Sunday, November 2, 2014

She made me wear my favorite thing under my clothes

On Friday morning, I was about to get dressed and head out the door.  I went to her, naked, to ask what I was to wear under my clothes that day.  She was laying in bed, watching TV.  She summoned me up onto the bed and had me lie next to her and we held each other for a few minutes.  We both love to do this.  She was clothed in her jammies and robe, I was naked.  it was heaven.  Then she abruptly pushed me away, untied her robe and took down pajama bottoms and panties.  Oh boy, I thought, she was going to push my head down there and let me worship at her altar. 

No, she had something else in mind.  I was instructed to get her vibrator and put some lube on the end of my cock.  I did so, and handed her the vibrator.  She turned in on and ordered my cock inside of her.  My instructions were to fuck, but I would not be cumming.  If I felt the urge to cum, I could stop thrusting but i could not remove my cock from inside her.  At all costs, I was not allowed to cum!

It didn't take long before I knew if I kept thrusting I'd be cumming soon so I stopped.  Mistress held the vibrator against her clit and had a massive, beautiful orgasm right there before my eyes.  It was wonderful.  When she was done she told me to clean up the toys and to get dressed.  I cleaned up the toys and before getting dressed I went to Mistress and reminded her that she hadn't told me what to wear under my clothes that day.  She whispered very softly that she wanted me to wear the juices that were ow drying on  my cock from her orgasm.

Thankfully I know better than to wash my cock without permission.


  1. sub hub I salute you. I've been in that situation and I know you could feel the vibrations in your cock. Even if I stopped pumping I'd still go off like a fire hose and fill her sweet hole. You must have had a wonderful day being able to smell her every time you went to the bathroom.

    1. Thanks archedone. It was glorious. There wasn't much of a smell but you could see the places that it was beginning to dry when I did use the restroom. Looking down, I smiled with pride and joy!

  2. Oh yeah, those vibrations are relentless, I would probably have to pull out to stop from cumming then. Very disappointing to me not to stay in her while she orgasms, because I don't want her to have any less than the best.
    Love the thought of wearing her juices all day! I have sometimes not washed my face after eating her sweet pussy and can smell her for hours! yum

    1. Hi Mr. Bill. Thanks for stopping by. I normally would have to pull out as well but occasionally, there are times when I can withstand and leave it in there while Mistress did her business. For me though, it less about the vibrations than it is about my gorgeous Mistress lying before me writhing in pleasure and then ultimate climax. there is nothing i love seeing more than Mistress have an orgasm. Yum indeed.

      Loved wearing her juices throughout the day. I tried to get away once with not washing my face after cunnilingus but Mistress would prefer that i do wash. She is very discrete like that.

      Thanks again for commenting.


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