Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday monring!

Around O/our house, Monday's have a way of clearing the deck, so to speak.  O/our weekends are usually harried for several reasons, not the least of which is running O/our kids around to their various activities.  This past weekend was no exception and as sometimes happens, Mistress and i don't get many (if any) opportunities to be alone to talk about O/our life together, let alone act anything out.  Then comes .................. Monday morning!

The kids go to school and i will often work from home in the morning responding to emails and such.  This morning, Mistress was taking the last child to school and after 15 minutes of Her being gone, i realized that i was alone in the house, that i was still dressed and that She would walk through the door any minute.  Holy shit!  Quickly i adorned myself as i am required to be whenever Mistress and i are alone in the house.  i quickly became naked. Whew ............ almost got myself into a little trouble there.

After She walked in the door, She was very proud of me that i was (un)dressed as required.  i was just finishing my work on the computer when She asked if She could use it.  i told that it was good timing because i was just about to get into the shower and walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth.  While doing so, She walked up behind to remind that i failed to remind that i had a punishment coming, but She couldn't remember the reason.  So she asked me .......... Oh fuck, i couldn't remember the reason either.  She left the room telling me to remain the, hands on the countertop and wait for Her to return.  When She did, She was holding her pink leather paddle.  She proceeded to paddle my willing bottom while introducing something She has never done before .... making me look at myself in the mirror while i received my punishment.  It was a bit shame inducing i might say.  i felt embarrassed, ashamed and humiliated, especially at first.  As a little time went on, and as She continued to redden my ass, a calm came over me as i stood there, looking into my own eyes and realizing what a wonderful life i had with my wonderful Wife/Mistress.  The mere fact that i could stand there, contented and safe in my humiliation brought a feeling of comfort over me.  the kind of feeling i had always fantasized about having in my subspace and in the presence of my Mistress Goddess.  Btw, the picture in my profile, although not taken this morning, was a perfect representation of the result of Mistresses efforts this morning.

When She felt i was punished enough, She released me from my position and instructed me to get in the shower.  As the water was running, She said .... "Hold on" and proceeded to pour lube into Her hand.  She then (uncharacteristically) began to aggressively masturbate me to the edge of orgasm, all the while warning me of the dire consequences should i have an accident and cum.  i didn't ...... whew

i got in the shower, during which i put a fresh shave on Her cock, balls and ass.  Afterward, i walked over to where She was working and thanked her for my earlier punishment and edging, informed Her that i was ready to get dressed.  She decides everyday what i am to wear under my clothes before i get dressed.  This particular morning She felt that a pretty pair of lacey pink panties would nicely compliment my freshly shaved bits and man hole. 

So, how was your morning?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to start the day. I am glad you remembered at the last minute to undress. Otherwise you may have been punished more!

  2. "So, how was your morning?" Boring, very boring compared to yours. Kind of like your weekend, no opportunity for anything. Lucky man, be very thankful that your wife is willing to take the time effort to give you that attention.

    I desperately wish my wife would punish me like that and tell me to wear panties.
    Be very thankful.

    1. I am VERY thankful Mr. Bill! Thanks for commenting! Soldier on.


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