Sunday, May 22, 2016

It's how it is in my house

I came across these two things while perusing the internet today, and each of them had a some very real truths about how things are in our happy home.  Although I am long since past the point of no longer asking for release, and have even progressed to the point of eagerly asking NOT to orgasm or ejaculate, the love, desire, respect, devotion and constant state of desire for my beautiful Mistress only grows.

Since I'm showing you naughty pictures from the internet that have inspired me, I'll show you two more.   This one oozes (seems to anyway) with genuine, primal lust. 

And this one is merely something I want to do badly ..........

Have a great rest of the weekend my friends!


  1. It's great to see you posting again. Good pictures and must say I love the last two. We have done the last one some time ago only she was sitting on a chair and I sat on her lap facing her it was fantastic. Later in the same session she bent me over the side of the bed and took me. I was sore for two days.

    1. You are a lucky man archedone. Thanks for the kind words. I usually try to stay away from "picture posts" but sometimes I get inspired when I come across certain pictures.

  2. Love the cartoon sub hub :)


    1. Hi Roz. I agree. A small but extremely poignant statement made there, don't you think? Hope you have a wonderful week and thank you as always for stopping by!

  3. Some interesting thoughts sub hub. I was taken by the second picture. So I looked in my journal, and I have only cum once this month, and that was right at the beginning of the month. Mistress decides these things.

    Loved picture number one, I was looking to see if the man was dressed--it appears he is. I'm to be bare bottomed when doing the dishes. And of course, picture number four is something most of us here very much look forward to.

  4. SHP. Have you ever left the sink full of dirty dishes or not cleaned the kitchen to your Mistress's expextations and standard ?
    Love your blog


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