Sunday, November 2, 2014

I should've been spanked

On Halloween, we hosted a party for most of the people on our block.  It was blast.  The kids had fun, the grown-ups had fun and everyone got their drink on.  Mistress K. worked her ass off all day to prepare the house for our guests and did a great job.  She enjoys entertaining so even though it is a lot of work, it's something she enjoys doing.  All of the other wives would bring food and things and even though everyone "helps", it's the hostess that carries the bulk of the burden.   Of course I help, and I help by doing what I am told (it's all very vanilla looking whan this happens) but as I said earlier, Mistress enjoys it.

On this particular night, I had too much to drink and fell aslepp on the couch.  That, in and of itself wasn't the problem.  Mistress will often allow me the luxury of falling asleep on the couch.  After the guests left, she went to work putting everything away, cleaning everything up and when I woke the next morning, the house looked like there hadn't been a party the night before.  When she woke up, she pridfully asked if I noticed how clean the house was and of course i said yes.  I had an appoint away from the house on Saturday morning so Mistress told m she was going to sleep in.  Made perfect sense. 

About an hour later I received a call from Mistress.  All that was said was "I stay up late and clean the house and all I leave for you to do is clean 2 pans, and they are still here when I wake up.  You are in big trouble".  With that i started in on my spiral of shame and began to fret what was to come of this.  yes, I knew a punishment was in my future but that is always secondary to the regret that I have when I hear that kind of disappointemnt in the voice of my Mistress.

Before she even woke up, i sent her this picture

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

She didn't see it until after she called me about the dirty pans.  When she did see, she texted me to tell me how this made her love me even ore and that now I was off the hook for my pending punishment.  I thought about it and on one hand, great, I am able to avoid having my bottomed burn for something I did.  But ... on the other hand, there would be no absolving of the disappointment Mistress had in me and no punishment for my blatant demonstration of apathy.  Ten minutes later I texted her back to tell her that I felt I still deserved to be punished for what happened.  She did not reply.  Later, when I came home and saw her, I asked her if she got that text and she said "oh, yeah, I got that", but did not make any other reference to it, and as of this writing still hasn't.

Um ........................... I admit, this has me a bit off center.


  1. I agree with you sub hub. You deserve to be spanked but that is up to her. The next time check to be sure "every thing" is clean and put away. If she changes her mind on punishment, present your bottom giving her a good target.

  2. I totally agree. It is always up to her and if she was feeling benevolent, then so be it, of course.


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