Sunday, May 1, 2016

Punished for what I did while being punished

Hi gang!  It's been a while since I was last here to post about the goings on in my blissful live as submissive husband in suburban Phoenix.  If it matters to you, I apologize for such a delay in posting.  Life has been nuts.  It's been really good, but it's been nuts and as such I haven't been able to get here much.

On Thursday morning this past week, Mistress decided to come home after taking the kids to school rather than go to the office like she does most every morning.  When she arrived home, I was naked (of course) and had just finished doing the morning dishes.  When she walked in the door, she came over to me, hugged me and thanked me for being dutifully naked for her arrival.  Then she ordered me to the bedroom because I had a spanking punishment due and she felt that it was the perfect time for it.  I was instructed to retrieve her paddle and join her on the bed.

She began to administer my punishment but it was not particularly hard.  She wasn't necessarily in the mood for a harsh punishment.  In fact, she alternated spanks with a tender, gentle rubbing of my upturned bottom while I was lying on the bed.  She would give a series of spanks and then gentle rub my bottom and alternate running her nails lightly over my reddened ass.  She would my exposed balls and anus with her finger and her nails.  I just felt OMG sooooo good.  While she was rubbing my balls and teasing my bottom hole, she suddenly began to stroke my cock.  The wonderfulness was just so overwhelming and although I was trying to get away in order to avoid ejaculation, I couldn't help myself and cum starting to ooooze out of my cock involuntarily. 

It's hard to explain but a enormous feeling of shame and regret immediately came over me.  In our marriage, one of the most sacred rules we have is that may NEVER, EVER ejaculate without her consent.  But .... this accident happened.  I laid there gathering my thoughts and apologizing profusely.  All she said to me was "Uh oh, you shouldn't have done that. You're in trouble now pet".  I begged her for forgiveness and she said that forgiveness would come when I had received my punishment.  Until then, she would remain disappointed. 

Without a few minutes to spare, Mistress decided to have an orgasm and opted to delay the punishment until there would be sufficient time.  She ordered me to get her vibrator so she could have a nice cum before going to work.  I was instructed to kneel sitting up beside her and just watch.  (It was spectacular!)  That was Thursday. 

Today, on the eve of me laving on a business trip to Miami, Mistress teased me to the edge on 3 separate occasions in the morning.  Twice as I was kneeling before her while she sat in a chair, she would lube her hand and slowly stroke me to the edge, linger there a bit, then stop.  The third time I was immediately following the harsh spanking she gave me for my previously described unauthorized ejaculation.  I was standing and so was she.  She walked into the bedroom with her vibrator in her hand and had me pour lube into her other hand.  She faced me and was stroking my cock while she put one foot on a chair and placed the vibrator against her glorious, panty-covered pussy.  In no time she was having a wonderful orgasm.  I, of course, was instructed not to cum which for me, is hardest when Mistress is in the throes of her own glorious orgasm.  In her post orgasm stupor, she instructed me to insert my plug and she left the room. 

We have activities with the children all evening.  I have to be at the airport for a midnight red-eye flight to Miami.  Lord only knows what, if anything is in store for me before I go.  Here I sit, glad to be able to reconnect with my friend while my ass is filled with it's very familiar glass friend. 

It's not likely I'll be able to post again until I get back from Miami on Thursday.  In the meantime, be well my friends and stay in touch.

Much love!



  1. Hi SHIP, it's great to hear from you :)

    Wow, this sounds hot! I'm glad you and your Mistress had such wonderful connections. I get the no cuming but, wow, it's no wonder you did! I'm sorry that it happened though.

    Hope your Miami trip goes well.


    1. Tha Roz. Always special to hear from you. Yes, it was a moment of shame and regret but Mistress understands and has forgiven me (immediately following my punishment of course). So far Miami is HOT AND HUMID. I wish Mistress was with me.

  2. Super hot post my friend. If you are lucky she will tell you to take your glass plug with you and put it in every night and maybe edge yourself. Do you think you could stop?

    1. Thanks buddy. Mistress did not require/allow me to bring my glass plug. She did tell me that she may have milk myself while I'm away because today is my monthly milking day.

  3. Ouch. Not just the spanking but the cumming without permission. I know how seriously you (both) take that.

    On a lighter side....Hope you have a good trip!

    1. Thank you much my friend. Immediately after my punishment, Mistress sufficiently forgave me and yes, ejaculating without permission is one of sacred rules

  4. Wow SHIP, that was a great chain of events with which to give us a glimpse back into y'alls blissful life! You got my chubby on! Her telling you to simply watch her take care of herself after your infraction gave me chills. I can see it now, there she was, with a gleam of pure love for you in her eyes, giving you both exactly what you needed at the time. Outstanding!

    Safe travels home friend,

    1. Thanks for the kind words sublove. Being responsible for you getting your chubby on is nice. Your description is spot on!

  5. Ship- Thanks. Gosh, She must have known accidents can happen, and it was Her fault for turning you on so well. Maybe that's why She was lenient.
    i know what it's like to have that plug in for a while.
    So, could i please ask a question for here? Things are going well with Wife. Lately, and after spankings even, She will not want me to even orally please Her. Normally She may not want to have full sex, but Her being orally rewarded was good for us. i've tried a couple ways, but no luck. Thoughts?
    i hope my panty wearing hasn't over time turned Her off too much, so She is thinking less of me as a partner that way (she seemingly is okay with everything)
    Hope you have a great time when you get back!

    1. Hi sara, and thank you for stopping by.

      She most certainly does know that accidents can happen. When they do, there is a lesson to be taught, and one to be learned. I'll have to disagree that it was her "fault". Even if she tied me down, stroked my cock incessantly until I came, it would still be my fault. Of course my beautiful wife is not a sadistic Mistress, so that wouldn't happen. Much, anyway .... he he

      That's not at all what happened. I just simply misjudged the amount and rate of pleasure I was feeling and wasn't able to warn her in time.

      I would talk to her about your concerns (lack of sexual attention during times it was normal before). I know what you mean about the concern that what you may have turned into (panty wearing submissive) has turned her off. Let me guess, you're also concerned that now she may wish to find a dominant (for the lack of a better word) lover to take her because she doesn't see you in that way anymore?

      I think feelings are normal for each of you and as such, something that needs to be openly discussed so that latent feelings that would hurt one or both of you, don't take over.

      It's a balance for me too. I am dominant in every aspect of my life ... except ONE very important part. As a submissive, I need to be able to also live in a dominant role in business, as a father and yes, even as a husband .... to the extent my Mistress wants or will allow me to. How do I know when I have crossed the line with her? She spanks me !

  6. Ship- Thank you for writing. Yes, little accidents can happen! Glad Mistress is kind to you. :)

    Thanks for your comments. i do need to find some time to talk more about how things seem to have changed recently. Yes, you are right...i'm worried that the panty-wearing sub thing has had an effect. And/or, maybe she found a way to see my recent web posts, though i delete my history.

    i'm also fairly dominant enough at work...and She and i get along well. She's even seemed fine with the panties and play. So a little surprised, but i think we will get through this somehow. She went for a bike ride with a girlfriend this weekend (women's ride). She's not a lesbian, i'm pretty darn sure, so it's not that. Well, if i get a spanking and some fun, things will be well. Thanks again!! sara

    1. I sara. Thank you as always for your comments. Good luck on your adventures.


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