Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Uh oh ....

Real life has been hectic these past few days.  Precious little time and privacy for Mistress and i.  Yesterday while at work i received a text.  It was simple picture of my "naughty stool".  No words, no other picture.  i knew what it meant.  i had given Her yet another reason for Her to punish.  i immediately felt two emotions .... regret for having disappointed Her and fear about my obvious pending spanking.

When i got home, She immediately led me over to near the sink and hugged me very seductively, turning me so that i was facing the sink.  "What do you see"? She asked.  "A sink full of dishes" was my response.  "Yes" was Her only response, then she abruptly ended O/our embrace and went to tend to one of O/our children.

The rest of the evening found me out of the house at meetings.  It was hard to focus knowing what was in store for me.  When i returned home around 10:30, the whole house was still up, so alas there would be no facing my punishment, which i was hoping to have last night in order to rid myself of my feelings of regret.

This morning, as the whole family rushed around some more, She simply said to me that my drawer was full of clean panties and that i was to be in a pair of them today.

i know what is coming ........... the worst part is waiting.

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