order to put me in the perfect postion for her to consummate our marriage by penetrating me ass.  My cock grew to rock hard status as best it could being confined in its caged.  I was telling myself that this night couldn't get any better.  My beautiful Mistress was about to symbolically claimed what was hers.  My ass.

It wasn't to be.  Mistress, at that moment had felt that a sound spanking was in order.  I'm guessing that a nice red, sore, stinging bottom would be the third leg of the submissive stool (to go along with the collar and cage I was wearing).  Perhaps Mistress just felt that she wanted to created a certain visual memory in her mind that she could recall upon in the future.  Whatever the reason, it of course did not matter.  I did not display a single ounce of disappointment when I realized it was going to be an ass whipping I was about to receive, and not the tender ass fucking I was hoping for.  It's my place to question her motives.  Especially on this night.  Mistress proceeded to give me a very, very sound spanking.  Probably the stingiest spanking I had had in weeks, and she was enjoying every minute of it.  She seemed to relish in pushing the her own limits when it came to putting the ting in my ass.  It hurt!  When she was done spanking me, she had me walk around the room show she could take in the visual of my red bottom, my cage, and my beautiful new collar.

We made beautiful, tender love for another 45 minutes or so, wherein Mistress had a few more orgasms, mostly while I fucked her with the nice, big dildo she enjoys so much.  When she was spent, she then said to me, get up, get out of the bed and remove your cage. I eagerly got up, went into the bathroom and while was watching, I ceremoniously snipped the numbered plastic locking tab on the cage and slowly removed the tube from my rapidly growing cock.  It was at that moment that I began to wonder what was going to be my fate that night.  Would I be dompletely denied?  Would I be teased unmerciful and then be denied.  Would I be allowed a ruined orgasm.  OMG, shit .... was I about to be required to have a full on orgasm?  That was it.  That's what she wanted from.  I began to panic a little, because full on orgasms are such a rare thing for me, that i frankly much prefer a ruined orgasms if I am lucky enough to be allowed to ejaculate for Mistress.  On this night, Mistress wanted me to come to her in her marital bed, on the night of ceremony, with my new collar on and my freshly reddened ass, make love to her as her husband.  She wanted me to penetrate her and lower mysef onto her and to fuck slowly at first then faster, all the while keeping my eyes on hers.  She knows that doing this is my absolute favorite thing to do.  I love looking directly ito her eyes while I am penetrating her.  She was tender, she was beautiful, she was almost submissive in the way that she commanded me to fuck her until I orgasmed.  I begged her to deny me a full orgasm and if she was going to require an orgasm from, could it be a ruined orgasm?  She just did the shooosh motion with her mouth and reiterated what she wanted from me.  I could feel the pending explosion and at that point, I asked Mistress K. for permission to orgasms, even though she had just told me to.  She smiled with what seemed like pride at my asking for permission when she said "yes you may my pet".  I had never had a longer, better, more intense orgasm in my life than the one I had at that moment.  It was glorious, spiritual even. 

It as every bit of the glorious evening i could've hoped for.  I was emotional for the ceremony because I was so happy and pridefule to be there, in that position, with this glorious woman who was willing to accept ownership of me.  Frankly, I wish all of you could've been there to witness it.  I will be honest, there were a few things that i was hoping would take place that night that didn't.  I had hoped Mistress would've required I wear my but plug during the ceremony.  Actually, I had even hoped that Mistress K. would insert (or require me to insert) my plug during the ceremony as a submissive gesture.  I had hoped that Mistress K. would've required that I be naked during the ceremony, wearing only my cage.  I think she was considerig that, but as I have said before, Mistress K. is very much about keeping our most intimate moments discrete.  Lastly, I was really hoping that Mistress K. would've donned her strap on and then penetrated my ass in what is a very tender, loving and obviously symbolic fashion.  Don't get me wrong, I mention these things only because they were things I had previously hoped for in MY mind.  As we all know though, it is not at all about me, but it is ALL about Mistress K.   That being said, there is not a single thing about that night I would change.  It was among the single most proud and loving moments of my life.  I am married to the woman I love and I am her proud submissive husband in a beautiful, loving marriage.  Life couln't be any better.


  1. I just read this again. Holy crap ... could there be any more typos, grammar and spelling mistakes? I apologize. I was just so eager when writing it.

  2. It all sounds wonderful. I am very happy for you both. :)

    (And your words more than made up for a few typos.)

  3. The way you wrote this shows your deep love, devotion, and submission to Mistress K. It was very well written and even thou some things did not take place it was still a day and evening you both will remember forever. Congrats to you both.

    1. Thanks so much archedone. I couldn't be happier with the ay things went because it was exactly how Mistress wanted it to go.

  4. This whole story makes me want to take my husband by his collar and renew our vows too. This was just so wonderful and beautiful. Congratulations

    1. What a wonderful thing to say. I sincerely hope you do and I sincerely hope to hear all about it. Thank you again.

  5. What a wonderful way to culminate your new vows. Yes, despite all the feverish fantasies in our submissive male minds, true submission means we do it her way.
    I can totally relate to wishing that the pillow was for me to bend over and get taken and penetrated in a most submissive way to seal the vow. But I know my wife would also choose to have good old loving intercourse.
    What a great happening though. I am very happy for you as I know this is something you have been planning on for some time. I can only hope that someday our relationship will grow to this level of commitment.
    Congratulations and thank you for taking the time to share this wonderful event with us.

    1. Thank you so much for those wonderful words MRBILL. I very much that your relationship reaches the level of commitment and contentment for both of you. It's a wonderful existence.

      Don't get me wrong, we have the same issues and stresses every family does, but i can tell you one thing for certain, our FLM has minimized the unnecessary bullshit that I would otherwise cause if I wasn't owned and collared (yay, love saying that and it be true).


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