Wednesday, November 19, 2014

She Thinks I'm Superman

Today, Mistress K. was very pleased with me.  I was able to leave the office for a few hours, come home and fix the washing machine.  I will be leaving town tomorrow to go fishing with my buddies and Mistress was going to use a lot of that time to wade through the piles of laundry that exist.  The "Maytag Repairman" wasn't going to be available until after Thanksgiving.  That prospect was causing Mistress some undue stress.

Flying in to save the day was Mistress's pet boy.  You see, I'm pretty a pretty handy guy and frankly, I love to work on stuff.  In a matter of 45 minutes, the washing machine was working like new and Mistress was very pleased, which of course is what it is all about.  Pleasing her in all ways just makes me warm and fuzzy.  Orgasms are fantastic, but a smooth running washing machine ain't bad either.

I couldn't resist maybe suggesting that perhaps she was so pleased with me that she might agree that a treat would be in order.  She just smiled that beautiful smile and said, "hmm, we'll see"


  1. "We'll see" means there is hope. Maybe a good boy spanking, followed by lip service to her sweet folds, followed by some wonderful teasing, then who knows what might follow.

    1. Hopefully - any of those. Frankly, I was hoping to milked. it has been such a long time

  2. Let us know if you get a treat. And, yes, from the pictures, she is gorgeous. I hope she will allow you to post more. Seeing how gorgeous she is, it has to make you more submissive knowing she controls how much access you have to her luscious body. And hope she lets you post more pictures. Does she like to tease you by letting you see her naked and wondering when your next treat is going to be.And how nice she has a handy sub.


    1. Of course I will let you know if I get a treat. After fixing the washing machine, I went back to the office and when I came home, Mistress was annoyed at something (not me) ...... so her mood at that moment prevented her from being in a "treat giving" mode. We'll see how things go thismorning after she wakes up.

      I'm glad you liked the pictures of her. I hope she lets me take more and post more in the future.

      I know many Mistresses don't allow their subs to see them naked often, or touch them without permission, but Mistress K. has never been like that. Although she isn't intentionally teasing me by being naked in my presence, I can't hardly look at her naked without getting an erection. She has trained me well I guess. And yes, she always, always, always keeps me wondering what my treat, if any, will be.

      Thanks for stopping by FD


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