Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Saturday Night

On Saturday night, Mistress K. left me at home to watch the World Series while she went out with some couple friends of ours.   My instinct told me that when she got home, she would be horny and would want to receive pleasure.  The kids were gone .... she would've been drinking.  The planets all lined up.

After the game was over, I set out to be there for her in what I suspected would be a wanton, lustful return home for her.  I showered and shaved (face and other places).  I put on the cologne she is always telling me to wear and sprayed a good amount of desensitizing spray to my cock .... and I waited.

She walked in the door, put her purse down and walked toward the bathroom.  On her way past me she said "you, come with me".  We entered the bathroom and I turned on the lights.  "Turn those off", she said.  She walked over to the counter, placed her hands on the counter and stuck her gorgeous ass toward me. 

"Lower my pants and panties, NOW!"  I knelt behind her, unhooked and unzipped her pants and slowly lowered her pants, taking her panties with them.  I tried to remove them but she said to them where they were (mid thigh).  "Fuck me now" she said.  Still kneeling, I was worshipping her ass, running my tongue over her beautiful pussy and bottom hole.  She usually doesn't allow me to do that unless she is absolutely sure she is clean down there.  On this particular occasion, she didn't mind and wallowed in the pleasure my face was providing her.  I then said "yes Mistress", stood and removed my clothes.  "Fuck me", she said again while widening her stance and arching her back.  I positioned myself behind and slowly entered her.  A gasp of delight escaped her lips as my well numbed cock was sliding in and out of her.  She told me to retrieve her vibrator from the night stand.  Almost running toward it, I retrieved it and handed it to her.  She hadn't moved and when I handed it to her she turned it on and placed it on her clit and repeated her earlier instructions. "Fuck Me!"

I continued pumping away while her orgasm was building and when she knew she was right there, she ordered to me cum inside her.  That was something that I was absolutely not expecting and with my cock being numbed, I needed to now think of sexy things in order to be able to meet her orgasm with my own.  I didn't disappoint and starting to cum inside of her right when her orgasm came.  It was spectacular and I thanked her for allowing me to be present when she took her pleasure that way.  After we each recovered, she pulled up her panties and pants, fastened them and said "there, I got fucked in a bathroom", and then she smiled, kissed me and thanked me for fucking her so good. 

Wow .... just wow!


  1. Wow, this is so hot and so awesome! What a treat being allowed to cum inside Mistress K too. Shame about the desrntitising spray, but you sure overcame that :)


    1. Thanks so much Roz. Yes, it was quite a treat. It was more like being required to cum inside Mistress because I was begging her to deny me an orgasm. I have been conditioned now to resist full orgasm in favor of the constant state of arousal that follows being denied. Thankfully there was no refractory period. The next morning I was hard, eager and ready to go again. I was denied.

  2. So sorry you couldn't have your preferred RO. Sounds like she was really turned on by some other man while she was out and simply had to be taken by a man that evening.

  3. Yup, WOW!
    One lucky sub you are! Treated to the "well oiled" scent and taste of your Mistresses backside AND being told to cum because it's what she wanted. I'd say it was a pretty good reward for patiently waiting and being ready for her. Being ready and available for my Queen is something I strive highly to be at all times.

    I have some desensitizing spray but haven't used it yet. I can usually control myself but there's times I'd like to play on the edge a bit longer. Does it help with that? Do you find it fairly useful? Just wondering.


    1. Thanks buddy. Being "ready", better yet, being required to be ready, is, um, yeah ..........

      I used to be able to control myself, but being in an almost constant state of denial means a constant state of desire, which means if a light breeze goes across my cock sometimes, it might be enough to set me off (*smile)

      Yes, the spray works well on occasions like Saturday night. It especially works well when used with a cock extension. Then ... there is a literally a hard cock to pleasure my Mistress for an unlimited amount of time and occasion.

      Thank you as always for stopping by!

  4. You wait for your Mistress not knowing how you can pleasure her. Then you find she wants her back door licked. eagerly you please her ( and yourself ) then you are allowed to enter her pussy with your waiting cock. She was so good to you and allowed you to fill her as she climaxed. What a wonderful evening and surprise for you. If R did that to me I'd wish for her to order me to lay down after so she could straddle my head and let me clean her.

    1. Hi archedone .... I agree. I wonder why she came home, so hot, so ready to be taken into a bathroom and fucked. Did something happen when she was out? Did she meet someone? I hope not. But, I DO know that she brought those feeling home to me to take care of, and for that I am grateful

  5. She was ceatainly already turned on and ready to be taken. Isn't it wonderful when you reap the benefits of her arousal.
    I read your post to my wife, she loved it and the possible implications.
    We are married to absolutely amazing creatures and are so lucky they share themselves with us.
    You have a great Misstress.

    1. Hi again old friend. Thank you for stopping by (returning) to say hi!

      Yes, yes, yes it is wonderful to reap the benefits of her arousal. I have a couple of my FetLife friends telling me that it is a sign that she wants to try cuckolding. I'm holding out and disagreeing. I love it knowing that you read it to your wife and that she loved it. Thanks for telling me that.

      Yes, we are indeed married to some amazing humans! You have a great Mistress too!

    2. It may be that she is not interested in cuckolding you but, more of a hotwife style.
      She may not want to use humiliation or to see you as less. She may desire to see you as a strong alpha that is submissive only to her yet, at the same time her enjoying another man for play. Maybe she sees it as another level of her control for the two of you.
      There is always that need to find out what she wants and desires and not to let our wants take the place of hers.
      Just things for you, my friend , to think about and to talk about.

  6. omg, yes! You are so lucky (that night anyway!) ~sara


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