Friday, February 7, 2014

Instructions on what to wear today

As i have said before, each morning i receive instructions from K on what i am to wear under my clothes for that day.  Today, She instructed me to wear my butt plug and an immediate look of worry came over my face.  For the past 2 weeks or so, someone in O/our house has been sick, including my beloved Wife.  i'm not sure if it is my turn, but my stomach has been grumbling and moaning all morning so i asked her if it would be ok if i didn't wear it today.  being the benevolent Domme She is, She scowled at me, said yes but that it would necessitate a punishment for non compliance, which i fully understand and expected.

Feeling yucky is one thing.  Feeling shame for not being able to answer the bell for my Domme is AWFUL, and it makes difference as the reason i can't answer the bell.

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  1. Although I am being punished for lack of compliance on an order from my domme, the real punishment is disappointing your domme. That's all the punishment I really need.

    One time, she punished me for something by telling me I could not experience her orgasm. I had to leave while she masturbated alone with her vibrator (which she rarely does). That really sucked.

    Being spanked is really more a reward for me than a punishment, as I really do enjoy pain.


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