Thursday, February 13, 2014

Expected Punishment Spanking delayed ... darned ruined orgasm

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

It's early, early on a Thursday morning.  It's dark outside and everyone else is asleep.  Mistress K looks so beautiful all curled up in the blankets.  my thoughts go back to the ominous words She said to me before rolling over to nod of to sleep, and after the nightly required kisses on Her beautiful neck beforehand.  More on this in a minute.

On Tuesday morning, Mistress K told me, on my way to take a shower, that i would be giving myself a ruined orgasm that morning.  Normally, She edges me several times before, during and after a shower, so my first thought was that this was going to be an unexpected treat.  i went into the shower and cleaned myself, then had to wait in the water until She arrived to witness my ruined orgasm.  Her presence for my ejaculations is not a specified rule in O/our house, although since beginning O/our FLM, i have yet to ejaculate without Her being present to witness and supervise.  i told Her the other day that when i was old, wrinkled and standing there with a cock ring or cage on, a plug in my ass or in panties (or all of the above), i wanted to still then be proud of the fact that i hadn't had an ejaculation for the past whatever years that She hadn't witnessed and supervised.

One of my favorite things is to masturbate for Her visual amusement so when She arrived and held the bottle of lube out for me to fill my palm with, i was already almost "there".  It didn't take long for my building orgasm to arrive right at the edge.  She is a expert on knowing when i am about to cum and this moment was no exception.  She instructed me to stop rubbing myself and I began to ejaculate without any stimulation to Her/my cock.  It was so wonderful and frustrating.  After i was drained, Mistress told me to finish up and get ready for work.  Which i did.  On that day, i was instructed to wear "normal" (nothing sexual ... not panties, cock ring, butt-plug).  On Wednesday i was told to wear my cock ring all day, and today i am wearing a pair of lacy, aqua-blue thong panties.

As i have mentioned in previous posts, sexual-eagerness-recovery after a milking is measured in minutes or just a few hours.  Recovery after a ruined orgasm is usually hours, maybe even a day and after a full orgasm it can be as many as 3 days (which is why, of course, that sub husbands in a FLM do not get to come very often).  The recovery time after my ruined orgasm was going into my second day.  During recovery for me, i can be bitchy, smart-assish, pouty, inattentive, etc..... 

Tuesday and Wednesday for me was especially hectic at work.  Although not an excuse, it left precious little time for me to get my mind "right" in order to be able to naturally behave and give the kind of devotion Mistress K has come to expect.  Earlier in this post, when i mentioned ominous words, those words were ..............  "I can see that you can't seem to appreciate well enough the orgasms that I allow you to have.  You've been a smart ass and have been inattentive ever since I allowed you that ruined orgasm.  This will be corrected!", and then She rolled over to go to sleep.  my heart just sank.  Not so much at the prospect of the obvious punishment spanking that i was now in for, but because She had genuine disappointment in my behavior toward her and i just hate that.  i truly do.

Well i was certain that i was in for a harsh spanking this morning after the kids had gone to school.  i was genuinely nervous and began to contemplate whether i should begin a campaign asking for lenience.  That's when Mistress K informed me that today our housekeeper would be arriving shortly and as such, i shouldn't risk her coming in the door finding me naked. 

Whew!  punishment averted ..... for now.  Now comes the waiting ................


  1. I was just asked if either of those pictures were actual of Mistress K and me. Um, no!

  2. Your wife allows you to masturbate and give yourself a ruined orgasm. My wife says that I may not touch myself, that all pleasure will come from her hands when she feels like it. I now know that any pleasure I receive will be by my wife, not me. It is better when my wife edges me and T and D's me every morning. A man should never pleasure himself, all pleasure is from his mistress, he is only the slave.

    1. Dude, she doesn't "allow" me to masturbate. As a matter of fact, I am prohibited from masturbating. I am only allowed to touch myself when nature calls, when cleaning/shaving myself there or when she tells me to masturbate. She enjoys watching me do it so who am I to complain?

      Remember, it's about what She wants, and that's what She wants.


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